The Best Shark Vacuums in 2021 – Carpet, Hardwood, Pet Hair & More

Keeping your house dust-free is an arduous job if you have owned a pet or already have noisy kids. We do not want to stay in a messy-surface that mainly ruins the whole aesthetic of your house! And if the floor of your living area is made of hardwood and covers with some nice-looking carpets, maintenance is a “MUST!”

Now, you may have set your mind to bring a vacuum that may go deep to every nook and cranny & suck away all the stubborn specks of dirt. Thus, it will give your house a fresher look without doing any hustle and bustle.

However, we all know that the Shark vacuum is considered as the best vacuum for cleaning carpet and hardwood. That’s why we decided to introduce you with the top 5 best shark vacuums that will comfort not only your bare feet but also keep you away from all the allergens, dust, and debris.

Best Shark Vacuum for Carpet

What is the Best Shark Vacuums?

Luckily, we have numerous choices that are compatible with carpets. But if you are hungry for the best one, then you can rely on the SharkNinja HV382.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean
    “This high-end tech gadget has powerful suction power that indeed makes it a prime choice. While this feature eliminates all the particles, its 1.5 quarts dust cup holds them up. Alright then, what are you waiting for? Give it a go today!”
  • Best Shark Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood: Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Vacuum
    “The best part is if you give it a go, you can avail of all these great functionalities at an affordable price.”
  • Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair: Shark NV752 Rotator Lift-Away TruePet
    “If you are looking for a vacuum to clean your large apartment, give it a go as it comes with XL capacity.”
  • Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floor: Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away
    “If your house is situated where daylight is enough to see everything, then overlooking the cons will be a wise decision as this  Shark Navigator provides you all the benefits of shark brands except a few at a lower cost.”
  • Best Robot Vacuum: Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV871
    “If you are looking for a robot vacuum, then this shark ION is a high-end piece in terms of price & performance..”

Top 5 Best Shark Vacuums in 2021

1. Best Overall: Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean

The Shark Apex is an upright vacuum model that tops our list because it comes with multiple advanced features. By utilizing them all together, it becomes a good cleaner for both carpets and hard floors.

You bring a vacuum with “Duoclean technology,” which means you have two powerful brush rolls in your hands to pull away all the dust hidden in your carpets. Still, if you ask me what makes it the most powerful one, it will be its ground-breaking  “Zero-M technology.”

With this avant-garde feature, it has grabbed the attention of thousands of customers who are once bothered to clean the brush roll tangled with hairs. Furthermore, this gadget has “Anti-Allergen Seals technology” along with the HEPA filter system. These combo constructions increase the strength of the vacuum to capture more dust, debris & allergens.

Powerful 3 different cleaning modes

The modes include Powered Lift-Away, Above-floor cleaning, Upright mode. Before activating them, you need to remove the pod, as it will be light in weight then, & thereby help you to do deep cleaning of your carpet.

Power lift-away helps you to extend your reach during cleaning.  Above-floor cleaning mode makes the stuff suitable for cleaning the windowsills or places that are hard to reach usually. Lastly, the Upright is a classic mode that picks up dust quickly.


  • It contains an LED light in its handle along with a floor nozzle that helps you to clean the dark spaces.
  • Offers 5 years of warranty.
  • Comes with a wider cleaning path that is 11 inch.


  • You may find it heavy as its weight center is located in the handle instead of at the head/floor.

2. Best Shark Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood: Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Vacuum

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly as well as a compact cleaner for your small apartment, then give a go to this Shark HV382 vacuum.

Not only your pet, sometimes our hairs are embedded into the carpet & make it messy. Thankfully, this one comes with Pet Multi-Tool that uses the bristle brush for removing stuck-on debris like trash. Like the shark apex model, it also features duoclean technology.

With these, you get two additional soft brush rolls that pull out large debris from any kinds of carpets, including the high piles. Although this stuff is 9.9 pounds, you can convert it to 4.5 pounds for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning carpet, the corded vacuum like this one comes in handy as they possess a higher suction power system. As soon as you put the plugin, it starts to pick up small to large messes coming in the way.

The nozzle & handheld contain powerful LED lights to provide visibility in a dark place so that you can remove the hidden things too.

Cordless Additional accessories

It also comes with some additional accessories like an onboard storage clip for holding up two stuff at a time; a 12″ crevice tool to get access in tight places like the corner, baseboard, then a wall mount to keep the vacuum.


  • Light-weight
  • Suitable for both carpet& bare floors.
  • As the Shark HV382 is bagless so you don’t need to be worried about replacing the bags.


  • Unlike the other shark vacuum, it may seem to you a bit louder.

3. Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair: Shark NV752 Rotator Lift-Away TruePet

As the name suggests, this vacuum is unarguably a popular choice among the pet owners as it keeps the pet dander always under control. The only reason we put this one at number three is that it costs a bit more.

This vacuum contains the shark’s original 2-in-1 powered lift away system, which extends the reach & ensures better cleaning. Besides, you can use these modes in four ways like Upright, lift-away, above floor & pet power brush mode. Let’s know in detail.

You can activate the upright mode for maneuvering in the hard to reach places. In addition to this feature, it allows swivel steering that provides excellent control when you need to pass any obstacles.

If you want to use the above-floor mode, you have to release the handle from the wand so that you can clean the walls, windows effortlessly. You may have noticed that dust & debris tends to hide in deep like inside the pillow or in the upholstery. Thankfully, the pet power brush keeps you away from this hassle.

When you need to shift the vacuum from bare carpet floors, you need to press the button located in the handle. And this best shark vacuum for carpet will move seamlessly.


  • Specifically suitable for hard-floor.
  • The floor nozzle & handle contain LED lights.
  • The HEPA filters, along with a completely sealed system, trap the maximum allergens.


  • After multiple times heavy use, the power rush button may seem to you slightly fraying.

4. Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floor: Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away

In terms of suction capacity, design & versatility, this vacuum from shark brand is all in all, a great choice to meet your cleaning needs.

If you have Itchy, runny, or stuffy nose problems due to dust, then the Shark Navigator will fix them as it has HEPA filters that can trap 99.9 percent dust inside the vacuum. Its work is not limited to this; it also ensures that the particle does not mix with the air. On a top note, the filtering quality of this vacuum is testified by ASTM F1977.

Like another shark vacuum, it also contains all the signature features like upright mode for powerful traditional cleaning, lift-away mode to clean the stairs & overhead stuff. The brush roll shutoff button is there to prevent damage of the floor when switching from carpet to hard floors.

XL dust cup capacity

Although this shark navigator is a bagless vacuum, to prevent the interruption during cleaning, it comes with a 2.2 quarts dust cap that can hold up the maximum messes.


  • Reasonably light in weight so you will be able to handle it easily.
  • It is made with quality materials, so no need to worry about the durability.
  • The particle does not get stuck to the bin.


  • It doesn’t come with LED lights like another shark vacuum, so you may find difficulty in cleaning the darker corner.

5. Best Robot Vacuum: Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV871

If you want a mild & quiet cleaner that is capable of doing unattended cleaning on your voice command at any time, then place your order for this Shark ION Robert vacuum without any further thinking.

Thissmart device features a Tri-Brush System that includes a side brush, channel brush, and a multi-surface brush roll. With these, it picks up trash from all the surfaces. Next, its high suction power is worth mentioning as it sucks away everything without damaging the floor.

On top of that, this smart assistant can sense stairs or projectile surfaces. Thus, it can avoid those places & even prevent sudden fall from heights.

Unattended cleaning

Still, the main attention span centering on the unattended cleaning.

For doing that, you can pre-set a schedule for cleaning at a particular time. You can also pass your command via the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant app. Lastly, it offers you 90 minutes full battery support, which is more than enough to cover a big space.


  • You can prevent it from going to clean a specific area by placing magnetic tapes.
  • It has a cliff sensor to prevent falls from height.
  • Offers a 1-year warranty.


  • You must need to connect this device with Wi-Fi for unattended cleaning.
  • It cleans up things randomly, so some messes may be left unclean.

Buying Guide for the Best Shark Vacuums

Do you want to bring the best vacuum without trying your fortune? In the following, we try to give you some insights that people often overlook while shopping for any vacuum.

Filter type

This is one of the crucial factors to consider while bringing the best vacuum. The better quality filter you bring, the better performance it will get you rid away from the allergens. In this context, a vacuum having a HEPA filter is worth investing in.

Bag vs Bagless

Both types contain some pluses & minuses. Like, vacuums come with bags that have some plus points, including preventing the dust from winding back to the room/floor, keeps the dust entirely away from the person who is cleaning, holding capacity is more than the bagless. But, they are not at all eco-friendly.

With a bagless vacuum, you need not get worried about changing the bag frequently. When you get to know the bin is filled with dirt-that takes a lot of time, you can easily empty them, sounds great?  Moreover, this type is eco-friendly & comes at a lower price.

Corded vs Cordless

The corded vacuum has better suction power than the cordless. Because the corded vacuum uses electricity. On the flip side, the cordless vacuum uses battery power for suction action, so it may not pick up the things as most of them come with a short battery span. But, vacuum having lithium batteries can short out this issue.

Overall, a corded vacuum is considered as an ideal deal for cleaning carpets. But, if mortality is your priority, then consider a cordless vacuum is all you need.

Sucking Ability

The cleaner that you want to buy should be equipped with maximum sucking ability, for which you can capture heaps of dust or other particles in a breeze. If your house is packed with both hard floors and carpets, then definitely, you have to go with a vacuum with massive sucking ability.

Shark APEX AZ1002 could be the best option in that case since it is compatible with both hard floors and carpets.

Compact and Lightweight

For better maneuverability, the tool that you want to use should be compact and loaded with a moderate weight. Otherwise, it will be so irritating to clean up your entire house. You can pick out the SharkNinja HV382, which weighs only 9.9 pounds that will be pretty much easy to hold for hours and hours.


We all know that a poor-quality motor cannot take heavy pressures. So, you won’t get your desired result from your product if your vacuum is included with a weaker motor. This is why we suggest you select the one that offers heavy-duty motor. The range of amperage should be at least 4.0 amp.

Features and Technologies

Thankfully, shark vacuums pack lots of unique features that offer you to get the best result with ease. If you are someone who needs to clean both carpets and hard floors, then consider choosing a vacuum with the DuoClean feature.

Besides, it will be an advantage if you select the one with a lift-away feature, which will help you to detach the canister in order to enter into the difficult-to-reach areas.

There are many more features that might facilitate your cleaning task, including an anti-allergen system, HEPA filter, XL-sized canister, dual brush or tri-brush, wireless remote, etc.

LED lights

Even though this is not the most necessary feature, however, it will help you to get a better view while you are cleaning up in dark areas. So if you consider it as a need, then Shark NV752 won’t disappoint you at all, guess why? The credit goes to its two-sided LED lights.


These are some of the most significant tools which help you to reach out to the tight spaces. All our enlisted vacuum cleaners come with those attachments, so you don’t need to waste your time checking them out.

Shark True Pet vs Shark Apex

These two types are almost similar in most cases. Both of these are loaded with power, LED lights, swivel head, lift away feature, and a couple of unique things. Just the weight of Shark Apex appears a bit heavy as compared with the Shark True Pet. In a word, both can be a better choice to clean up your entire house.

Shark Apex vs Navigator

Whether you go with shark apex or shark navigator both comprises hands-on features including bagless, swivel head, HEPA filter, brush roll controls, Zero-M technology.

Apart from these, while the shark apex offers you longer cord, LED headlights, Motorized Pet Tool, both hard &soft DuoClean brushrolls, the navigator comes with a larger dust bin & regular brush roll.

Another noteworthy difference we find is these two is shark apex demands more price than the navigator.

Shark ApexNavigator
Compatible with both hard floors and carpetsBetter to use in carpets
11.3 amp motor10.0 amp motor
LED lights
17.1 pounds of weight13.7 pounds of weight
Lift-away feature
Anti-allergen systemAnti-allergen system

Must have Features on the Best Shark Vacuum for Thick Carpet

As soon as you or sometimes your guest enters your home, the center of attraction always hangs around the clean, soft, luxurious carpet, doesn’t it? But, in our tight schedule, it is challenging to maintain that manually. Besides, you can’t consider the same vacuum for all types of carpet.

But, no more worries! Before keeping your hands on any of the vacuum, go through the following tips….

  • Vacuum having high suction power may ruin your thick carpet, considering a gentle suction powered vacuum is all you need to do.
  • Dust often gets stuck to the thick carpet, so you should bring an air filter containing a vacuum as they are strong enough to pull out the stubborn dust.
  • The vacuum should contain bigger wheels else it may get stuck while vacuuming.
  • Don’t bring a vacuum with brushes or switch off them during cleaning else it may damage the floor.

Must have Features on the Best Shark Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

“High pile carpet” refers to those specially built carpets that contain taller & looser fabrics. This is why you need to think differently when it comes to bringing the best piece for your high pile carpet else; the fiber will damage due to getting tangled with the cleaner.

Tips for troubleshooting the issue are given in the followings:

  • You should check whether your cleaner features the adjustable vent system or not, as it helps to drag the vacuum smoothly in a high pile carpet.
  • HEPA filter facility.
  • Roller brush should be a gentle kind else it may ruin the fiber.

Must have Features on the Best shark vacuum for pet hair

Things go pretty same when you want to prioritize the vacuum in terms of cleaning the pet hair. Like,

  • You shouldn’t only judge on removing the hair; instead you need to check the overall performance includes cleaning heavy to light debris or how it is reacting while moving from carpet to hard floors?
  • During picking up the hairs, is it getting clogged or able to manage the thing? A Vacuum that comes with an upholstery tool is worth investing in, as it adds extra capabilities to the stuff to deal with clogs.


Does Shark Better than Dyson?

To be honest, both of these types have some pros and cons. But when we talk about comparison, the vacuum from Shark stands out.

An upright Shark vacuum (e.g. Shark navigator) includes moderate weight, average bin capacity, and maximum suction power. A Dyson ball, on the other side, equip heavyweight, low bin capacity, and average suction power. See, now which seems the best vacuum?

How do you use a shark vacuum on the carpet?

You need to adjust the height following the appropriate length of the carpet. Then tap the start button keeping it on the carpet. Slope the handle backward and forward to spin the brush roll slowly and clean the carpet.

Do Shark vacuums have carpet height adjustment?

Yes, they have height adjustment nozzles, and the nozzles can be adjusted to different heights.

Do Shark vacuums ruin carpet?

If you don’t use the vacuums carefully, it can ruin your carpet. When you use a beater bar with a rotating brush several times, it pulls and stretches the fibers of your carpet and ruins it slowly.

Should I vacuum my carpet every day?

You don’t need to vacuum your carpet every single day to keep it clean. Experts suggest cleaning your carpet with vacuums twice a week.

Do Shark vacuums scratch hardwood floors?

Nope, even shark vacuums are one of the best options that provide no scratches on hardwood floors. This particular brand requires less maintenance, ease of use, and friendly with both carpets and hardwood floors.

Parting words

Finally, we come to the end of our review on the “best shark vacuum for carpet”. Hopefully, we can meet you with your desired one. Still, if you get a bit confused, then don’t be. As we introduced you with the best overall vacuum -Shark APEX, you can rely on it blindly.

Besides, both Shark HV382 & Shark Rotator TruePet are the hands-on pieces for every pet owner. If you want a cheaper yet good one, then the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is a good option for you. Perhaps! It is needless to say about the Shark ION robot vacuum, as it is all the best ones.

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