Do Oregon Chains Fit Stihl Chainsaws?

Generally, it can be difficult for any random chain to fit in chainsaw bars as both come in different sizes and lengths. Stihl Company usually recommends using the chains of their own company as replacements. But after similar products have started coming, things are changing. 

Do Oregon chains fit Stihl chainsaws or not depends on the four measurements. If those match, then the chain will easily fit in the chainsaw.

So are you aware of those four measurements? If not, then stay with us to know about them and make the right chain choice for your chainsaw.

Do Oregon Chains Fit Stihl Chainsaws


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Time To Know Do Oregon Chains Fit Stihl Chainsaws

Let us know about it in detail and within a very brief amount of time. 

The Four Measurements

These four measurements make up the chain, so let us know about them to make it easier for you to choose.

Bar Length

Manufacturers use the bar length merely to describe the model they are selling. The actual measurement of the bar length starts from the spot where the bar exists, the saw casing to the bar’s tip. 

The size of a chainsaw bar is 16 to 20 inches, but the range of the saw runs from 10 to 42 inches. 

Interestingly, the bar measurements do not come in regular numbers; they come in even numbers. But one thing to keep in mind is that only the bar length measurement is not sufficient to buy a replacement chain; the other three measurements are also equally important.

Number of Drive Lugs

The drive lugs or the drive links, can be found underneath the chains but are usually not seen as it rides in a groove milled within the bar’s edge. 

The work of the drive lugs is it allows the chain to rotate with the bar while they grip onto the drive cog, which is beneath the saw’s casing. The chain is flexible enough so you may easily lift it away from the bar while measuring. 

Then start counting the total number of the drive lugs in the chain as the number of one piece describes more about the length of the chain than the bar measurement. 

For precaution, don’t forget to unplug the saw if you are measuring the chain while seated on the saw. There is a chance of the saw getting started while taking measurements.

Chain’s Pitch

The chain’s pitch is the distance between the three rivets that hold the links of the chain together, divided by two. To understand more effectively, this is the size of each one of the drive lugs. 

Therefore, the pitch and the number of drive lugs provide a picture-perfect chain length description. When measuring the distance of the rivets, do it from the centre of each of them.

Chain Gauge

The chain gauge is the proper thickness of the driver lug. If the lug is very thick, it leads to binding since the chain intends to move around its bar, but if it’s too thin, then there is a possibility of the chain slipping. 

Such occurrences can take a dangerous turn as the chain can come out of the track while on an operation. The gauge measurement calculation is done in millimetres, so to get the best and proper measurement, instead of using tape, use dial calipers. 


How long does a chainsaw last?

There is no specific predicament on how long a chainsaw can last. It can work for more than ten years or even for a month. The lasting depends on the usage and care of the saw. If the chainsaw is used occasionally and taken proper care, the bar will last longer. Therefore the lifespan of your chainsaw depends on its usage and maintenance.

Do different chain saw bars make a difference?

There will always be a vast difference between the two brands of chains and bars. The reason is that the two brands use different formulations of steel and different levels of hardness and edge. So using two other chainsaw bars will make a difference as they will have distinguishing features. 

What is the best professional chainsaw for Stihl?

The Stihl 500i chainsaw is the best in the market. It is one of the top professional chainsaws of Stihl and is specially designed and built for the user of the logging industry and experienced arborists. The chainsaw is one of a class, so the price will also be high, making it the most expensive chainsaw on the market; if you are up for the best, go for it.


Hopefully, the answer we provided on do Oregon chains fit Stihl chainsaws or not is clear to you. As we have discussed in the article, no matter what brand of chain or chainsaw, the fixation depends on the four measurements. 

If they match the measurement, then it will be a perfect fit. Other than that, whenever you take measures, remember to unplug the chainsaw; otherwise, it may start while taking measurements and cause trouble for you.

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