Living Proof Magazine Issue 4: Lifestyles Of The Eccentric Thousandaires

Photographer: Adam Wallacavage
Stylist: Christie Proud
Make-up: Sara Proud
Hair: Richard Nicholas Hair Studio
Models: Julia Naismith, Alli
Nagode, and Alexandra Spurgeon with MMA Agency

From top-left:

First row:

  1. 20,000 Leagues Room
    Alexandra wears Letau Designs drawstring scarf, Haute Hippie tank, skirt and boots are stylist’s own. Background party-goers wear clothes from Vive 1977.
  2. In the Basement with Bad Luck 13
    Alli wears Hinge faux fur vest, Seventy Two Changes zip leather leggings. Alexandra wears metal and leather bib necklace from Urban Outfitters, top and skirt are stylist’s own.
  3. The Spray Room
    Julia wears Gryphon New York beaded loop vest, Lace leggings from Intermix NYC, Sherbert lace skirt from Urban Outfitters, Linda Smyth feather earrings.
  4. Bedroom Snake
    Julia wears Linda Smyth leather and feather shoulder accessories, all other clothes are stylist’s own. Background charmers wear clothes from Delicious Boutique and Crash Bang Boom. Styled by Mariann Salvato.

Second row:

  1. Cupcakes and Dogs
    Alli wears Rozae Nichols long chiffon vest, Chloé stirrup pants. Background bakers wear accessories from Amberella Gallery and Boutique.
  2. Outside with Tough Shits
    Alexandra wears DC aspen grapeade windbreaker and DC kate dress.
  3. Getting Cozy with Chubb Rock
    Alexandra wears JC Mazza double feather chain headpiece, Linda Smyth feather earrings. Alli wears Dream Culture blue velvet dress, Linda Smyth fringe necklace.

Crash Bang Boom
Dream Culture
Gryphon New York
Haute Hippie

Intermix NYC
Letau Designs
Linda Smyth
Rozae Nichols
Seventy Two Changes
Urban Outfitters
Vive 1977