Shawn Barber “Youth Of Day” At FFDG

Shawn Barber‘s “Youth Of Today” will open at San Francisco’s FFDG on July 8th. Here’s the info:

On display will be 11 beautifully crafted oil paintings which are the next chapter of Los Angeles based Shawn Barber’s “Doll Series”. The “Doll Series” is Barber’s response to living in a world consumed by popular culture. To Barber, it’s been abundantly clear what motivates many young people in America especially since Barber has moved to Los Angeles two years ago to focus not only on his painting but to also open Memoir Tattoo with girlfriend Kim Saigh. With “Youth of Today”, the “individual” personalities are saturated with a common ground- repetitive sadness fueled by the projected facade of synthetic surreality.

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