Top 5 Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Tile Floors in 2021

When it comes to our homes, no amount of cleanliness is ever enough. We all want our houses to be spic and span as the saying goes. For this to work, what we need is the right type of cleaners and tools. Without the correct tools, your apartment will look dirty and unkempt. Tile floors especially need extra care.

They reflect the light, and it becomes so easy to see when they are not clean. Luckily, we have a solution for you. We have compiled a list of the best equipment to use when cleaning tile floors. This review will include the best cordless stick vacuum for tile floors.

Cordless vacuums are the same as normal vacuums. The only difference is that they won’t have that long cord that can be such a bother. You can move around with them when cleaning and reach even the most unreachable corners. They give you freedom of movement. And a plus is that you won’t have the long cord to slow you down. You also won’t get tangled or trip yourself when working.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Tile Floors

Top 5 Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Tile Floors in 2021

With the increasing number of vacuum cleaners produced every day, it is becoming difficult to choose the right one. We have researched the market and therefore provide you great cordless stick vacuum cleaners for your tile floors.

1. Tineco A11 Hero

This is one of the most powerful stick vacuums out there. It has a 450w motor that gives 120A of suction power. This gives it a high suction power that will clean your tiled floors as well as the carpet and give them that clean and shiny look that you want.

Tineco A11 Hero


So, it can be used as a best cordless stick vacuum for carpet. It also has a 10-inch brush roll that enhances its cleaning abilities. The brush spins, which makes it suitable for cleaning hard-surfaced floors.

It has a 2500mAh lithium-ion battery. It comes in pairs which means you can switch the batteries should you need to. The battery lasts for 30 minutes on normal mode and 7 minutes on max mode.

The battery charges for 3 hours, so you don’t have to wait for many hours to charge. It also has HEPA filtration, which is suitable for people with asthma. It also comes with several accessories like the motorized brush and a crevice nozzle.

Pros Cons
  • Good suction power for all kinds of floors.
  • Has multi-floor cleaning heads for cleaning different types of floors.
  • Good filtration that holds 99.9% of all dust.
  • Can convert from stick vacuum to handheld vacuum for versatility.
  • Has LED lighting that allows you to use it even in poorly lit areas.
  • Is not suitable for heavy cleaning since a battery powers it.
  • Main nozzle doesn’t clean the edges well.


2. Jashen Powerful Stick Vacuum

This vacuum is really good because of its impressive suction power. You can use it for 40 minutes non-stop. It can pick up even the thinnest and lightest debris like pet hair. For versatility, the vacuum comes with two different brushes for cleaning different types of floors.

Jashen Powerful Stick Vacuum


It has extra HEPA filtration with 3 stages of filtration. Jashen vacuum separates air very efficiently from non-allergenic fresh air. It also saves your vacuum as it is easily cleaned. This preserves your suctioning and prevents the vacuum from clogging. It also comes with an LED front light, which means you can use it in low lighting. It has a battery indicator that lets you know the battery percentage.

The brushes can rotate. It can be used for cleaning under your chairs and around crevices easily. You can also easily empty the dustbin using the release lock for emptying the bin. You can also easily clean it and dry the filtration system.

Pros Cons
  • Good filtration that keeps the air fresh and clean.
  • Its motor is quiet so you can use it without disturbances.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Can reach hard to reach areas like the ceiling and corners.
  • Has a locked in switch.
  • Suction power is not that strong.


3. Dyson Cyclone V10

The Dyson brand really made a phenomenal tool when it comes to the cyclone V10. It has a long-lasting battery that can give you up to a whole hour of continuous usage. It has one of the most powerful suction power. Dyson Cyclone V10 removes dirt from even the thickest of surfaces.

Dyson Cyclone V10


The vacuum is lightweight so it won’t give you any problems when it comes to using it for a long time. It is also versatile in that it can be used to clean different surfaces in the home. Can transform to a handheld vacuum to clean upholstery and chairs. It can be used to pick up any debris, whether large or fine dust particles.

Its dust bin is bigger than most vacuums so it can store a lot of dirt. This means you won’t need to frequently empty it. It also has 3 power modes that you can choose from for cleaning different areas.

Pros Cons
  • Powerful motor.
  • Has the best attachments.
  • Great suction power.
  • Great for homes with pets and for cleaning stairs.
  • Good bin size and easy emptying.
  • Battery is quickly drained when on its high setting.
  • Easily gets blocked by tissues.
  • Loud on max mode.


4. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

Since this is a cordless vacuum, this one is suitable for use in areas that do not have a power source nearby. It is versatile because it is a stick vacuum. It can be used to clean different debris. This means you can use it to vacuum hard-to-reach areas and clean them with ease.

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum


It has a small, detachable battery that is lithium-ion. The battery gives you up to 45 minutes of use. You can detach the battery and attach a new one when it runs out. It can convert to a handheld vacuum to reach small crevices and corners.

It has a somewhat small dirt cup. This means you will have to empty it regularly, especially when cleaning areas with heavy dirt and debris. The cup is easy to empty.

Pros Cons
  • Detachable lithium-ion battery with incredible power.
  • Can be turned into a handheld vacuum for cleaning small corners and crevices.
  • Two power modes for cleaning different areas.
  • HEPA filtration that traps even the finest dust pieces.
  • Suitable for homes with pets.
  • Suction power is not as powerful as others.
  • Not suitable for heavy cleaning.


5. ONSON Stick Vacuum

Although this isn’t one of the most famous brands, it does not disappoint when it comes to its performance. The vacuum cleaner is very lightweight, making it easy for you to move around within your house. You can easily adjust its motor head. This allows you to reach different areas, even underneath hidden surfaces. You can use it to clean high areas like the ceiling or the walls.


The vacuum comes with two brush heads. The small one is for cleaning hardwood and tile floors while the bigger brush is for cleaning rugs and carpets. It has a good suction power that allows you to vacuum any surface. It also uses HEPA filtration.

This kind of filtration is good because it filters air and traps almost all the dust and dirt particles. The filter is easy to clean. Its battery can be used for 45 minutes on low setting and 25 on the highest setting.

Pros Cons
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Has an adjustable motorhead to reach different areas.
  • Two brush heads for different surfaces.
  • Has HEPA filtration.
  • Its motor is smaller than that of upright vacuums.
  • Suction power isn’t as high as other vacuums.


What to Look before Choosing the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum For Tile Floors

Before going on to review the products, let’s first see some of the general features a vacuum must-have. These will help you know what to look for when considering a vacuum. It will act as a buying guide for you to refer to when buying one.


Since a cordless vacuum isn’t connected to a direct power source, you need to find a powerful battery. You need a battery that will allow you to use it for a long time without it running out of power. The battery needs to be able to charge quickly and hold the charge for a long time. Look for 18V batteries. These batteries perform better than others with lower voltages.

The most common batteries used are the nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries. The last longer and perform better in stick vacuums than other types.  Some vacuums have removable batteries. These allow you to remove the battery once it has run out and replace it with another so you can continue working without delay.

Suction Power

You, of course, need a vacuum with a high suction power. This will enable you to suck all the dirt from even the heaviest of surfaces. A vacuum with a high suction power vacuum will be able to pick up hair, dust motes or dust bunnies and heavy, sticky debris.

Look for a vacuum that allows you to change suction power. This will allow you to use the right suction power for the right surface. Low for less heavy floors, like tile floors and a high suction power for heavier surfaces.


Your vacuum needs to have a proper filter. This filter should be easy to clean. You must be able to remove the filter easily and clean it. There are two types of filters that you can choose from;

Micro-filters- these are the most common filters. They are available in most vacuums. They can be disposed of and washed. The downside when it comes to these filters is that they release dust. They are not able to hold fine dust particles, so they are not suitable for people with asthma.

HEPA filters- this one stand for high-efficiency particulate air filter. This filter is the best for those with asthma. This is because they capture 99.97% of particles. They, therefore, trap almost all the dust particles so they won’t affect those with dust allergies. You will need to regularly clean and replace them.

Storage Space

You need a vacuum with a lot of storage space. This will allow you to vacuum for a long time without having to empty it constantly. Those that can hold dirt for a long time will enable you to continue working non-stop. Look for a vacuum with a removable handle or that can be folded down.

This will work well for you if you have a vacuum with limited storage. Ensure that the vacuum’s storage space has a power socket nearby. This will make it easy for you to charge the vacuum when you need to.

Light and Easily Maneuverable

Stick vacuums need to be light. This is because you don’t want to tire yourself out when working. They also need to be easy to maneuver. Because of its length, you might find it hard and weird to move around with. Make sure you get one that won’t give you trouble when cleaning surfaces that are carpeted or hard.

Tools and Accessories

Vacuums, whether stick or otherwise, come with several tools. These tools make your cleaning work easier. You should look for a vacuum with crevice tools. These will allow you to reach areas that are hard to reach like corners and crevices.

A dusting brush is a necessary accessory because it helps remove dust when vacuuming. Some of these tools will be inbuilt, or you will have to buy them and attach them yourself. The best are those that are built into the vacuum.

Wet or Dry

Wet vacuums are those that can suck up water and other wet materials. The liquids they can take up are around 150ml. Dry vacuums are those that cannot deal with liquid matter. The wet vacuums have a bin and filter that you will have to clean and dry after use.

Final Words

Tiled floors are some of the hardest floors to clean. The above-mentioned vacuum cleaners are the best cordless stick vacuums you can get for these kinds of floors. The vacuums are also suitable for use on other kinds of floors. This review shows you all the best cordless stick vacuums for tile floors. Check these out to leave your tiles shiny and clean.

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