Buy A Home Near Park – Here are The Top 10 Locations

Being an outdoor enthusiast, I understand how desirable it is to get a home near any recreational ground. These top ten locations can be an incredible getaway from the busy schedules if you purchase a home nearby.

Top 10 Locations

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Cortez, Colorado
  3. Hartland, Aldie, Virginia
  4. Holbrook, Arizona
  5. Bend, Oregon
  6. Maui, Hawaii
  7. Palm Desert, Southern California
  8. Miami, Florida
  9. Bar Harbor, Maine
  10. Sacramento, California
Buy A Home Near Park

Seattle, WA

Washington has about 140 parks which includes the Mount Rainier National Park, just 2-hours away from Seattle, a city that is home to booming industries, like- tech, food production, real estate, aviation, manufacturing companies, and many more. $725,000 is the median home price in Seattle, and this Washington city has a plethora of options for enjoying your time here.

Cortez, CO

Mesa Verde National Park, a 700 years old place in the state of Colorado, brings you the amazing opportunity to experience something historic while wandering nature. The Pueblo people built it in ancient times when they lived on the mountain cliffs. 

Even though finding an affordable classic Colorado style house is rare in Colorado, Cortez is an exception here. It is only 22 miles away from this archival place. And the average housing price here is about $235,000, which is about 49% less than the average in Colorado.

Hartland, Aldie, VA

If you prefer a place in Virginia, then Hartland can be a good option. There are available homes for sale in Hartland. The place is between Willowsford and Brambleton, just near the Hal & Berni Hanson Regional Park that acquires 257 acres of land.

The park includes seventeen lighted fields, including about 75 acres of recreational land & infrastructure. The home price is pretty low compared to other locations, only $274,850 on average.

Holbrook, AZ

Petrified Forest National Park, a 200 million years old reserved forest destroyed by volcanic lava also includes a colorful desert and Puerco Pueblo, a 100-room prehistoric building and remains of pottery fossils.

Holbrook is a nearby city, only 18 miles away from the reserved forest. Here home prices are pretty low, maybe due to Arizona’s harsh desert weather. A small-family home might cost around $145,972 on average, which is 61% lower than the state average, costing about $370,000.

Bend, OR

If you want to have both a big city and a small town feeling, then Bend is the right place for you. Bend is a town near Crater Lake, just 2-hours away. The lake is considered the deepest in the United States and it’s the only national park here in Oregon.

Walking Downtown Bend, you will see the mighty Deschutes River flowing. This family-friendly city has lots of playgrounds, parks, and hiking trails. Mount Bachelor is another attraction here. Home prices are average here, with a median value of $550,000.

Maui, HI

Hawaii is a great tourist attraction for Hawaiian culture and endangered wildlife, but it can also be a very nice place to buy a house. Another attraction is the delicious Hawaiian cuisine. Haleakalā, or the ‘House of the Sun’, is a city on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The weather remains sunny most of the time.

Biking, hiking, surfing, stargazing, watching the sunrise & sunset on the beach, and taking a helicopter tour over the island are some of the activities that you can enjoy while living here. However, the house price is pretty high, having an average of $750,000.

Palm Desert, CA

Joshua Tree National Park is a picturesque place to visit in Southern California. You will find the world’s most Joshua trees here. This park also covers some parts of the Mojave and the Colorado Desert. Enjoying the sunset, hiking, camping, rock climbing, and stargazing are some common activities that you can do. 

Californian homes are too pricey, nearly $800,000, but if you buy a home near the park in Joshua Tree town, which is just 5 miles away, then the cost reduces to $350,000, about 44% less. Palm Desert is another choice for you. The average price is around $406,000.

Miami, FL

Wanna get a ride on the Everglades wetlands? Then Miami, Florida, is the right city to live in. Everglades have diverse ecological habitats. Get an airboat ride on the Everglades water, hike through the Lone Pine Key Trail, do overnight camping, or get a bike ride; the options are endless.

For the beach-lovers, Miami is world famous for its beaches. You can visit Wynwood Walls or Keywest for a different experience. You can also visit nearby parks. Here the median home price is around $370,000.

Bar Harbor, ME

Get the coastal views of Acadia while touching the sky from Cadillac mountain, situated in the Acadia National Park. It’s popularly known as a place where the mountains touch the sea. Nature is so vibrant here. You can explore the Beehive trail, Sand Beach, Echo Lake Beach, Park Loop Road, and the Cranberry Islands. 

The downtown Bar Harbor district can be a nice place to wander around. It’s a town on Mount Desert Island. It includes huge lakes that freeze in the winter, an ideal place for skaters. The average house sale price is about $443,000.

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, the state capital of California can be a great place for you if you want to settle in California. The median house price is around $400,000. This city is nearly 3-hours drive away from Yosemite and only two hours’ drive away from Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. Yosemite National Park is famous for its diverse wildlife, waterfalls, mountain peaks, and El Capitan- a 3,000 feet vertical rock formation, great for climbers.

On weekends or holidays, these locations are great for easy outdoor access to nature. If you buy a home in one of these places, you will have the chance to visit the nearby parks more often. Therefore, decide wisely and get yours before all stocks are out. Also, consider the house price and property taxes before you make a decision.

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