How to Clean Fabric Sofa Without Water

A sofa is not just a piece of furniture that is for sitting. We make use of it in many other ways, all day long. It is the coziest place in the whole house for all of us. Perhaps more than the bed. And the most used one also. Your kids are seen sitting, lying, playing on the sofa. The pets are resting right there. We eat sitting on it, and we gossip.

Most importantly, a sofa set is there for the guests to relax primarily. And at the end of the day, we turn it to a place where we lie and watch something entertaining or read a novel. Many fell asleep right there with a duvet. So, the whole day, everyone in a family and sometimes guests use the sofa in some way or the other.


Importance Of Keeping It Clean

When a piece of furniture is used all day long, there is no way for it to stay clean. It is going to be the dirtiest of them all. We walk on the floor, we spill things on the floor, and we want to keep the dirt and debris away. So, we dust and mop the floor every day. Similarly, you are sitting on the sofa, eating stuff, lying, kids, and pets are doing whatnot on it, so it is as dirty as the floor, to be frank. So, you have to clean it every day. We are talking about just dusting.

How to Clean Fabric Sofa Without Water

But it all depends on traffic. Above, we have given an extreme example of how much a sofa can be used all through the day. But it is not the same in every case. You might not have pets or kids. Even if you have, you might not allow them to use it the way they want to. Or you might be using a cover on the sofa. So, the chance of it getting dirty reduces tenfold. In that case, vacuuming the sofa set every two weeks will be enough to keep it clean and maintain hygiene.

Why No Water

However, the problem is that the outer layer of the fabric sofa becomes dull due to the constant use. It starts getting dark and seems dirty even if you have just vacuumed it. On a fabric sofa, it is normal. So, in such a case, vacuuming is not enough. When it comes to cleaning something, we all think of water. There can be no thorough cleaning without the use of water or at least something similar to water. So, when we think of how to clean fabric sofa without water, nothing strikes our mind at once.

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How to Clean Fabric Sofa Without Water

The fabric on the sofa is fixed. It is not something you can remove and put in the washing machine to have a thorough wash. You have to clean it when it is fixed on the sofa base. So, using water will only damage your costly sofa set. And, thorough Pros to clean a sofa is not what you can afford or need every two weeks. Once a year is more than enough for a thorough professional to come and give a deep clean to your fabric sofa.

Essential Tools

So, all is up to you. When you are buying a pricey sofa set, then invest in some tools as well. Like, the first mandatory tool you need is the vacuum. If possible, use it once a week if there is heavy traffic. And dusting and cleaning the sofa every day is a must if you have kids and pets in the house. Or you can have pet hair, dirt, human hair on the couch, and live with it. That is, of course, not a very good idea.

Steam Cleaner

As we are stating it pretty emphatically that a fabric sofa cannot be cleaned using water as it damages it and not practical, so you need to clean it some other way. Vacuuming will remove the dirt and hair from the couch. But it is not going to make it look shiny and clean. So, you will need the best steam cleaner for couch. Best steam cleaner, because anything that is low quality will be a waste of money, will not work and might damage the pricey sofa.

Steam cleaners have several types. Depending on the type, whether it has a water tank and allow using a solution or not, buy one. Steam cleaners give your sofa a deep clean and work wonders in cleaning the tough mess. So, you can have the benefit of professional cleaning from it. Make sure to dry the sofa well after steam cleaning. If required, use a fan for quick drying.

But before everything, check the manual to know whether your fabric sofa allows steam or not. If not, it will say W/S. Because if it is W/S, then it is not made to handle the heat produced by the steam cleaner. As a result, you cannot use a steam cleaner on the fabric sofa.

Carpet Cleaner

If you do not want to invest in a steam cleaner only for couch or the manual says it’s W/S, then the next best thing is to use the carpets and upholstery cleaner to clean your fabric sofa. If not the best, it works really well on the fabric sofa. Carpets and upholstery are things that are delicate and need a thorough cleaning but not in a harsh way. So, when the cleaner cleans the carpet rightly, it is going to clean your fabric sofa without damaging them.

Home Ingredients

Lastly, if you do not have any cleaner in the house, then at least try to clean the tough stains. You can use baking soda or vinegar. You need to put the ingredients on the stain and let it be there for 15-20 minutes. Then wipe it with a cloth. Make sure to vacuum regularly. Then you need to hire a professional for cleaning your fabric sofa once a year. When those who are cleaning it with cleaning tools need it, you are going to need to hire Pros all the more.

Maintenance of pricey furniture is not a thing that can be done without extra effort. You can make it easy, but even then, you need to put effort into investing in the tools you will need. So, always put effort into keeping your sofa set clean. It is crucial for the look of your hall as well as yours and your family’s health.

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