Top 7 Best Vacuum for Pet Hair and Tile Floors in 2021

One of the most important things that people need to care about in their daily lives is hygiene and cleanliness. Not only of your own body but also your surroundings and places where you stay. Thus, having a good and healthy cleaning method is vital to ensure the removal of all filth.

However, for people who have pets in their family, this is a struggle in itself as they shed hair and also bring excess dirt in. Especially for people with living in houses with tiled floors, dirt and pet hair tend to get trapped in spaces between the tiles, and regular dusting does not remove it.

Hence, the best vacuum for pet hair and tile floors come in handy in this matter and keeps the house spick-and-span.

Top 7 Best Vacuum for Pet Hair and Tile Floors in 2021

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair and Tile Floors

1. Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet

Without a doubt, this is considered one of the best vacuum cleaners for tile floors and pet hair that you would come across. It works effectively on different types of floors, ranging from hardwood to tiled rooms. Not to mention, there is a finger-tip controller, which you can use to switch it into carpet mode for such areas.

Of course, another essential feature to mention here is the anti-allergen technology that traps allergen and dirt within. Furthermore, you can detach the vacuum nozzle region and use it as a hand-held in smaller areas. This lets you clean the hair plus dust from unreachable places like behind the couch or up on the windows.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet


A regular vacuum cleaner cannot reach such regions, but the Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet does that work. Also, this vacuum cleaner comes with LED technology, which helps you in the darker congested areas while cleaning. Overall, it works well in various regions and also swivels properly when needed.


  • You do not need to move furniture; it swivels accordingly
  • Everything works via the button controller near the top
  • Anti-allergen technology attacks the allergens too
  • Works on carpeted regions effectively
  • You can use it both on the floor and above for optimal cleaning


  • Corded product and you cannot clean in long distances; need to keep moving with it
  • Heavy to carry after some time
  • Not easily available everywhere

This vacuum cleaner effectively removes grime and pet hair from carpets and hard floors and works in elevated regions too. Also, you can see in the smaller and darker spaces for spotless cleaning, and you can control the features with your finger-tips.


2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal is undoubtedly a beast. Not only does it clean the different parts of the home, but it also removes bacteria and allergens. Indeed, this product is one of the best in the market due to its deep-clean technology and durable suction power.

Furthermore, it works cordless and runs for around an hour in one sitting. Of course, this varies in case you attach another part that requires more power, or you adjust the main power altogether. The cleaning divisions have a torque feature, and it digs into the carpets to take out the deep-set specks of dust.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal


As for its cleaning features, you can adjust it in three modes, and it has a wall-mounted docking system for recharging. This machine does not contain a separate bag and eliminates the filth within its body, releasing cleaner air. Dyson is a costly product. If you want to purchase a budget vaccum with the same feature than take look Dyson vs Moosoo.


  • Has harsh bristles that comb out of the stubborn particles trapped in the carpet
  • Works in different parts of the house
  • It is light to hold
  • Sucks out tiny particles
  • Easy-to-use in smaller and compact regions


  • Needs constant recharge; shuts off after an hourly use
  • Costly
  • Batteries are hard to change

It works to remove dust and pet hairs trapped in the carpeted regions as thoroughly as the hard floors. And it works on electric power, and you can use it easily in different areas of your home without issue.


3. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor

This vacuum cleaner is one of the most reliable pet hair and dirt remover with clean-air technology. Indeed, it has a dirt-cup, which is easy to clean and does not store excess particles. Not to mention, it covers a wide ground and is easily navigable in tricky areas as well, like around the chair legs.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor


Of course, the main reason behind this is the V-shaped structure of its cleaning nozzle, which simultaneously works on different particles. The outer slightly elongated tips suck out the fine particles like pet hair and such quickly. And the middle portion collects the bigger trash and grime that is is dragged in by its outer portions.

The cord that it is attached to stretches for 20 feet, which allows you to clean around the maximum area effectively. Moreover, you don’t need to work around different corners as it can easily swivel in many directions.


  • The suction area made of rubber-like squeegee material, which attracts the hair particles
  • Easy to navigate in difficult regions
  • Strong suction power
  • Disposes of the stored dirt easily
  • It is not heavy to hold


  • Needs continuous cleaning
  • Not highly durable
  • Needs dry areas to function

This product is straightforward is to use, works in different parts of the rooms, and is easily cleanable. Not to mention, the V-shape of its nozzle heads allow it to catch different types of dust in higher quantity adequately.


4. Miele Complete C3

The Miele Complete C3 is one of the best vacuum-based cleaning products in the market with great features. In fact, this machine is easy to use on different types of floors and has settings for handling them all. Not to mention, it has a self-adjusting feature, which makes it correct its own power when it is working on the carpet.

Miele Complete C3


Furthermore, you can control the power and the modes using the foot-switch on the lower part of the main machine. You can then adjust the cleaning tube around the different parts of the room for optimal cleaning. Also, the power-brush itself is automated and works in different corners of the room effectively. And it moves well and smoothly, thanks to the height level adjuster and swivel neck features.


  • Contain automatic sensors that allow it to control power depending on the surface
  • Cleans different places effectively
  • Easy to operate and adjust controls
  • Appropriate filtration
  • Not too loud and easy flexibility


  • Higher cost in the market
  • The cable is smaller
  • Takes more power

You can use it in different parts of the floor, with different settings, and you can easily adjust them accordingly. And it has an automatic feature that controls the power output based on if it is on the floor or the carpet.


5. Eureka Mighty Mite Corded

In the matter of ridding your home of dirt and pet fur, Eureka Mighty Mite Corded is one of the best available. After all, it comes with a two-bag feature that effectively stores more of the trash. Thus, it is easy to dispose of the stored dirt at a later time, and the stiff bristles weed out a lot of it.

Eureka Mighty Mite Corded


Indeed, the suction power of this machine is mighty, and you can easily use it in different parts of the house. Not to mention, the long pipe which is separate from the storage body is easy to navigate in various corners and the upholstery as well. It is very light, and you can easily carry it around and operate in small crevices.


  • Cleans a lot of regions
  • Suction power is high
  • Easy to use
  • Features are worth the cost
  • The appropriate size for easy use and storage


  • Not very durable
  • The controls have some defects

You can properly use it to clean different types of filth, from bigger particles to the most excellent dirt, and quickly dispose of the bag. Additionally, the machines work on the floors and carpets and also work on the upholstery and such using extra attachments.


6. APOSEN Cordless Vacuum

APOSEN Cordless Vacuum is one of the most reliable names. Indeed, it has a durable power that works on the different types of floors and effectively removes filth of all kinds. Moreover, it noiselessly runs in different portions of the room and even contains an LED feature for better visibility.

APOSEN Cordless Vacuum


Furthermore, it includes a wall-mounted recharging port, which gives it the power to run for around 30 minutes and so. Not to mention, these machines also contain many other features such as short-circuit feature, input current, temperature, etc., for safer recharging.


  • Not heavy to carry or use
  • Does not make an excessive sound while working
  • It has a flexible head that works in different corners and places effectively
  • catches and stores different debris elements
  • Automatically blinks indicator light and switches off power when it detects foreign particles


  • Needs proper cleaning regularly
  • Is costly for many people

This machine engages in deep cleaning different portions of the room, both carpeted and otherwise. And it is easy to handle and can work for a limited period, with a run time of half an hour or more.


7. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

When it comes to best hygiene-friendly cleaners, the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum is highly recommendable. Owing to its many features that allow users to clean different parts of the room without issues, this is possible. Not to mention, it also contains an anti-allergen technology, giving it the potential to remove allergens and other fine particles easily.

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum


But above all, this product has a self-cleaning feature as well, which simultaneously works to cleanse dirt and pet hair. Of course, this machine also comes with a detachable canister that you can use for better portability. Additionally, the vacuum mentioned above cleaner also comes equipped with dual brushes. This allows you to clean both floors and carpets, and you don’t need to attach anything extra.


  • Self-cleans while working on removing the dirt and pet hairs
  • The Zero-M feature easily excludes hair wrap without extra effort directly from the brush roll
  • Dual brushes work on both floors and carpets
  • Anti-allergen technology ensure a safer and more hygienic cleaning
  • The canister is easy to detach when you need to use is for hard-to-reach areas


  • The suction is not adjustable
  • Does not clean the edges properly
  • The lift-away feature is awkward while using and takes a lot of effort

If you are considering buying this product, the dual brush technology is a compelling selling point, as it works on different surfaces. Also, it traps the finest particles and pet hair and is easy-to-use in challenging to handle areas.

Can you vacuum your dog to get rid of fleas?

When you get a pet, having to deal with fleas comes with the territory. But unfortunately, merely dusting and wiping the floors would not completely get rid of all. And they can later come back and affect your pets again, thereby making the extra work futile.

Can you vacuum your dog to get rid of fleas

However, if you try vacuuming instead, the chances of them returning reduces by a lot, and most times, permanently. This is because the vacuum suction and bristles suck all the fleas and their eggs together when used. Not only does it take away the living fleas, but it also kills them in the process.

Therefore, this is a useful and safe way of exterminating these organisms and keeping your house immaculate. Not to mention, the air vents in the vacuum cleaners take away the outermost layers of this insect. This, in turn, cuts away their living reserves and hurts them enough not to survive properly.

After all, the fleas require a layer that stores moisture and keeps them hydrated, thereby functioning correctly. The vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, take this layer away, which causes them to shrivel up and die. Of course, it is not a full-proof process, but it does work enough to remove most of the fleas from your pets.

How often should you clean your floors when you have pets?

Generally, cleaning your house once in a while effectively removes all the dirt and debris from your home. However, certain conditions affect this, and proper cleansing requires moderating the duration as well.

If you live in an area where there is not a lot of dust, twice or thrice a week works. Not to mention, if you don’t spend enough time at your place, once a week works favorably well, as there is less dust. However, if you live with a pet, the most effective time is to do so is almost daily.

After all, pet-owners hate to deal with furs, fleas, filth, etc., and they are difficult to clean regularly. Of course, using the best vacuum is the better option in such a situation. This keeps your floors immaculate and takes out grime from the tricky areas and cracks, while simple dusting doesn’t.

However, while vacuuming every day is essential, you should also wipe the floors with a wet mop. Do so as regularly as possible and directly after vacuuming, as some dirt are difficult to remove with dry methods.

How do you control dog hair in the house?

Without a doubt, the floors of a person’s house are one of the most unclean parts of it. Despite looking clean most of the time, it contains a lot of excess dust and hair, invisible to the naked eye. While clearing the areas works momentarily, the same thing occurs the next day and continues since.

Thus, it is better to know of ways to control pet hair-fall as much as possible and reduce the cleaning stress. If you have a dog with thicker hair, the best way to handle hair-fall is to use a de-shedding comb. Consequently, you can use it while you are combing your pup’s hair every day, and simultaneously collect the loose ones too.

Not to mention, you should maintain your pet’s hair size regularly by trimming or cutting them to a manageable size. This way, they won’t shed a lot of hair every day, and vacuuming them all is easier to do. Also, their beds need regular inspection and cleaning as the excess hair can litter on the floors.

Furthermore, make sure to visit your dog’s veterinarian for suggestions and medicine to solve excess hair-fall. Of course, tile floors require a different type of cleaning procedure, and you can try a wet mop on it. Using all the diverse kinds of methods or the ones most suitable to you, you would manage to reduce hair-fall effectively.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a vacuum cleaner for tiles

If you are buying a vacuum cleaner, the type of floor on which you will use it is essential to note. After all, if you buy one that is not compatible with tiled floors, the outcome would not satisfy you. Thus, you should keep the critical factors in mind and then select accordingly.

Cleaner type

Not all the different types of vacuum cleaners work the same way on tiled floors, and the wrong one can cause damage. Therefore, choose between either a canister or upright for best cleaning.

Brush-roll control

The brush-roll of an upright cleaner works better on tiled floors, and you should keep that in consideration.

Tile type

Not all cleaners work the same on different types of tiles and would not clean properly, or cause damage. For example, glazed tiles are easier to clean as it, by its very properties, does not catch much dirt. On the other hand, you need a higher-powered filtration to clean unglazed tiles as they tend to get dirty more often.

Final word

Overall, if you are struggling with ridding your home of excessive pet hair, many vacuum cleaners cover the job expertly. Using these machines, you can clean your rooms in record time, and remove dirt without much stress or strain.

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