How Do You Clean and Shine Old Damaged Hardwood Floor

Cleaning hardwood floors is a thoughtful job; it can be easy if you follow some tips from the experts. It is widespread that everybody wants to know how to clean and shine an old damaged hardwood floor?

If you are going to transform your hardwood floor gorgeous and shining, follow our easy steps and save your wood floor from dull and grimy to gleaming. It is very complicated to keep clean and dirt-free, but regular cleaning will keep your floor intact as well as top condition. Cleaning the wood floor, you need to know about the futures of a wood floor. Wood is a universal choice for flooring material, and it is in various styles, colors, cuts, and species.

How Do You Clean and Shine Old Damaged Hardwood Floor


What is Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors considered one of the most fashionable flooring. This is suitable for any room flooring and available also. Their exclusive designs enchant nature charming that gives a unique Beauty on your resident.

Hardwood floors mainly made off with solid wood plank from a single piece of timber. It is a well-furnished floor which has thicker Surfaces.

This is a popular flooring choice because its luxurious wooden touch creates a unique look on your floor.

The Right Way of Cleaning Old Damaged Hardwood Floors

It is a big challenge to keep free from damage to your hardwood floor, also dispense on what kind of finish used on the floor. Wood is a common choice for flooring material, and it is in a variety of styles, colors, cuts, and species. This type of floor needs extra care and tools that can clean the hardwood floor. Follow step-by-step; it will be comfortable and better for your floor.

Regular cleaning is the best for your floor, which gives a guarantee for the long-lasting. Almost all old floors can be saved from the damage or made renew in many ways. Repair damaged planks and insect infected boards can be replaced. That way, plug up holes, and squeaky floors can be tightened and quieted also.

Liquidity is the enemy of your hardwood floor. It damages the floor more than any dirt, dust, or anything else. So first of all, absorb water from the wooden floor by towel or cotton cloth. A refinishing can make the hardwood floor more beautiful. Surely you need it to do the sake of appearance.

On the other hand, re-coating is another way to repair your old damaged hardwood floor. Sometimes it is easier and safer then finishing. In there you can get more details about how to do you clean and shine an old damaged hardwood floor.

How Do You Clean and Shine Old Damaged Hardwood Floor

Cleaning with Diluted Lemon Juice

Applying lemon juice, you can mix lemon juice with warm water and olive oil. You can also use an extra chemical which is made for floor cleaning. Though chemical contains more toxins, and that toxin is harmful to the floor. So you can avoid it. Let me clarify how to use this mixture around the floor. Use a bucket to stir the whole mix. Take tow teaspoons lemon juice, one teaspoon olive oil with four-liter water and some drops of a chemical into the bucket. Olive oil makes your wooden floor shining where the lemon juice removes dirt, debris, and grime from the floor.

If you can, use a spray bottle or use a towel to take the solution and wipe it on the floor as well as you can use a cotton mop that you have available. After mop the floor, you have to pick up extra water with another towel. Do not let the stay of water for a long time. So you do it gently.

Clean with Diluted Vinegar

Vinegar with water can make a better solution for cleaning the old damaged wood floor. You know vinegar is an acid, and it removes dirt, dust, and grime from the floor. It’s a natural wood floor cleaning way.

Using vinegar, remove dirt from the floor. Take two teaspoons of white vinegar with ten-liter warm water in a bucket. If you want to mix olive oil or essential oil with the solution, you can because oil gives extra shining to the floor.

Applying method is the same, use a mop inside the bucket, and takes away access water. Then mop over the floor properly. Ensure that girt and germ cleaned up. After finishing this way, take an extra towel to absorb excess water. You should do it quickly because it can damage the floor in a short time.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar with bicarbonate of soda is potent to get rid of marks, spots like pet stain, and everyone quite dirt. First, mix the same amount of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. It will be made a paste then apply the paste on the stain or dirt place. Wait to dry the past then wipe it by a cotton or moping towel. It causes you to relax more.

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are the best way to your hardwood floor. If you can maintain regular mopping and weeping your floor, it gives you a long-lasting wood floor.

Contact to expert

It is not easy to clean a hardwood floor regularly; without clean for a short time, it can be damaged. For an old hardwood floor, you should discuss it with the expert. They have a lot of techniques and technology to repair an old damaged hardwood floor. Remember, refinishing is a very important way to keep your floor damage free.

Repair Your Old Hardwood Floors

There are also some ways to repair your hardwood floor.

Holes can be plugged: Use some past, made for filling the holes on the wood floor. And that is available in the market.

Terminate damage planks: Terminate insect-infected and damaged plank. Infected and damaged planks can be loosening, so replace those planks quickly.

Vacuum weekly: You can use a vacuum on the wood floor. The vacuum will get rid of dirt and dust from the floor. Use a hose attachment with a soft brush to prevent from scratches.

Use mineral spirits: If you want to make your floor unsound, use mineral spirit. Remember, don’t mix with water. Avoid using a wet mop. Use a little moisture when cleaning your hardwood floors. You can use a wood floor cleaner which is available in the market, and it will be better for your time consumption.

Screen with floor buffer: It’s very easy way to restore your old damaged hardwood floor. It gives back glory to your floor. You can rent buffer from any hardware stores. After using the buffer, use a handheld sanding screen to scratch up the sides and corners of the space where the buffer cannot right to use. Use a buffer with a 150- or 120-grit sanding disc to screen the ground, or buff down the prevailing finish.

After finishing buffer, wipe surfaces and vacuum the whole room thoroughly. Apply paste wax for more shining your floor. Don’t apply wax on polyurethanes finish or vice versa.

Final Words

Though there are so many ways to keep clean your hardwood floor, you should sweep daily with a soft broom or microfiber mop and avoid harsh chemical. If spills from coffee, juice, or inks, try to wipe as soon as possible to save the floor from damage. Remember, moisture are the main enemy of wood floors. You make sure that what kind of mops is appropriate for your wood floor.

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