How Long Does Kilz Take To Dry

Kilz is an all-purpose water-based, fast-drying, multi-surface sealer and stain blocker. The sealer comes with outstanding adhesion and mildew resistance. It helps to block any kind of stains such as water stains, rust, ink, grease, color, stains from food, etc. In one word Kilz is a very important thing for every house.

As you have come here to know how long does Kilz take to dry, we will discuss it along with other important information about Kilz.


How Long Does Kilz Take To Dry

At the temperature of 77°F (25°C)/50% RH Kilz takes 30 minutes to dry for touching. That means you can just touch the surface after 30 minutes. To start painting you may need to wait for one to two hours. Application at a lower temperature will increase the drying time.

How Long Does Kilz Take To Dry

Where To Use Kilz

You can use Kilz both on interior and exterior surfaces. It works very well on woodwork, plaster, masonry, paneling, drywall, and so on. You can also use it on bricks, painted metals, and glossy surfaces. Just do not apply the sealer on flooring, it does not serve well on the floor. So, without the floor, you are free to use Kilz almost anywhere.

Surface Preparation for Kilz

The surface must be prepared properly before you apply the Kilz sealer. It is essential for getting the best result. Cleaning is the most important part of surface preparation. It has to be neat and clean, free of any dust and other awkward material like oil, wax, polish, rust, loosen paint, grease, etc.

Dirty Surface: Wash all the filth with a non-soapy detergent. Use enough water so that no dirt can escape the cleaning. Now leave it to dry.

Unpainted Woods: If you are about to use Kilz on unpainted woods that have been under the sun for 2 weeks or more, then you must sand the wood properly.

Fire Restoration: Damage from the fire can not be cleaned so easily. The recommended primers for this purpose are oil-based primers and water-based primers.

Glossy Surface: Any glossiness from the surface must be removed. Just sand the surface to make it smoother. Then it will be ready for priming.

Mold and Mildew: If the surface is covered with mold and mildew, you need to use a mold remover first to remove all the molds. Then flow water and wait until it dries.

Loosen pain: Scrub out the painting and then smoothen the area by sanding it. Then you can apply the primer.

How to apply Kilz properly

For applying Kilz properly you will need the proper equipment. Also, following the right process is necessary.

Protection: Protection of the eyes is required. Use eye protection glasses especially for applying the primer with a spray bottle. Additionally, wear old clothes to save your new clothes from being dirty.

Temperature: Check out the temperature before applying primer. If the temperatures of air, surface, and primmer are between 10°C to 32°C (50°F to 90°F)

Inspissate: Do not let the primer to be inspissate. Shake and stir frequently before and during the application.

Brush and Roller: A high-quality polyester or nylon brush is recommended. Use a good quality 3/8-1/2″ nap on smooth surfaces or 1/2-3/4″ nap on semi-rough or porous surfaces roller. 

Airless spray: The recommended Airless spray is 0.017 to 0.021 tip / 60 mesh filter.

Stainblocking: There are different Kilz products available for different types of stains. Check whether the stains are light, medium, or heavy and choose a Kilz according to the condition of the stains. 

Clean-Up & Disposal

After you finish your job, clean all the equipment with warm and soapy water. Do not throw the leftover product in the drain. Give it away to your neighbors or relatives for use or contact your local household refuse collection service for disposal.

Kilz helps to hide stains and spots from any surface in our house or office. We hope this discussion has been able to answer all your questions and help you with important information.

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