Can You Use Fabuloso On Carpets

It’s pretty common to use Fabuloso to clean the floors and kitchen surfaces. But when you want to clean the carpets, things get a little tricky. Most people don’t recommend using such rough cleaners on carpets. So, the question is – can you use Fabuloso on carpet?

You can definitely use the Fabuloso to clean the surface of the carpets because it’s effective in stain removal and leaves amazing fragrances. Start spraying on the stained areas and knead those places with a clean rag. Then, you can just wash the dirt by spraying water on the surface. But experts suggest not to use it for deep cleaning of the carpet.

Carpets don’t come at a cheap price. But don’t worry because the Fabuloso is pretty safe to use on rugs.

Can You Use Fabuloso On Carpets

Is It Appropriate To Use Fabuloso On A Carpet?

Fabuloso is mainly manufactured to clean rough surfaces like kitchen or floor areas. But it’s okay to use it to clean the dust from the carpet surface.

The product is known for its versatility because the components of Fabuloso are compatible with any surface, whether soft or hard. As long as you don’t use Fabuloso for deep cleaning the carpets, it will suit the delicate surfaces.

On top of that, Fabuloso comes in different fragrances or smells. So, whenever you use it on the carpet, you will have fresh aromas roaming around the house.  

Does Fabuloso Work Well For Cleaning Carpets?

Well, you can be assured that the Fabuloso is a good choice as a carpet cleaner when you are looking for an alternate option. That’s because it also contains lactic acid and sodium chloride that are known as cleaning agents. 

Here are some other reasons why Fabuloso is an excellent carpet cleaner:

No Color Residue

Fabuloso is available in various colored options like red, green, yellow, violet, etc. However, these colors don’t leave any residue after cleaning because of stain-free ingredients. 


You may be confused about how an alternate option has much effectiveness. But fortunately, it has all the requirements that you would need as a carpet cleaner. Though it won’t be your first choice, the performance won’t disappoint you.

As mentioned, it contains sodium chloride, lactic acids, and other cleaning ingredients. So, the cleaning will be as effective as others. On top of that, it’s cost-efficient and a versatile option for your kitchen, floor, and carpet cleaning at a time.

The cleaning process using a Fabuloso is pretty simple, not like other luxurious complex techniques. You just have to follow three simple steps: spray on the stain areas, smudge, and clean with dry clothes after washing.

Trace Of Fragrance

The trace of fragrance is an additional effect of using a Fabuloso on your carpet. Manufacturers produce Fabuloso with different types of scents like citrus, lavender, ocean breeze, etc.

But the most famous fragrance is the lemon scent because the scent is mild and not overpowering. You can use other alternate carpet cleaners, but they don’t leave such fresh aromas.

Just imagine you clean the carpet quickly, and when someone enters your bedroom or drawing room, they will smell such a fancy fragrance. You won’t have to use any separate air fresheners as the Fabuloso acts as a deodorant for your home.

Stain Removal

As the Fabuloso is known as a cleaner for hard surfaces, it can also remove the stains from carpet surfaces.

All the carpet cleaners may have to struggle to clean tough dirt from the surface. But with the help of Fabuloso, you can clean them pretty quickly. 

On top of that, the strong chemical compositions of Fabuloso can even cut through the greases and oils from the carpet surface.

How To Use Fabuloso To Clean Carpets?

The Fabuloso is famous as a multi-purpose cleaner. So, if you choose it as an alternative to a carpet cleaner, you have to know how to use a Fabuloso properly. Only then will it work effectively.

Here are the steps to follow:

Start With Stained Areas

At first, you need to select your Fabuloso based on colors and fragrance. After that, find the selective stained areas and spray an excess amount of Fabuloso on those areas.

If you spray a small or exact amount of Fabuloso, the stains may not get out on the first try. So, it’s better to use excessive amounts. 

As you are considering Fabulosos odor, make sure the fragrance is not so strong. If the smell seems too strong for you, you can dilute it by adding some water. It won’t reduce the effectiveness.

And when you are spraying over the stained surfaces, try not to leave any dirt stains. Cover all the dirt entirely with the Fabuloso spray.

If you don’t have a nozzle to spray, you can just splash it over the surface. Do it evenly.

Knead With Washcloth

Now you have to get a dry clean rag or washcloth. And then, put the cloth over the stained areas and knead it with your hands.

You need to start kneading gently at first. After that, pick up the rag and check whether all the stains have been removed or not. If the stains don’t get dissolved by kneading, you need to put some extra Fabuloso again over that stained area.

Typically, the stains get off easily, but sometimes they are tough to get rid of.  So, you need to use the Fabuloso multiple times on a single stained area. Once the stain comes out, you can move on to the next one.

Water Spray

It’s very crucial that you wash the area and the cleaning rag with water after kneading the stains.

You need to take a large spray bottle and pour water into it. When kneading over the stain is done, pour water over that dirty area to clean it. You have to wash it until the soapiness gets entirely off.

And you also need to clean the rag after washing a particular area. That’s because filthy rags can’t clean the stains properly, and you have to give extra effort to clean those areas. The washcloth also needs to get off its soapiness.

You need to keep another dry cloth if you want to dry the wet surfaces quickly. After washing the dirty area, use a dry cloth to wipe the damp area. You need to blot the area repeatedly until it dries.

Can You Use Fabuloso For Deep Cleaning Carpets?

According to the experts, the Fabuloso is not appropriate for use in deep carpet cleaning because of its potent cleaning agents.

It’s true that it contains all the necessary cleaning agents like other alternatives. However, some other ingredients are harmful to carpet fibers. That’s because these are suited for rough surfaces, not for some sensitive materials like fiber.

Bottom Line

Some people have the idea that Fabuloso is toxic and can’t be used in carpets. First of all, it’s not toxic at all. There are many better carpet cleaners at the market. But can you use Fabuloso on carpet?

When you already have Fabuloso to clean your kitchen or are looking for some easy and quick method to clean your carpet, you can always use the Fabuloso.

Hopefully, the discussion on Fabuloso has given your answer. And now you know how easy it is to use it on carpet surfaces. Best of luck with your carpet cleaning!

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