How to Clean a Carpet with a Wet Dry Vac?

You are working outside. Your children play with your dog in the outside also. All of you come to the home and enter your room with shoes. After you notice, all of you have destroyed your favorite carpet. What have you done? You are so up sad to think about how to clean your carpet? Carpet cleaning is the most thoughtful job at household work. In spite of other responsibilities, you have to clean the carpet first.

On the other hand, most of the time, you confuse how to clean the carpet? Thought a lot of cleaning tools are available at your home, you don’t know what tool is perfect for cleaning your carpet. Wet-dry vac is the best solution to do a clean rug.

Although you have Wet-Dry Vac, you don’t know how to clean the carpet with a Wet Dry Vac. A wet-dry vac is a kind of vacuum that can pick as well as sock dirt and liquids from the surface label of the rug. There is every kind of dirt, dust, stable soil, bacteria, and mildew also stain available in carpet. So Wet-Dry Vac is a perfect solution. And you need to know how to clean the carpet with a Wet-Dry Vac. Cleaning your carpet with a liquid solution; you have to spend a lot of time to dry it because some others do think it. And it varies stringent process than trying wet-dry vac.

How to Clean a Carpet with a Wet Dry Vac

How to Clean a Carpet with a Wet-Dry Vac?

First, remove that furniture from the carpet that will get damp. Vacuum all of the dry soil from the dry carpet. Use your household vacuum or wet-dry vac. If there is any stain on the carpet, apply the stain remover. Then prepare a mixed solution which you can get from the market, or you can make it at home. Spray those mixed solutions on the carpet and wait for the correct time. Before using a vacuum, you need to do brush on the carpet.

There is a lot of carpet cleaning brush available in the market. When you have the solution down, be sure it has spread consistently, Wet-dry vac will pick and sock up solution. If the mix solutions being pour, use a watering over the carpet. You know that wet-dry vac can lift water, so don’t worry. After using a floor attachment, ensuring to suck up all solutions. On the other hand, many kinds of Wet-dry Vac are available on time. You have to choose the right one that can save your time and money.

What is the best Wet-Dry Vac

Carpet cleaning is a tough job at home, and it will be toughest if you didn’t get the right tools at a time. Wet-Dry vac comes first for this job. Always you confused about the best vacuum in the market? Don’t worry. We choose two best wet-dry vacuum in the market available for carpet cleaning. One is TACKLIFE Wet/Dry Vacuum, and Hoover Power Scrub Elite is another one. Both of them are good to clean your carpet.

TACKLIFE Wet/Dry Vacuum


This motor is 5.5HP, which provides powerful suction, and you can clean quickly. It ensures high performance, maximum power, and persistence. Tacklife wet dry vacuum gives you a longer service life; it also has multi-functional dry, damp, and blowing lets your clean home and car quickly.


The vacuum consists of 17 ft working range (10 ft power cord, 7 ft safety cleaning hose, and two extension wands). You can move to multiple locations to clean. You will get a convenient folding handle and 4X 260-degree wheel; it allows you to rotate at any angle.


Contain air cyclone diversion filter. This filter has easy dust bucket dry and wet material storage. The thick dust filter is able to filter large particles of dust easily, and your carpet can be cleaned repeatedly. Silencer sponge filter wrapped around the motor intercept dust particles. Next is Outlet filter cotton, which ensures to send clean air.

5 GALLON HIGH CAPACITY WITH SAFETY BUOY TECHNOLOGY: Durable 5-gallon polypropylene collection tank and it keeps long cleaning time of using. On the other hand, Buoy technology supports automatically power off if the weather level in the bucket exceeds the boundary to protect the motor better. Despite those things, you will get 7 ft Safety Cleaning Hose and 2 Extension Wands. It comes with a floor brush; the brush has synthetic fiber; you can use it to clean the carpet.

Hoover Power Scrub Elite

It is the latest upright carpet cleaning vacuum design from Hoover. It gives you a wider cleaning and bigger water tank. Pet owners will be surprise for its specialized features.

SPIN SCRUB SYSTEM: It removes deep-embedded dirt and stains smoothly from the carpet. 360 degree brushes with strong suction while being on your carpet.  

FAST DRY TIME: it will take only 45 minutes to clean your carpet. It has two clean modes, one is Quick Clean Mode, and another is Deep Clean Mode. You will enjoy dirt carpet cleaning.  

LARGE CAPACITY TANKS: It contains two-tank systems with a 25% larger tank, keeps dirty water separate from the clean water so that you can clean more and refill less often.

AUTOMATIC DETERGENT MIXING: It contains two-tank systems with a 25% larger tank, keeping dirty water separate from the clean water so that you can clean more and refill less often.

WHATS INCLUDED:  To clean hard-to-reach areas, you will get 8’ hose as well as pet tool attachment to remove pet hair, stains, and odors, also find sample bottle of carpet cleaning pet solution.

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Final Words

Lastly, it is easiest to use a Wet-Dry Vac for carpet cleaning. Manufacturers provide you all the necessaries with the vacuum that you need. Do you almost get your idea about how to clean a carpet with a Wet Dry Vacuum? It is a versatile and supportive tool to have around the home. Use Wet-Dry Vac to clean carpet and take away your pressure. It saves you valuable time and energy. When you use a vacuum regularly, the carpet will be last longer and looked better. So they are not too expensive to pick up.

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