Can You Use a Swiffer on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Every homeowner must wants vinyl plank floors. Vinyl plank floors are not only durable and famous but also a water-resistant solution for your home. It makes you sitting on the fence to clean them.

And in this article, we will go deep and research if cleaning with Swiffer is appropriate.

Swiffer is a standard cleaning mop that you can manage easily in stores and affordable. Besides, it is easy to use household floor cleaning line of foodstuffs. If you have the vinyl floor, you definitely have used it at least once, and even you may be using it now. But sometimes, using Swiffer on your vinyl floor makes you confused that it is safe for your vinyl plank floors?

Can You Use a Swiffer on Vinyl Plank Flooring

Why Do You Need to Use Swiffer on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Suitable for the vinyl-like delicate floor

We typically use different types of cleaners for vinyl plank flooring. So we become very choosey for the cleaner selection. But usually, we don’t even care about the cloth we used to clean the floor. So we take any available clothes or harsh towel for cleaning, but it makes the situation worse. In this situation, Swiffer(View on Amazon) can be a safe option for your floor cleaning. This is a complete cleaning solution for delicate floors like vinyl plank flooring.

It saves you from the extra hassle.

It’s more comfortable and convenient to use for your daily cleaning.

Though we all know that floor cleaning and maintenance is a very tough job but can do it effortlessly by using the Swiffer. For the regular cleaning process, you have to sweep it first and mop witty a sweep. Then it would be best if you mop it again with a dry cloth. You can never escape it, and it’s like a battle to fight every day.

But when you use a complete floor cleaner like the Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, your job will be much effortless because you will get everything in one cleaning system. So it’s quite a useful thing for your vinyl plank flooring.

Easy Cleaning

As you need to clean your floor regularly, so it creates stress on your back. You may get rid of this stress by using a Swiffer. Your spine and back will be grateful to you whenever you use this Swiffer.

How to take care of a vinyl plank floor?

Usually, we are getting worried about the maintaining fact of vinyl Plank floor. But if you know some fundamental facts about vinyl plank flooring, it will be helpful for you. So here is the tip given below.

Don’t use any steam cleaner on your vinyl floor. Though steam cleaners are top-rated nowadays, it’s not appropriate to retain the vinyl plank floor’s shine. Instead, it creates scratch marks on that floor. And avoid any knife or tools that may leave a scratch on the protective layer. Also, avoid scrubbing the top layer of the floor. You can use any soft bristle brush to clean any food spill or spot.

Now let’s talk about the mopping procession in detail

Take a gallon of warm water and mix a cup of vinegar into the water. This is the only solution that you are going to use for mopping. Now take any microfiber wet that may gentle on the floor. Sweep the whole surrounding before start mopping. After mopping each room, change the bucket water. Your luxury vinyl floor needs wet mopping a maximum of twice a week.

Stains removing

As you live in your home, it’s impossible to avoid stubborn stains on the floor. But whether you are concern about your floor’s cleanliness, it provides you a glossy and clean floor. So first of all, what you need to do is immediately to remove the spilled drink or food that has fallen into the floor. Wipe it at least once. Then use any scrub pad and added dishwashing soap with clean water. Now start to clean the area frequently, and the stains will be removed then.

Floor drying

Always give concern about the proper drying process on the floor. Don’t leave your luxury vinyl floor damp. After wet mopping, dry it immediately by opening the windows. Switch on the fan or mop the floor with a dry pad. The damp floor quickly draws dirt and dust. So try to keep your luxury vinyl floor clean and dry.

Are Swiffer wet pads safe for vinyl plank floors?

Swiffer wet pads are entirely safe for vinyl plank floors. The reason is, Swiffer wet jets are non-abrasive, so they won’t even scratch your vinyl planks. You will get a fine cleaning, and all the dirt will go away in the end.

Can you use Swiffer wetjet on luxury vinyl flooring?

Yes. Swiffer wet jets are another fine cleaner for Luxury vinyl flooring. Turns out, a wetjet gives a non-abrasive wash to your vinyl flooring. Very few cleaners offer such deep cleaning. The floorings will regain their shine once you clean them with a Swiffer wetjet.

Can you use Pine-Sol on vinyl plank flooring?

Before using pine sol on vinyl flooring, you should know how to apply it to your vinyl flooring. Pine-sol leaves a residue that may stain on the vinyl plank. However, it is a pretty good liquid; if you use it directly on the floor without mixing ΒΌ cup of water, it might cause discoloration. It has a tendency to get harsh on the area forgetting that the stain the liquid cleaner will go without any better than the dirty caused due to a dropped drink.


Unless you look forward to a fairy godmother to clean your luxury vinyl floor with her magic wand, you have only one option. That is to put an effort. Then you will see, the action you need to put in is not too excessive. You keep your luxury vinyl flooring clean and let it last for decades with sheen and sophistication.

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  1. do you have pads for my swiffer to clean my vinyl floor that I could put on the same one I use to collect dust.

  2. I have or just bought the swifter xl dry+ wet sweeping kit at walmart and the was worried if the ingredients in the wet cloths would ruin the vinyl flooring that my dad just put in my room

    1. Thanks Thomas,
      There is no problem with Swiffer xl dry+ wet sweeping kit. It is non abrasive. So, go ahead.

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