Top 5 Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner in 2021 – Carpet, Tile, Hardwood All in One

Steam cleaning is quite familiar for its excellent ability to sanitize the floor. With this cleaning method, you don’t require to use any harsh chemicals to wash out debris, dust, and dirt. At the same time, steaming can kill 100% of germs and bacteria. But you can enjoy all these benefits if the steam cleaner you use is compatible with your floor type.

Fortunately, most of the steam vacuum cleaners on the market now come with multi-surface cleaning technology. It means they work with every floor type, including hardwood, carpet, floor mat, rug, etc.

Based on multi-surface cleaning compatibility, suction power, tank capacity, and other features, we have listed the best steam vacuum cleaner.

Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner

What is the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner for You?

The best steam vacuum cleaner is the one that offers a great combination of features and performance. The following list covers some of the top-rated vacuums available today, which will help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: BISSELL Crosswave Wet Dry Vacuum
    “One of the best selling points of this stuff is its two-tank technology because it ensures that you always get a fresh mix formula to clean the surfaces. So, without any further thinking, give this amazing product a go now.”
  • Best Budget: Shark VM252 VAC-MOP Pro Cordless
    “It is suitable for those who have a small apartment to clean because their battery life is 15 minutes only. Besides, this one is also a great pick for the people looking for a zero maintenance product.”
  • Best for Sanitizing: Bissell PowerFresh Vac & Steam Cleaner
    “Overall consideration, it is a speed demon that cleans up every nook & cranny fast. So, If you have a good budget & want to bring a sturdy model, then give it a go.”
  • Best Robot Steam Vacuum: Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner
    “Roborock S5 Robotic Vac is for those who don’t like to do manual work and get bored by moving a traditional vac around the home.”
  • Best for Pet Hair: Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop
    “It will be a great choice for those who have allergies to touch the dirt and want to keep the hand free from dust.”

Top Rated Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner in 2021

1. Best Overall: BISSELL Crosswave Wet Dry Vacuum

If you own a pet or feel a bit clumsy to clean away mud, dust from your home, then considering the normal cleaner may not solve your issue. Perhaps! You are thinking of buying multiple tools to pave the way for tidying.

Alright then, thanks to Bissell for making efforts to craft this all in one wet-dry vacuum & making the cleaning process like a breeze. After assembling this model, you will get to see two tangle-free brush rolls, two 8 oz. PET Multi-Surface Formulas, and a Docking Tray.

This Microfiber and nylon brush roll frees you from the hassle of carrying away a mop & bucket. Besides, this device swivel head is another noteworthy feature because it lets you run your cleaning operation underneath the furniture & beds.

Two-Tank Technology

Whether you own a pet or not, you should purchase this groundbreaking device for its high-end two-tank technology. Since you vacuum & wash at the same time with this device’s help, there is a possibility of mixing up the wastewater with a cleaning solution. Makers counteract this issue with the help of these two separate tanks.


  • Suitable for all types of floors.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • On-Demand Formula Trigger feature lets you use the solution precisely.


  • It fails to show that much efficiency in cleaning grout.

2. Best Budget: Shark VM252 VAC-MOP Pro Cordless

Our next pick is the shark vac-mop innovation that makes headway in the market to meet your ultimate convenience. The first differencing point between this one & our top-ranked device is; the shark is cordless while the Bissell is corded.

Due to power source variation, the shark may provide less suction time & power than the Crosswave vacuum. Still, this same point could be a USP for your case since it lets you carry out the device everywhere without the hassle of being stuck.

Besides, it features a spray mop to break down the dry dust debris, lock them away & then absorb the spillage leaving zero spots. On top of that, this stuff frees you from the hassle of touching dirty pads—all you need to click a switch located below to toss the pad.

Disposable pads + cleaning solution

Two Disposable pads are the secret weapon of this device. When you turn on the suction function, a stiff plastic frame that is part of the pads will open a bag to hold debris. However, it would be best to switch on the spray mop function to take care of sticky spills and splotches.


  • Lightweight & easily portable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It comes with LED light to find out the debris in the dark area.


  • You may find it difficult to change the pads for a new cleaning session.

3. Best for Sanitizing: Bissell PowerFresh Vac & Steam Cleaner

At number 3, we bring another top-grade product from the Bissell brand. The only reason to place it inferior from the other two is this bot is a bit pricey. Right off the bat, we will outline some amazing features of this vac-steam.

As the name implies, this cleaner vacuum catches up solid dust particles, then steam mops the floor, & thereby leaves a gentle scent behind. For enjoying these amazing breeze, you just need to insert a disc on the mop pad & it may spread a great fragrance during the steam cleaning.

Another out of the box feature we get to see in this product is that this one sucks away the grimes and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria & germs with natural power. If you want to skip vacuum & steam simultaneously, then use the “Easy Touch Digital Controls” to customize the settings.

Dry Tank Technology

The huge selling credit of this machine should go to its ” Dry tank technology.”However, the strong cyclone vacuum keeps moisture out and frees the floor from dirt and debris. So, the waste remains in the dry form inside the tank & ensures effective steaming of the floors.


  • Suitable for all floor types.
  • Comes additional accessories to add versatility.
  • A detachable mop pad tray makes the cleaning more effortless.


  • You may find this one a bit noisy.

4. Best Robot Steam Vacuum: Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

If you don’t like to clean up the floor with a traditional Vac by walking around the home, then Roborock S5 Robotic Vac is what you are looking for.

It’s a mini cleaning VacMop robot that comes with smart technology to map your home, define the cleaning route and schedule.

Besides the self-cleaning technology, this robot comes with 2000pa suction and a multi-mode system. In return, you can vacuum up all types of floors with ultimate cleaning efficiency.

Therefore, the 5200mAh battery capacity gives you 150 minutes of continuous running time to cover multi-room by charging one time.

LDS Smart Navigation

LDS smart navigation is the key feature of this robot that leads us to rank it at 4.

A laser range sensor helps to collect information about each room by scanning and send it to an algorithm known as SLAM. In this way, it generates a real-time map of your home.

Based on the map, this robotic vac will enumerate the best route to clean your room comprehensively. Whether there are any obstacles or not, it comes with anti-collision sensors to detect them.

The drawback of this robotic vac is its app by which you control it. The app requires unreasonable permission that bothers you a lot.


  • Clean up rooms automatically for you
  • Compatible with every floor type


  • The app requires unreasonable permission

5. Best for Pet Hair: Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop is the last on the row. The only reason that leads us to put it down at number 5 is- it becomes useless when the mop gets wet.

Aside from the issue, it has come with several excellent features. Like the top-rated mop on the market, this vac also included Dry-Tank technology, odor eliminating scent discs, and disposable mop pads.

Therefore, this vac is compatible with every floor type and lets you clean dust efficiently.

Drop It-tank Emptying System

The drop It-tank emptying system is the most promising feature of this steam vac. It keeps you away from reaching the dirt and lets you empty the dirt tank effortlessly.

Besides, the disposable pads help you to suck away the pet messes after cleaning.

Dry Tank technology is another premium feature of this vac that keeps the dirty tank moisture out. At the same time, it keeps away dirt and debris from the floor.

The drawback of this vac is it loses suction power when the mop cleaner gets wet.

The easier way to tackle this issue is- set the steam low.


  • Keeps your hand free from dirt
  • Suitable for every floor type
  • Offer efficient cleaning


  • Lose suction power when gets wet

Bissell Crosswave vs. Bissell Symphony Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Crosswave and Symphony are two popular series of steam vacuum cleaners that come from Bissell. Both of the two vac cleaners come with premium features and cleaning efficiency. But when it comes to choosing the best one between these two, I always recommend Crosswave.

Here why I pick Crosswave over Symphony:

Though both of the series are powered by electricity, Crosswave provides more suction and airflow.

The power rating of Crosswave is 4.4 amp, while its counterpart comes with 3.3 amp. It means Bissell Crosswave offers more efficient cleaning to wash out debris, dirt, and dust decently.

Both of the two steam vac cleaners offer multi-surface cleaning (vacuum pet hair and wash floor). But Crosswave comes with a specialized pet cleaning solution. Bissell Crosswave comes with a pet hair strainer that separates pet hair and other dust from liquid and thoroughly lets you clean them.

Two-tank technology is one of the best features of the Crosswave. It keeps the clean and dirty water separate and lets you clean your floor with fresh water.

The only drawback of Bissell Crosswave compared to Symphony is the Dry-tank technology. Otherwise, Bissell Crosswave is superior to the Bissell Symphony.

So, I recommend you to pick Bissell Crosswave over Symphony for its better cleaning efficiency and performance.

Bissell vs. Shark vacuum mop

Bissell and Shark are two well-known brands for offering steam vacuum and mop. Both of the two brands offer excellent steam vacuums with great suction power, durability, portability, and usability. But when it comes to picking the best one, it will be very challenging to decide.

Indeed, both of the two brands offer higher-efficient steam mop than others in the market. So, we are not going to compare each of the brands with one another.

What we are going to do is just highlight the features and beneficial parts of each of them. Then, we let you decide which one you are going to pick.

So, here we go.

Suction power is the most crucial feature that indicates how efficiently a vacuum can clean up the dust. In terms of suction power, Shark is the winner here as it never loses suction technology that continuously provides strong suction. Though Bissell vacuum mop offers enough strong suction, we are concerned about its consistency.

For handling pet hair, Bissell is the best steam vacuum cleaner. The mop of this brand comes with a pet hair strainer and pet brush rolls. However, Shark has many dedicated steam mops to clean up pet hair. But in reality, it can’t beat Bissell.

Also, the price of Bissell is comparatively lower than Shark. So, it might be an excellent choice for those who are on a budget.

In case of warranty duration, canister capacity, and motor amps, Shark will be the best.

Now, it’s your turn which one you are going to pick.

Buying Guide for the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner


The steam vacuum cleaner you are going to buy is multi-factional or not matters a lot. Here multi-factional means a steam cleaner that lets you vacuum and wash your floor at the same time. This machine type can clean up both wet & dry messes like food spills and pet hair efficiently.

In this case, choosing between BISSELL 2306A and BISSELL 2747A might be a great choice as they come with both vacuum & wash mode.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

A wet-dry vacuum cleaner that is compatible with every floor type is always a plus. Most of the versatile vac cleaners on the market can clean all floors, including carpeted floor, wood floor, floor mat carpet, and so on.

We recommend you to buy BISSELL 2306A as it is the most versatile vac on this list that works with every floor type.

Tank Capacity

How much pressure a steam cleaner will produce also depends on its tank capacity. The larger the capacity, the more pressure it will generate. And the pressure of a vac directly relates to its cleaning ability.

A steam cleaner with a 28-ounce water capacity and 14.5-ounce dark tank will be ideal for generating enough airflow to scrub a floor.

Suction Power

Efficient cleaning operation mostly relies on the suction power of a vacuum. The stronger the suction and airflow, the more efficiently a vacuum can tidy up debris, dust, and dirt.

Both Roborock and BISSELL 2304A vac on our list offer powerful suction and air pressure for optimum vacuuming and washing.

Touch Digital Control

Touch digital control is an additional feature of a steam vac cleaner you should consider. A vac that comes with digital control lets you set the machine to vacuum or wash mode easily for convenient use. Besides, you can apply the pressure depending on the floor type for thorough cleaning.

Bissell 2747A will be your go-to vac if you look for a vac that comes with digital touch control.

Battery Life

Battery Life is the most crucial feature you should consider if you opt for a cordless vac. How long you can run the cleaning operation continuously mostly depends on the battery of the vac. In this case, choosing the Roborock s5 will be the best selection as it comes with a 240v battery and 150 minutes of running time.

Lightweight & Portability

We recommend you to choose a steam vacuum cleaner that is lightweight & portable. A movable vac lets you lug it around your home and clean every corner of your home efficiently. Most of the vacs on this list are lightweight & portable. So, you can choose any of them from there.

Corded Vs. Cordless

A corded vacuum is designed to provide more power for ensuring optimum cleaning.

On the other hand, a cordless vacuum is best for its portability. Though the corded vacuum offers more suction power, they are tricky to move around.

If you choose a corded vacuum, we recommend choosing a Vac that comes with a long cord. In this case, Bissell 2306A might be a great choice. It comes with a 25-feet long cord that is enough to clean a large room.

What is the best steam vacuum cleaner for carpet, and how its work?

Remarkably, the multi-surface cleaning ability is one of the best features of a vacuum. It means you should choose a vac that is compatible with every floor type like carpet and hardwood floors.

When it comes to cleaning a carpeted floor, Bissell Crosswave is the best option. The Bissell Crosswave comes with better suction power, two-tank technology, and importantly multi-surface cleaning efficiency. This steam vacuum cleaner comes with dual cleaning mode- Hardwood and Rug/Carpet. To clean up a rug or carpeted areas, you need to tweak the RUG cleaning mode by pressing on the Rug button.

Still, don’t know how to use it to tidy up your carpeted floor? Then, follow the below step by step guide.

Firstly, plug the electric cord into a secure, grounded outlet.

Secondly, to wash a rug or carpeted area, set the dual cleaning mod to Rug mode. As you want to clean up a carpeted floor, turn the machine on by pressing the RUG button.

To start brush roll spinning, you need to recline its body backward.

Thirdly, before beginning the cleaning workflow, hold the solution spray trigger for 10 seconds to set it to a cleaning solution.

Finally, start cleaning by holding the solution spray trigger and passing it forward and backward.

What is the best steam vacuum cleaner for Hardwood Floors, and how its work?

Bissell Crosswave is the top-rated steam vacuum cleaner on the market for hardwood floors. The multi-surface cleaning option of this vac makes it the ideal choice for everyone to clean sealed hardwood floor, carpet, rug, and other floor types.

Therefore, this vacuum mop is powered by electricity. It means it generates more power and features than the cordless one.

The dual cleaning mode of Bissell Crosswave lets you clean every type of floor like hardwood. For washing out the hardwood floor with it, just set the cleaning mode to the Hardwood mode.

Besides, follow the same step by step guide we mentioned above.


Can you use a steam cleaner on all surfaces?

A steam cleaner works great on any surface except for those delicate surfaces that can get damaged by the heat produced by the steam cleaner. For example, silk, thin plastic surfaces should be cleaned with anything else for preventing any damage.

Can this steam vacuum cleaner kill bed bugs?

Well, vacuum cleaners are not so good for killing bed bugs but steam cleaners work great in removing bed bugs. So this steam vacuum cleaner can be used to kill bed bugs and it is very much effective within some range of distance that is up to 2-3 into the gap of any bed.

Is steam cleaning better than mopping?

Steam cleaning is better and easier to operate than regular mopping for some reason. You don’t need to dunk the mop into the water every time in the case of a steam cleaner because you get all things settled together. Moreover, the heat from the steam cleaner can kill the bacteria and give a better-sanitized surface.

Does steam vacuum cleaning damage floors?

You already know that steam cleaner is way better than other cleaning processes for any surface. But there are some kinds of floors that can get damaged by the heat of steam cleaners. For example, when you clean a wooden floor with a steam cleaner it may damage the grout a little bit?

Do steam cleaners also vacuum?

You will get many cleaners that provide both steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning facilities together. But steam vacuum cleaners and regular vacuum cleaners are different. You can’t use a steam vacuum cleaner to vacuum your carpets every day, occasionally you can use it to properly get free of bacteria and dust.

Is Steam Vacuum Cleaner suitable for cleaning the carpets?

First off, steam cleaner can’t be a good option to clean carpets although it comprises high suction power.  Besides, if you use the steam first to clear away hair, loose/large debris, it may get clogged to the machine. Instead, you can switch on the vacuum mode to penetrate better without harming the carpet fibers.

Final Words

Multi-surface cleaning, strong suction, tank capacity, and portability are the top steam vacuum cleaner’s key features. Getting such kinds of vacs aligned with these elements is challenging to find. To make your buying decision profitable and hassle-free, we reviewed the best steam vacuum cleaner on the market. Now, upon your own preferences (like features, budget, and warranty), pick any of them from the list. Keep in mind; purchasing a steam vacuum cleaner is an investment that doesn’t only clean your floor but also keeps it free from germs.

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