5 Disadvantages Of Backyard Oasis And How You Can Workaround It

Your backyard should be an extension of your home and you should feel just as welcomed there as you do in your cozy living room. If you want to create your own backyard oasis then you need to be aware of the disadvantages. Luckily there are so many ways to work around them and create a space that works for you so check out a few ways to get around any disadvantages of a backyard oasis. 


1. Disadvantage: Expensive to create

Some people get a little bit of sticker shock when it comes to buying outdoor products so you need to be aware of how much it will cost to make your backyard into a nice space. Some patio furniture can be as expensive as regular furniture and plants can also be much pricier than you would expect so keep that in mind when you plan.

Disadvantages Of Backyard Oasis

Workaround: Buy in the winter, DIY, and go cheap

 Getting what you want in the off-season will bring your costs down quite a bit (even pool installations are cheaper in the off months). Many places will sell a patio set at rock bottom prices just before the snow starts falling and you can save tons on plants by growing your own in the colder months and transferring them outside. Don’t be afraid to use the dollar store for items that are easy to replace like lights or decorations. 

2. Disadvantage: Takes up valuable yard space

Sitting in a set of lounge chairs beside a cozy outdoor fire sounds like a dream at the end of a long day but many of us have yards that need to do double or even triple duty. If you have children that treat your yard like their own personal playground then you might not want to put your nice furniture next to their mud pie station. You might also want to grow some vegetables or flowers and a large deck or pool will limit the space you have by quite a bit. 

Workaround: Make it easy to swap and use all the space

If you want to keep your backyard oasis area intact then use things that can be easily stored away. Stacking chairs, removable cushions, and hangable plants are easy modifications that can allow you to open up the space when it’s not being used by you. You can also use any fences or vertical walls to create a vertical garden full of herbs and other plants so you can enjoy growing your own food while saving valuable yard space. 

3. Disadvantage: Too hard to maintain

Your backyard oasis could be a large space with a pool or just a small nook with some plants that need to be watered. Either way you will likely need to maintain and clean the space just like you would for an interior space, to make sure it stays looking nice. If you end up with an invasive plant, a leaky pool, or a broken deck then you might find that it’s too hard to keep your oasis in the same shape. 

Workaround: Keep it simple

You don’t need to take your empty backyard and fill every inch with stuff right away so add a few things at a time to make sure you can handle it. Things like water features should be running smoothly for a few months before you consider adding something else that will need to be maintained. Instead of creating a whole garden, start with a few flowers at a time and work more into our watering schedule and stay at a point you can handle to ensure your space stays in great condition. 

4. Disadvantages: There are too many ideas

So you’ve decided to make some changes to your backyard and you get onto Pinterest to look for design ideas. Now you suddenly have plans for a Victorian greenhouse, a frog pond, and a zen garden for your 30×30 ft yard. Outdoor design has become very popular in the last few years and it can be tricky to find a design that suits your style, budget, and space. 

Workaround: Plan it out

Planning your yard has become easier than you think and there are even apps that let you plan your yard’s design before you start. Planning out what you want and where it looks the best will save you time and money but be aware of what pipes, electrical lines, and other utilities run underneath your yard before you plan anything that requires major digging. 

5. Disadvantages: Not enough time to create it

Many outdoor projects can be done over a long period of time but nobody wants their yard to be in disarray for weeks. Building anything like a deck or gazebo will mean that your yard will be full of lumber and materials until the job is completed. Some projects can be completed by one person on a weekend but that means dedicating lots of free time to working on your yard when you’d rather be enjoying it.

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Workaround: Hire a pro

The best way to get your yard in the perfect shape for relaxing is to hire a professional to landscape it and install what’s necessary. A professional will have the knowledge, equipment, and workers to get your yard fixed up and looking good as quickly as possible. Start by hiring a landscaping company to figure out what works best for the yard and go from there. 

Turning your backyard into the space of your dreams will let you spend more time outside and give you a great space to get fresh air. It can also help you when it comes to selling your home so make sure you keep your backyard oasis maintained. 

Planning the space and using everything to your advantage is the best way to turn your boring backyard into a backyard oasis that you can enjoy for years.

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