15 Best Mop for Tile Floors in 2021

Home cleaning is a needful daily work for maintaining regular cleanliness. Babies often fall sick due to germs. The maximum of germs enters in a baby from a floor. So, cleaning the house and the floors regularly by a mop makes the house out of germs.

Home cleaning is undoubtedly a daily duty for women. Despite the fact that the other household works home cleaning also needs to be done regularly. In a maximum of home, there are various types tile floors available. So, the homemakers also search for suitable mop for their daily usage. Not all mops are useful for homely usage. Generally, the mops used for homely usage are not applicable for outdoor. So, it is better to know the detail about the mop before buying.

Often some houses contain pets. Having pets the chances of attacking germs get increased. Not all mops are suitable to remove the germs come from pets. So, the differences need to know before buying the best mop for tiles floors.

Best Mops for Tile Floors

What is the best mop for tile floors

When it comes to cleaning tile floors, nothing beats using a wet mop. Water in combination with some kind of solution is perfectly capable of removing dirt and grime without scratching the floor. What’s more, there are actually several types of mops that you can use on your tiled floors.

There are two things that need to be taken into consideration when picking out the right mop for your tiles:  the size of your flooring and how dirty it gets (or doesn’t). If you have larger tiles (smaller than 6 X 6 inches) then using a traditional string mop will work just fine. The biggest thing to look out for is that the mop head itself isn’t too big and doesn’t leave a lot of excess fabric on the floor after swiping it around.

Our Top Picks

Here, we have reviewed the top 15 best mops for tile floors and grout, to help you in your decision-making.

  • Best Overall: McCulloch Heavy-Duty Mop
    “It does deliver a much stronger cleaning of grouts and tiles mildews and algae. It’s quite well built; despite its much lighter weight.”
  • Best Mop for Ceramic & Porcelain Tile: CXhome Microfiber Spray Mop
    “It will make you feel so comfortable when you clean your house. This wet jet mop uses the latest liquid release device to clean any type tile floors like ceramic, porcelain or travertine.”
  • Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
    “The soft microfiber pad, microfiber scrubby pad, and a carpet glider make cleaning very convenient. Additionally, no need to add chemicals or detergents.”
  • Best Spin Mop for Tile Floors: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop
    “It is enough user-friendly for all kinds of cleaners. Moreover, this product helps to remove the germs in a quite simple way.”
  • Best Mop for Glossy Floor Tiles: Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry
    “People who have a pet but want to avoid Complexity those should Tineco iFloor Cordless. Even this is suitable to clean the large convention center or glossy floors.”
  • Best Mop for Tile Floors with Grout: McCulloch MC1385
    “The MC1385 effectively and naturally cleans a wide variety of surfaces using ordinary water heated to over 200 degree Fahrenheit.”
  • Best for Stone Floors(Travertine, Granite & Marble): Bissell Symphony Vacuum Mop
    “For ordinary purposes where it needs to use in the hose, insider of car and another surface you can get Bissell Symphony.”
  • Best Mop for Textured Tile Floors: PurSteam ThermaPro 10 in 1
    “Despite wooden or tiles floors, this product can clean windows, carpets, walls and also other furniture.”
  • Best Microfiber Mop for Tile Floors: Turbo Microfiber Mop
    “From the depth judgment, it can be your best value for money. This is not too heavy and easy to use. At the same time, it can give you the proper cleaning result that you want.”
  • Best Spray Mop for Tile Floors: Asogo Spray Mop
    “The cleaners who prefer to clean the room with chemical liquids or water can surely like this product.”
  • Best Mop and Bucket: MopNado Spin Mop
    “Remove germs from any kind of floor materials like ceramic tiles, concrete, vinyl, stone, hardwood, etc. Also, the machine of this product is washable.”
  • Best Wet Mop for Tile Floors: Aootek Deluxe Spin Mop
    “It is made of strong materials that make the product long-lasting compared to the other products. Unlike the other spin mops, it does not contain any agitator or wheel.”
  • Best Mop for Outdoor Tiles: Siga Microfiber Mop
    “Siga Mop is a multi-use product. The good quality cloth on this mop can clean the home and outdoor tile floors easily.”
  • Best Mop for Scrubbing Floors: BISSELL Spinwave
    “The Spinwave features an easy-fill tank and automatic detergent dispensing to make cleaning quick and easy.”
  • Best Dust Mop for Tile Floors: Bona Multi-Surface Mop
    “Best for all unoiled, polyurethane, unwaxed finished wood floors & tile floors. Fast drying and ph neutral formula.”

Top 15 Best Mops for Tile Floors in 2021

1. Best Overall: McCulloch Heavy-Duty Mop

Considered to be the best mop for tile floors by most of the people who have used this product, this heavy-duty steam mop from McCulloch not only cleans the floors perfectly, but also keeps windows, vehicles and your appliances spotlessly clean.


  • High pressure steam (43PSI) provided by the mop, which clears rough & tough grime from remote areas too
  • Comes with a 48-ounce water tank that can be heated in 8 minutes to provide high power of steam for about 45minutes
  • Comes with 18 useful accessories such as mop pads, scrub pads, brushes, squeegees and others that help in deep cleaning
  • Helps to reach remote places thanks to the 15.7-foot cord and 9-foot steam hose


  • Natural and chemical-free sanitization keeps floors safe
  • Stream trigger can also be locked to provide a continuous flow of steam


  • Slightly overpriced, as it is available at around $140
  • Steam doesn’t get as hot as it should, as reported by a few users

This heavy-duty steam mop from McCulloch is definitely the right choice for tile floors and grout, because of the steam pressure and deep cleaning services it offers you.

2. Best Mop for Ceramic & Porcelain Tile: CXhome Microfiber Spray Mop

Are you looking for a mop that helps you clean your floors perfectly? Do you want a mop that doesn’t leave out any residue and one that leaves the floors completely dry immediately after mopping? The super-powerful CXhome Microfiber Spray Mop is the best choice for you.


  • Comes with an ergonomically-designed handle
  • Mop head can rotate a full 360 degrees
  • Comes with three washable microfiber pads, which helps you replace the wet pads with dry one easily
  • Refillable bottle can be filled with any cleaning solution to make your floors sparkling bright


  • Can use the mop for long hours without any discomfort
  • Mop head reaches hard to reach locations to clean stubborn stains
  • Highly durable mop as it is made from durable ABS with a sturdy aluminum rod


  • Not very easy to attach the wand with the mop pad
  • Refillable bottle is quite small

Yes, this microfiber spray mop from CXhome may be the best mop to clean ceramic and porcelain tile floors. However, you may want to use it only if you don’t mind refilling the bottle frequently with the solution of your choice.

3. Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Most of the mops available in the market are only designed to clean the floors of visible dust particles. However, what about the invisible grout and grime accumulated in the corners? You need a robust, steam-powered mop to get rid of these hard stains. That’s exactly why the Bissell PowerFresh is the best steam mop for tile floors and grout.


  • Gets rid of 99.9% of the germs and dirt from all types of floors such as wood, ceramic, granite and linoleum,
  • Comes with 1 soft pad and 2 scrubby mop pads, 2 spring breeze fragrance discs and a carpet glider to get rid of the tough dirt stains
  • Swivel steering functionality made easy with a 23-foot power cord


  • Three levels of steaming functionality (high, medium and low) available to choose from
  • Comes with provisions in the pad to insert the fragrance disc of your choice; this way your floors are not only spick and span but good-smelling as well


  • Customer service department of Bissell is not helpful to resolve queries and concerns
  • Not made from very durable material, so it can break within a few months, as reported by a few users

While this steam-powered Bissell mop works reasonably to get rid of harsh stains without the use of any chemicals, you may find it lacking in the durability department.

4. Best Spin Mop for Tile Floors: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Looking for a mess-free mop that helps you to clean your floors spotlessly with minimum effort and great power? The uniquely-designed O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop is the apt choice for you in this case. Its hands-free model enables you to deep-clean the floors without experiencing any strain.


  • The bucket system of this spin mop ensures that the splash & spray functionalities happen inside the bucket itself
  • Bucket comes with inbuilt wringer and the spin wringer function can be activated by the durable foot pedal
  • The microfiber mop pad is designed for deep cleaning purposes and getting rid of tough grime and stubborn stains, as it can rotate 360 degrees


  • Mess-free design
  • Compatible for ceramic floors and all types of hard floor surfaces, as its push-pedal function helps to clean perfectly without you having to bend down


  • Not very big; therefore, it takes time to clean even a reasonably sized room
  • Not quite durable; many people noticed that the unit broke off within a few uses

Though this EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop from O-Cedar is mess-free and easy to use, it is highly recommended for very small homes only.

5. Best Mop for Glossy Floor Tiles: Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry

Those people who want to clean the surface but want to avoid the hassle of the cord, this product item is for them. The Tineco iFloor is the best cordless vacuum and  steam cleaner in the market now. Minimalistic look, easy to carry and enough griping-holding facility it has.

Of course, it has a dual water tank and a solution trigger. The water tank can contain 550 ml and this needs minimum time to become warm. At the same time, a Secondary water tank can contain 400ml water. As it does not cord to power-up, it has an integrated battery. Once it becomes full charge it can perform 3-4 hours easily.

The thing you must like is, you will have all the most desirable function from this cleaner. Especially it has a sport mode where it starts to steaming and sucking with more pressure to remove the spots. Inside the packet, you will have a charger tool, cleaning solution to Tineco and the 3 in 1 cleaning tool.


  • The cordless thing will give you the portable feel to anywhere.
  • 3-4 consistent use.
  • Self-cleaning brush roll.
  • The dual separate tank inside.


  • Pretty expensive.

6. Best Mop for Tile Floors with Grout: McCulloch MC1385

If there is a steam cleaner that justifies its bulky, massive structure, then McCulloch MC1385 is it. It is the best floor cleaner machine for tile and grout. Though it looks heavy and bulky, maneuvering it is as easy as it can get. Thanks to the big wheels underneath and their smooth skating.

Heat the water and clear the grout with 200-degree Fahrenheit heat power. That heat is going to clean the grout from grisly gray to pearly white. When its high-heat, plain water turns more deadly for the dirt than a quintessential chemical. The water poured in the steam cleaner takes up to 12 minutes to heat up. So one can steam clean and sanitize the floor from 99.9% bacteria and germs for up to 120 minutes.

Clean your house incessantly. Just like the one and a half long working capacity and 64-ounce water tank, even the 18-foot power cord and 10-foot steam hose allow you to work without interruption. Take the hose to the furthest corner without carrying the whole steam cleaner.

Although the cleaner comes with all the necessary attachments, among all the 23 pieces, it’s the small round brush heads that caught our attention the most. These tiny brushes are great for scrubbing and cleaning the grouts. Control the steam with the control setting dial, depending on how stubborn the dirt is.


Does this get hot enough to get rid of bed bugs?

The ideal thermal heat point of getting rid of bedbugs is 120ish-degree, while the McCulloch steam cleaner comes up to 200-F of steam. So, you can efficiently kill bedbugs with this vapor cleaner.

Can the rate of pressure be turned down to have a slower flow of steam?

The variable control system allows you to adjust the intensity of steam flow. So, you can make the steam flow slower or faster according to your need. 

Does the McCullouch 1375 clean carpets?

Unfortunately, you can’t clean the carpeted floor as the McCulloch steamer has no vacuum functionality. 

Can this be used to disinfect clothing?

The PSI (58) is strong enough for clothing to disinfect them. Indeed, you can’t use this steamer to sanitize your clothing. 

7. Best for Stone Floors(Travertine, Granite & Marble): Bissell Symphony Vacuum Mop

Bissell Symphony Steam Mop and Vacuum is my personal favorite due to quite a few reasons. But most important of all reasons is that it heats up the steam almost instantly! You can get started with all the impending clean ups great for cleaning both the pet trash like hair and urine and other accumulated dirt as well.

Due to its strong suction power of 1100 and 400 watts respectively for vacuuming and streaming, it has got lots of firepower under its belt. The price is also great and within budget, so that makes it one of the most affordable and versatile Bissell vac and mop combo.


  • Takes less than a minute to warm up the water
  • Finishes cleaning quickly due to wide cleaning path
  • Eight packs of odor eliminating disks included with it
  • Versatile cleaning machine within budget


  • The handle could be better quality.

8. Best Mop for Textured Tile Floors: PurSteam ThermaPro 10 in 1

You will not be disappointed with PurSteam’s ThermaPro 10 in 1 Steam Mop which is designed to handle multiple functionalities. If you are looking for a premium, high-quality and the best mop to clean textured tile floors, look no further than this product.


  • Inbuilt 11.5-ounce reservoir that gets heated in less than a minute and provides heavy-duty steam power for about 25 minutes of cleaning
  • Comes with a special scrubber that helps you to rub off the rough stains on the tiles and keep them sparkling clean at all times
  • Two-year warranty and a no-questions-asked, replacement policy for defective parts


  • Performs as a steam mop, carpet cleaner, mirror cleaner, garment steamer, window cleaner and more with utmost perfection and accuracy
  • Three steam settings enabled for easy customization
  • Keeps your beautiful tiles and hardwood floors safe, as it uses natural, chemical-free, child & pet-friendly cleaning services to get rid of almost 99.99% of the germs


  • Length of the cord could have been longer for easy maneuverability

At a reasonable cost, PurSteam’s ThermoPro 10 in 1 is definitely designed to provide good value for your money. It comes with a warranty; so you have nothing to lose by investing in this right now.

9. Best Microfiber Mop for Tile Floors: Turbo Microfiber Mop

The best microfiber mop for floors is one that is not only affordable but eco-friendly and chemical-free as well. That’s exactly why you should try the Turbo Microfiber Mop.  It is perfect for cleaning all kinds of tiles, hardwood, granite, vinyl and linoleum floors. It is durable and designed to provide you with excellent value for your money.


  • Mop head can rotate the full 360 degrees
  • While the head is 17”big, the handle can be adjusted anywhere between 35 and 60” as per your convenience
  • Comes with two highly effective microfiber pads
  • Industrial grade, lightweight, mop designed in such a way that is suitable for young, old, tall, short and the differently-abled as well


  • Excellent swiveling action provided
  • Mop head and handle made from heavy-duty and durable aluminum, which is built to last for many years
  • Mop Pads can be reused and recycled and rewashed for up to 100 times in the washing machine


  • Support helpdesk of the company not very helpful

The Turbo Microfiber Mop contains all that you would look for in a cleaning system. It helps to get rid of all the tough stains without you having to bend too much or trying too much!

10. Best Spray Mop for Tile Floors: Asogo Spray Mop

Are you frustrated with your old mop as you try in vain to make it reach the hard-to-reach places to clean tough stains and dirt? It is now time to welcome one of the most powerful spray mops in the market from Asogo, the Asogo Spray Mop.


  • Comes with a spray head that sprays as much or as little water you want to clean all types of floors
  • Comes with a 300ml reservoir, with which you can clean your floor spotlessly within 15 minutes
  • Long, 52” spray mop rod with an ergonomic grip
  • Two microfiber, washable and reusable pads provided
  • Spray bottle providedto mix 2 spoons of the cleaning solution of your choice with water to get back the shine on the floors


  • 180-degree swivel head helps to clean tough, inaccessible locations as well
  • Comfortable grip to give you comfort


  • Some users noticed a leakage problem within the first use itself

The Asogo Spray Mop is the best spray mop for tile floors for you, if you are on a tight budget.  However, if you are ready to spend a little, you will find better products available.

11. Best Mop and Bucket: MopNado Spin Mop

If you had been waiting for a heavy-duty, durable mop for cleaning the floors of your house like never before, the Deluxe Spin Mop from Mopnado is the right choice for you. Here is why, this mop is of premium quality and why it stands out from its competitors.


  • Deluxe Spin Mop comes with a dry spin basket that has large wheels
  • Basket and handles made out of stainless steel
  • 180 degrees swiveling mop head and 56” long handle help to reach remote areas and clean them thoroughly
  • Patented design of mop plates, which ensures that its mop head can be rinsed quicker than any other mop in the market today
  • Mop pads, cleansing solution dispenser and scrubber attachment included


  • Dual handle system of the basket helps in easy maneuverability and cleaning
  • Perfect for tile, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, stone, concrete and other floors


  • Replacement parts are not easily available online or at Mopnado stores

Though it is not quite affordable, the Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop is one of those models that you can trust your money with, as it helps you clean your floors faster and better than before.

12. Best Wet Mop for Tile Floors: Aootek Deluxe Spin Mop

Designed to save a lot of time and labor, the Aootek Deluxe Spin Mop is definitely one of its kind! You can now get sparkling floors without getting your hands dirty or creating any mess.


  • Spin dry basket and mop handle made out of durable stainless steel
  • Comes with three, super-soft, microfiber mop heads that can be used wet or dry as per your convenience
  • Patented design of the Spin-Dry Basket – unique centrifugal spin design and dual-spout pattern to clean and rinse the mop heads without any manual effort
  • Self-wringing design eradicates the need to spend a lot of time and effort in spinning off the extra water


  • Great value for money as it is built to last for many years
  • Each mop head can be washed and used for up to 6 months before needing to be replaced
  • Very simplistic yet sophisticated design to avoid leakage of any sort


  • Not as durable as it promises to be, as some users noticed broken handles and mop heads within a few uses

At an affordable price, the Aootek Deluxe Spin Mop provides a patented technology to clean the floors spotlessly and spin dry the mop heads. Since the product is backed by a one-year warranty, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try this.

13. Best Mop for Outdoor Tiles: Siga Microfiber Mop

Looking for a professional-grade mop for wet and dry mopping services at an affordable price? You can try Mr. Siga Microfiber Mop right now, as it caters to your mopping requirements with ease and accuracy.


  • Comes with three, soft, washable and reusable Microfiber pads
  • A dirt removal scrubber included to get rid of the stubborn stains that cannot be cleaned with the usual mop heads
  • A dual-side, extra-soft, microfiber cloth that can be easily washed in the machine
  • Designed with unique and innovative Fabric Clip-On Design, due to which the mop can firmly hold and release all materials of fabric cloth
  • 360 Degree Swivel Pole comes with a dual locking telescopic system; thanks to this, you can lock and unlock easily to adjust the lengths as per your convenience


  • Perfect for cleaning all types of hard stains from hardwood, home and outdoor tiles and laminate floors
  • Good value for money


  • Handle made out not-so-durable plastic; therefore, it breaks off easily, as reported by a few users

This professional-grade mop from Mr. Siga comes with lots of functionalities and innovative design as well. Also, it is priced quite attractively; therefore, you may want to try it for getting a good shine on your home and outdoor tile floors.

14. Best Mop for Scrubbing Floors: BISSELL Spinwave

Next up in our list is BISSELL Spinwave cleaner and mop, which is quite an affordable steam and vacuum for scrubbing tile floors. But not just that, this lightweight Bissell vacuum and mop got a nice and slender design.

It’s got a different head to it which looks just unique and different But other than the design; it is designed with two scrubber head which is going to scrub away even the grimiest dirt and strain at your hardwood floor or other surfaces. You can go on and clean quite a lot area due to its large capacity water tank which holds up to 28 ounces of water. You may like to read Bissell Crosswave vs Spinwave to know which one is better.


  • Quite affordable
  • The mop head looks and works great
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Not great for heavy cleanups

15. Best Dust Mop for Tile Floors: Bona Multi-Surface Mop

If you are in need of a dust mop with which you can clean a large area easily, then the Bona floor mop will be a good choice. It comes with an extra-large mop head for cleaning up to 40% faster than others. A full-size 34oz Floor Cleaner is there to for easy cleaning. You have an easily refillable cartridge to use the solution. Also, a spray function is there too to spray the solution on the floor.

The microfiber cleaning pad is machine washable to use for a long time. You will have a secondary grip for added comfort. Its comfortable design features flexible rubber corners to not harming your furniture. Besides, its retractable hook allows you to store it easily. With this mop, you can easily clean all types of floors without any hassle.


  • Large mop head for faster cleaning
  • Cleaning is smoother with the solution
  • You can use the pad multiple times
  • Delivers the highest comfort during cleaning
  • Easy to store


  • May leave marks in the dark floor
  • The cartridge may get leaked

The mop has the capacity to clean a large area within a short period of time with its large mop head and cleaning solution spray. Also, it provides additional comfort with its grip and ensures reuse of the pads. Even it does not damage the soft furniture too.

What Features Look for in the Best Tile Floors mop

Before buying Mop for household usage the buyers need to remember some of the buying guides.

Germ Killing power

A mop is best used for germ-killing on the floor. So, before buying the product one needs to know the germ-killing power of the products. Generally, the house with pets contains more dust and dirt on the floor. So, in a house with a pet steam mop is considered to be the best choice. A steam mop can kill the maximum of germs on the floor than a spray mop.


Generally, in the maximum houses of India, a maid for household work does the work of floor cleaning. So, when the buyers want to buy a mop for their house they need to buy a user-friendly mop. Mop with difficult technological usage is not at all helpful for household cleaning. Generally, a spray mop contains less technological usage than a steam mop. So, spray mop or spin mop is a better choice for household work.

Power cord

Power Cord is the main connector of the steam mop. So, while buying a buyer needs to buy a steam mop with a long power cord. The short power cord can make difficulties in moving the mops. So, the maximum of the corners will remain unclean for the short power cord.


In the market several types of mop are available. All mops contain different features. So, before buying a mop a buyer needs to know the types of the mops. Not all mops are suitable for household cleaning. Moreover, not all the mops can clean all types of floor materials.

Final Words

From the above-mentioned product descriptions, buyers surely can identify their needs. Tile floors cannot be washed or cleaned by all types of mops. Moreover, all mops can not clean the germs equally. Many houses contain pets. So, for the pet lover mop buyer, the demand of germ removing mop needs to be strong than the others. Despite, the price also matters.

Each of these mops is unique and comes with a lot of features. You need to choose the one that suits your requirements and budget constraints the best.

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