Top 10 Best Steam Cleaner for Bed Bugs in the Market 2023

“Nothing can be worth of a sound sleep”

And, a clear bed is important to have proper sleep. Maybe you have a few options to make your bed dust free. But how many options you have to make it bugs free? Moreover, Bugs are spread so many types of skin diseases. In that case, use a stream bug cleaner can be convenient for you to remove bugs from the bed. Maybe hundreds of company produce steam bug cleaner. But not all the company will ensure the quality.

Such type of problem was happening with me in the past. Then I started to monitor most of the products of the market. Here you are in the right place where you are going to feature 10 best steam cleaner for bed bugs in the current market. All the features and informative buying guide will help you in the long run.

Best Steam Cleaner for Bed Bugs


What is The Best Steam Cleaner for Bed Bugs for You

How to choose the best steam cleaner for bed bugs? What features do you need to look for? All you have to do is choose the one that will best meet your needs.

  1. Best Overall: Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steamer
    “People who want a steam bug cleaner in budget range Dupray Neat is perfect for them. Besides cleaning and sanitizing it will restore the fresh smell of your bed or floor.”
  2. Best Heavy Duty Steamer: McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner
    “With each unit of McCulloch MC1275, you will have 18 items of accessories for mopping and steaming. There it will have 2 sets of microfiber and scrubbing pad which you can use for cleaning bugs from the bed.  Its 15.5 feet power cord and 9 feet long steam hose will give you more flexibility.”
  3. Most Water and Steam Capacity: Pure Enrichment PureClean
    “Its high psi steam pressure will kill all types of bug, insect even 99% germs from your bed, sofa, pillow, and curtain. Not only that, it has 18 pieces of attachment set to clean both indoor and outdoor floors, tiles, furniture, stain, and other things.”
  4. Best Bed Vacuum: Housmile 804 Bed Vacuum
    “The total setup of the Housmile Cleaner designed more lightweight. Its 2.50kg physical construction makes it handy. Because of its portability and inside rechargeable power source, you can use it anywhere without the burden of the power cord.”
  5. Lightweight Steam Cleaner: Steamfast SF-370WH Canister Cleaner
    “All types of mopping and cleaning equipment will give. Different types of brush and cleaner will make easy the mopping on this. Besides that, you will have a pair of microfiber pad that you can use for either mopping or steam on to cleaning bugs.”
  6. Most Powerful Handheld Steam Cleaner: Bissell Handheld Pressurized Cleaner
    “So if you need a steam cleaner to use collaterally indoor and outdoor, like inside of the car, then you can take Bissell Steamer. Each unit of this device, you will head compact-able cleaning equipment to clean to both indoor and outdoor.”
  7. Best Hepa Bed Vacuum: Dibea 15Kpa Corded Handheld Bed Vacuum
    “If you want to have a perfect cleaner to clean your bedbug, but don’t want to take the burden of liquid filling, then you can get Dibea 15Kpa without any doubt. Its UV Quartz technology will kill 99% of your desire thing and suck inside.”
  8. Value for the Money: Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner
    “People who want more heat generation and more workable cleaner then Vapamore MR-100 can be ideal for you. It’s highly efficient functionalities are used to commercially kill bedbugs, harmful germs. Even floor cleaning, remove stains of furniture can makes easier by using this.”
  9. Best Spot Cleaner: Bissell 3624 SpotClean Portable Cleaner
    “No matter how long your bed, carpet or area rugs will be, its 22 feet long power cord and 5 feet long hose will cover all the things. Bissell 3624 SpotClean is such a type of cleaning steam device that you can get for both for cleaning and mopping.”
  10. Best Multi-feature Steam Cleaner: Wagner Spraytech On-Demand Steam Cleaner
    “Heavy warm and pressurize steam will works till 45 minutes at least in a fully-loaded water container. A light indicator is given with the device that indicates the current temperature of the water is now ready to use.”

Top 10 Best Steam Cleaner for Bed Bugs in 2023

1. Best Overall: Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steamer

In the budget range, Dupray Neat is a minimalistic and lite cleaner. At the time of full heating, its liquid temperature can turn to 135°C or more easily. That’s why this is better to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, germs, bedbugs and other unexpected things from the bed.
Dupray Neat Heavy Duty

As liquid of steam, it needs water on it which can perform 50 minutes long. No chemical or unexpected use. The most attractive part of this steam cleaner is you can clean your floor and other surfaces besides the bed. You just need to cover its streaming end by the towel. No need to use pads or other things. Moreover, the company will give a two-year service warranty.

  • The minimalistic design and easy functionality
  • Lightweight but durable build quality
  • All important attachment is given with it
  • Need less time to become warm the water to start cleaning
  • No remaining water indicator
  • Few of brush  attachment is pretty similar

2. Best Heavy Duty Steamer: McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

A few of company offer steam cleaner with a jet nozzle. McCulloch MC1275 is such of the cleaning device that you can take to use in the home in a limited budget. Its compact design will give you the freedom to use it as a steam mop or bed bug cleaner.
McCulloch MC1275

Its in-build 45-ounce water container can contain water for 45-minute service. But the interesting thing is you can use it for exactly 45 minutes without any waste. Because it has a trigger button that can lock that you can use when you need it. While steaming it creates 43 psi pressure with extreme heat. That is enough to kill germs, bed bugs and remove the unexpected mole.

  • It Has lock and trigger option to keep away from wasting
  • Long power cord and hose
  • Equipment and microfiber pad is given with that.
  • Fast heating time and higher pressure giving
  • On various parts of this cleaner, few cheap builds detected

3. Most Water and Steam Capacity: Pure Enrichment PureClean

For heavy-duty need, Pure Enrichment is the best bed bug steam cleaner. Its minimalistic design will draw your attention easily. Because it is 7.05 kg in weight, it has a couple of wheel to move anywhere. Even it has hand carry opportunity on its top. It can contain 1.5-liter water to generate steam which can give service up to 45 minutes easily.
Pure Enrichment

There you will have 16 feet long power cord with it to cover steaming all the surface. Moreover to management the cord, there is a built-in cord wrap system. It cleans grease, mold, sticky, stain and bugs too by its high-pressure water stream, not using chemicals.

  • Temperature rise faster
  • Generate high pressure of steam
  • All the attachment is added
  • Can use on any surface for moping and cleaning bugs
  • 8 year-long warranty period
  • Does not have remaining water level indicator
  • Not availability of usable functionality (only on/off button)

4. Best Bed Vacuum: Housmile 804 Bed Vacuum

People who want to avoid the liquid refilling burden, but want something more productive, Housmile Cleaner is for those people. Its updated technology release itself from water streaming and hose connection and other. Rather it is such type of device that you can carry on your hand.

To cleaning it have used Advanced HEPA filter. It can kill bugs to 0.3 microns germs which are 99.9% cleaning. It has 253.7 nm UV Tube which increases 20% more cleaning rate from the deep of the bed, pillow, mattress, carpet or blanket. At the same time, it is working as the vacuum cleaner. Its 6000 Cycle/Min suction rate is handheld and suck all the unexpected things.

  • Cleaning and sucking at the same time
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • 253.7nm UV Tube gives 20% more advantage to cleaning
  • Internal storage to store after sucking
  • No ado to refill water to make steam
  • Have control functionality
  • Only 200ml dust storage capacity
  • Does not have the feature to clean stain or sticky

5. Lightweight Steam Cleaner: Steamfast SF-370WH Canister Cleaner

In the budget range, Steamfast SF-370WH will give you high-pressure steam cleaning. This will take away all the bugs, insects, germs from your bed. Because of high pressure, it will not only clean but also remove odor and restore the fresh smell again.
Steamfast SF-370WH

In a water tank it can contain 1.2-liter water it is inside to make steam. After a complete refill, it can perform 45 minutes long without any wasting. To give break during use, there is a trigger button that you can release. To become heat up to 200º F it does not need more than 15 minutes.

  • Large water storage to generate steam
  • Quick heating and pressurized steam cleaning
  • 15 different types of attachment with a year warranty.
  • Lightweight and long cord
  • Not that much issue found, but it was important to add a water level indicator

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6. Most Powerful Handheld Steam Cleaner: Bissell Handheld Pressurized Cleaner

As an efficient and portable steam cleaner for the bed bug, Bissell Steamer is an icon. This is handy in size and easy to portable, where it has only 2 KG weight.

After connecting it to heat up the water, it needs a 5-minute maximum to prepare. The steam controller and the trigger are available on this device. Full natural way to generate stream to kill bugs, clean stain, remove sticky. Even it does not need to use chemicals on it.

  • Portable design for personal use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Steam controller and trigger available
  • Need less time to prepare for steaming
  • Small power cord, not rechargeable
  • Not preferable for professional cleaning

7. Best Hepa Bed Vacuum: Dibea 15Kpa Corded Handheld Bed Vacuum

Another best cleaner for bed bugs and germs is Dibea 15Kpa. This does not use steam or vapor for killing bugs. For cleaning purpose it usesUV Quartz Sterilization technology. This is useful for cleaning the bed, pillow, and mattress. But this is not suitable for cleaning stain, sticky or other.
Dibea 15Kpa Powerful Cleaner

To kill unexpected insects or germs there is a 253.7nm UV quartz tube which is too useful. On the other hand, this will ensure human skin protection by its auto on/off technology. While the UV end of the cleaner turns up to 30 degrees, it will get off from its own. On another hand to operate the powerful suction system, it has a powerful motor inside. More than 6000 spins per minute will give you the best sucking experience.

  • 500ml large dust container
  • Automatic human safety system
  • HEPA filter inside
  • 253.7nm UV quartz tube
  • ·15 feet long power cord
  • Not perfect for cleaning stuck or stain

8. Value for the Money: Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

It maybe looks Vapamore MR-100 a classic design. But this is the most durable steam cleaner in the market right now. Not only the steam generator device, but also all the accessories are added. Pressurize up to 220° steam can perform 60 minutes long. Water container builds by a stainless steel boiler which hasa 1.6-liter capacity. Because of the metal boiler, its temperature transforms to hot faster.
Vapamore MR-100

  • 100% safe and chemical-free
  • Long power cord, and safety protection from children
  • One year warranty of steam, lifetime warranty of boiler
  • All the important equipment are added, and ensure durability
  • Pretty expensive than other steam

9. Best Spot Cleaner: Bissell 3624 SpotClean Portable Cleaner

The first thing will blow your mind is, its design. The Bissell 3624 SpotClean is one of the good looking seam bedbug cleaners. Generally, this device is used for steam mopping. Besides mopping it generates high pressure too much hot steam, which is used to killed unexpected bedbugs, insects and other germs like the virus, bacteria.
Bissell 3624 SpotClean

Its container capacity is 2.84 liter which will give you a heavy performance. To make the deal more Reliable, you will have 2 years of warranty with per unit.

  • Attractive design
  • Long power cord and hose
  • Portable design to use anywhere
  • Large water containing capacity
  • Pretty heavy and bulky
  • Few of units are generate noise

10. Best Multi-feature Steam Cleaner: Wagner Spraytech On-Demand Steam Cleaner

For commercial use, Wagner Spraytech is one of the best bedbug cleaners in the budget. To raise the temperature from normal to 212°F this cleaner will take only 5-6 minute which is impressive and time savings as well as. On another hand, it can use as the floor/furniture cleaning, removing odor from mattress besides cleaning bed bugs.
Wagner Spraytech

During cleaning it make 48 oz. pressure on the steam. You can add a preferable attachment with the steam and start cleaning. All the important attachments will be given with each unit.

  • Lightweight, durable and powerful design
  • Faster temperature transformation
  • Both of steaming and mopping attachment are given.
  • The water container is not that large then the expectation
  • The first 30 seconds does not come pure steam. It sprays hot water.

Buying Guide to select preferable steam cleaner for bed bug

Because of the seductive advertising of all individual companies, it becomes pretty hard to sort out the best company. To choose the best steamers for bed bugs for your home you need to check all the common features that stream cleaner should have.

Steam cleaner buying guide

  • The first thing you need to check liquid containing and heating capacity. For heavy beds cleaning, it needs the ability to contain more liquid. At the same time the more it can generate heat, the more bug it will clean.
  • How long time steam cleaner will take to transform the temperature of water zero to heights, is important. Unless it will waste your time to become ready to use.
  • Physical construction is a huge thing that mentions how durable the cleaner will be. Don’t forget to check the construction of both the device and other equipment.
  • It is also important to ensure that all the important features and attachments will give with the cleaner. Unless it will pretty hard to find compactable.
  • Lastly, ensure it hasa large cord and hose. Otherwise, it will not perform fora long distance. Even without long hose, it will be pretty hard to steam clean on a large bed.

Check the availability of all the features. Here we give an easy checklist for you that may help you as the perfect buying guide.

Different individuals have different needs. In order to that different need, people may give the most priority to any of durability, workability, budget-friendly or other feature.  All the different steam cleaner for bed bugs we present here, those are selected from the best thing of different priority. I believe, your wise observation is enough to find-out the best steam bed bug cleaner for you from the list. Have a bug free bed to sleep.

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