Essential Guides in Building Your Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

If you have an outdoor kitchen area, and you’re ready to add storage drawers, here are some friendly tips. First, imagine how your indoor kitchen is arranged and go from there.

Do you want the same set-up? Or do you want the space to be more optimized? The drawers you choose should reflect those needs, and will give you a better idea of the sizes you need. From there, you can start with the placement and arrangement of the drawers.

Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

Start With the Essentials

When choosing outdoor kitchen drawers, front and center both figuratively and literally is the grill/oven. Going outwards from there, you may want to start with the most essential items required in cooking. When your immediate needs are in arm’s length, it makes cooking more efficient. Utensils, spices, potholders, and other similar items are what many consider to be most essential.

Having a dorm size refrigerator that you can roll out as needed is a good idea too. From there and going outward again, there are napkins, dishes, and other such items that can be put in drawers. The types of drawers, or more specifically the drawer faces, is a matter of personal preference. 

Size Does Matter

Once you have the organization, what goes where, of everything you require on paper, the sizes of the drawers should be well-thought-out as well. Again, taking a cue from indoors, determine the size based on what is going to be inside the drawers and map out which size goes where.

The smaller drawers are typically on the top and inside a drawer arrangement, with the larger drawers spreading down and out. The face of the drawers should all be the same and, again, this is a matter of personal preference. Some people like the modern stainless steel look, while others go for rustic charm.

Consider The Color Scheme

While you’re on this part of the project and standing outside where the kitchen area will be, take a look around. What is the color of the house? What does the landscaping look like? Do you have a pool house? Try to keep the kitchen and drawers in the same color scheme as the surroundings are. As an aside, you can never go wrong with earth tones. You are outside, after all. So once you have that figured out, the functionality of the drawers need to be considered. All that can be said about this, is to buy tracks that allow the drawers to slowly close by themselves. Any home improvement store should have those in stock.

So once you have all of this figured out, the budget that you’re working with should be taken into account. Of everything that has been discussed here, there are expensive and less expensive versions of it all.

Take notes of manufacturers, the materials used and reviews of previous customers. If a company is doing the installation, are there warranties involved? And last but not least, check your bank balance. At the end of every dream we have for upgrading our kitchen, comes the reality of the situation. What can you afford? Having outdoor kitchen drawers that you hand-picked for the aesthetics that you and your family feel comfortable with should not put you at a financial disadvantage. The comfort of family should be all-encompassing.

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