How Long Does It Take for a Pool to Heat Up by the Sun

Heating up your pool by electric heater or gas heater is expensive and requires lots of hassle to install. In that case, heating the pool with the sun heat can be the best way. It is the most natural and affordable way to heat up your pool. But does the sun heat work perfectly? 

Can you enjoy the warm water with the sun heat? If you can, how long does it take for a pool to heat up by the sun? Well, in this article, we will discuss almost every question you have in your mind about sun heat. So stick to the end of this article to know more.

Factors that affect the time of solar heating

Heating the pool with sunlight depends on some factors. Those factors affect the time and effectiveness of heating. So let’s have a look at those factors.

How Long Does It Take for a Pool to Heat Up by the Sun

Pool size

The size of the pool has a great impact on the heating ability of the sun. If you have a larger pool, it will take more time than a smaller pool. Why? Well, the larger pool will have a large area to cover for the sun. On the contrary, a smaller pool has a small area to cover. Also, a large pool has more gallons of water inside while a smaller one has few gallons. That is why the large pool size will take more time to be hated with sunlight.

Water temperature

During any types of heating methods, if the water temperature is lower, it will take more time. For example, if the water temperature is 10 degrees F, it will take more time compared to 20 degrees F. So if your pool water temperature is lower, you will need more solar light time to heat the pool.

Heat loss

Sometimes, your pool water loses heat in many ways. If you do not use a solar cover over the pool, a decent amount of heat will get lost. Similarly, if you have a lighter interior lining, it will absorb more heat than a dark lining. Also, the windproof pool retains more heat and takes less time to heat. That means if your pool does not lose heat, it will take less time to heat and vice versa.

Outside weather condition

The outside weather has an impact as well on the time of heating. If the weather is sunny and clean, you expect a fast heat-up of your pool water. On the flip side, a cloudy or winter condition will take more time to heat the water.

Sunlight angle

The last but not least factor is the sunlight angle. If the solar heat is at a direct angle to your pool, it will heat quicker than ever. If it offers a slightly wide-angle heat up, you need more time to heat the water. Similarly, during the evening or afternoon, the angle is higher and that will take more time.

These factors affect the heating time and you need to consider these before using the solar light to heat.

How long does it take for a pool to heat up by the sun?

Now the main question comes ‘how long does it take for a pool to heat up by the sun?’ Well, though it varies a lot depending on the factors we have mentioned above, it takes 8-12 hours in general. If you ensure proper sunlight with a good angle and if the pool is ok, then you can do it quickly. On the other hand, if the weather is not good and your pool is large enough, you might not be able to heat up.

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Benefits of using solar heating instead of gas or electric heating

When using solar heating instead of gas or electric heating, you will get lots of benefits. So here are the benefits.

Low cost

The main benefit of solar heating is its low cost. When you use solar heating, you use natural sources and energy. This does not require any external source that needs man-made energy. For that, you don’t need to pay any fees for buying energy or fuel. It will save you a lot of money every day, week, and month. At the same time, you will enjoy warm water every day without spending any money.

Easy installation

For solar heating, you can keep your pool open under direct sunlight or use a solar cover or ring. In any of the cases, you need no effort at all to install. For open sunlight, you need nothing. For solar cover or rings, just place the cover or rings on the water and it will float itself.


The solar source is reliable. You may lose electricity or gas in the future, but you won’t lose the solar source ever. It is the only and most reliable source in the world. Also, it provides consistent results every day. You can use the light and warm your water without any hassle.

Less maintenance

Unlike a gas heater or electric heater, you need less maintenance to keep it workable. For an electric heater, you need to maintain the heating source, cable, and others. For gas heating, you need to keep the gas lines and heat sources safe and up to date all the time. But for solar heating, no matter if you are using solar cover or rings, you need no maintenance at all.


Despite the fact that it needs less maintenance, it lasts longer. You can expect a longer life span from the solar covers and solar rings.

Disadvantages of using solar light

Along with the advantages, you will find some disadvantages with the solar cover. Knowing these disadvantages will help you a lot in making the right decision about using solar heating.

No control over the temperature

When you use solar light to heat your pool, you won’t have control over the temperature. If you don’t get direct sunlight, no matter what you do, you cannot get high heating. That means you cannot control the temperature.

Cannot make it quick

Similarly, if you want to heat your pool quickly with solar heating, you cannot do it. The time depends completely on the sun and you have no control over it.

Tips to heat up your pool faster with solar heat

However, if you want to heat up your pool quickly with solar heating, you can follow some tips including: 

Install a solar cover

A solar cover will transfer the heat to the pool water directly. Also, it captures heat better than the water. Another task of the cover is to trap the heat. That means the water cannot lose heat when the cover is on. Besides, the cover will protect the water from evaporation. So if you want to fasten the time of heating, make sure to install a solar cover.

Ensure best sunlight angle

When placing the pool, make sure you have ensured the perfect sunlight angle. If you have a permanent pool, you need to remove all the barriers that prevent sunlight to come directly. It will help you get sunlight for a longer time and it will ensure faster heat up.

Dark interior lining for less heat absorption

The lighter interior lining absorbs less heat compared to the black or deep lining. If you have a lighter lining, you need to change the linings. It will absorb more heat and make your water warmer quickly.

Solar rings can be a good option

If you are not comfortable with solar cover, you can try solar rings. It will absorb solar heat directly and transfer it to the water. Also, it keeps heat for a long time and does not cover the entire pool like the solar cover.

Ensure windproof pool

If the weather is windy, it can play a vital role to reduce the heat of your pool. In that case, if you can ensure a windproof pool, it can help a lot.


So, you know the answer to ‘how long does it take for a pool to heat up by the sun?’ The time depends on a lot of factors. Also, you know the factors and what you can do to ensure fast heating with solar light. We have portrayed almost every detail of info you need about solar heating.

The solar light can certainly be a great way to heat up your pool water. You can enjoy warm water every day without spending any penny or putting in more effort. So if you have the opportunity, try heating your pool with solar light.

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