Best Little Giant Ladder Black Friday Deals 2021

Before Christmas, Black Friday offers a high discount on all products, which looks almost impossible. Discounts of Giant ladders aren’t any different.

Little Giant black Friday sales repeat every year where the prices can drop up to 50%. If you couldn’t fetch a giant ladder due to the price, this black Friday can change that.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a Little Giant Ladder?

Little Giants are an industry-leading ladder brand, offering good versatility and a sturdy design. With its signature rock lock adjusters feature, you can quickly alter these ladders into a different configuration. The only drawback is, the manufacturer hardly offers any discount on them.

Little Giant Ladder Black Friday Deals

However, buying a little giant ladder this Black Friday will save you a fortune. You can even get two for the price of one.

This year, the discount rate may just skyrocket because of the pandemic. Anyhow, fingers crossed.

5 best Little Giant Ladder Black Friday Deals

Our team of expert reviewers hand-picked these five best little giant ladders to buy on Black Friday deals. All of them are premium that you can get for a regular price.

1. Little Giant Ladders M22

The Little Giant M22 is a multi-position ladder with an A-frame setting. It’s lightweight and about 20 percent lighter than regular ladder brands. An easy-to-use rock lock offers fast adjustment and saves the user time.

The ladder offers an easy extension and a 90-degree staircase for climbing. For good locomotion, the ladder has tip and glide wheels. Your hands won’t feel the stress of carrying the ladder.

Weighing about 39 pounds, the ladder can hold up to 300pounds with ease. It can take you high up to 13 feet 2 inches. With such a height, you can easily replace the flood, fan, lights and even clean the fan blades.

2. Little Giant Ladders, King Kombo

The little giant ladder King Kombo offers a professional design for all hardcore ladder works. An athletic fiberglass build lets the ladder bear more than 375 pounds of weight. Then again, a 10 Ft. Extension lets you reach any corner of your home.

If you want a seamless transition between stepladder, extension, and learning ladder config, the king kombo is just for you. A rotating wall pad conforms to inside and outside corners, walls, and studs.

For stability, a side-tip with a wide-flared leg does wonders. You can also use the ladder near electric lines without getting shocked. A non-conductive Hi-Viz green fiberglass blocks any electric charge that may hurt you.

3. Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite

The Little Giant ladder flip-N-Lite is a regular US ladder with a Flip-N design. A comfortable standing platform spreads your weight evenly, giving you long-term performance. If you need it for longer use, the extra-wide rungs will prevent any foot fatigue.

With a compact size setting, the ladder is easy to transport, set up, or even takedown. In mere seconds, your ladder will reach the ceiling. Starting from 6 feet, the ladder can reach up to 10 feet 3 inches with ease.

The ladder offers a tool tray top cap to hold the screws, nuts, bolts, and so on. Due to the easy release handle, you can easily transition from its storage position to a climbing state.

4. Little Giant Ladders Step Stool

The Little Giant Step Stool literally combines safe usage, simplicity, and strength altogether. Having a lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum, the safety stool is rigid enough to go through any daily work. Turns out, you can also use the stool with one hand or open it.

If you want to store the giant ladder step stool after use, just keep it under the bed or sofa. A weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs allows the stool to hold any average American.

Additionally, the stool has tip and glide wheels for fast locomotion. So, no hand stress whatsoever. Overall, it is sturdy enough to go through any household chores.

5. Little Giant Ladders HyperLite 24′

The little giant ladder Hyperlite 24′ comes with an extension height for all industrial works. Though it looks big, the ladder is lightweight and offers a conductive fiberglass design. You can even use it for electric construction and not worry about getting shocked as well.

An integrated double pulley adjustment extends the length with the slightest hand movement. Atop the ladder, a wide rung comes in handy for increasing comfort.

In the case of ladder visibility, the Hi-Viz green works wonders. Additionally, the color aids in avoiding accidents, which is quite common during electrical works.

Is Little Giant Ladder Worth It?

Little Giant ladders are a killer in the ladder industry. The brand literally combines portability with a rigid body structure. Starting from step-up stools to electric pole ladder, Little Giant has them all. The best part is, all of them offer a safe and stable performance on the go. 

What You Need to Check(Buying Guide)

There is no denying that ladders need to be strong and rigid. We wouldn’t want any accident to happen, right? Here are the ways you can choose a little giant ladder on black Friday.

Size of the ladder

A ladder needs to be of the right size. So, choose your size wisely. If you want to do home chores like fix the bulb or clean the fan blades, try getting a ladder of 11-13 feet. 

Body weight for stability

Suppose you bought a ladder with low body weight, will it be stable enough for any work you have? Of Course not. For heavy-duty professional projects like electric pole climbing, a minimum of 30 pounds is a must. You can get a low-weight aluminum frame ladder as well if the project is home-based. 

Durability for any chores

Having a durable ladder will ensure proper usage and minimum chances of accidents. Aluminum frames are the most common these days. They are good too, but fiberglass ladders have the most durability. 

Weight capacity

Manufacturers always put the weight limit on the product description. More weight-bearing capacity means the ladder can handle more weight. Professional ladders have a weight capacity of a minimum of 375 pounds. 

Safety lock 

The safety lock feature will allow you to secure the ladder once you fold it completely. Without it, the ladder may dwindle and turn unstable at maximum height.

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Final Word

Black Friday is the time when sales bloom and prices go way down in almost all products. In the case of the Little Giant ladders, they literally come down up to 50%. If you want a ladder for home use, the Little Giant Ladders M22 will do you wonders.

For professional use, try the Little Giant Ladders HyperLite 24′, which can provide maximum stability in any heavy-duty project. 

This is all for today. If you have any questions, let us know. Have a good day.