How to Clean Outside Windows You can’t Reach

Cleaning the house is a regular task people do. Dusting and mopping is a daily chore. Even after trying the best to keep the house clean, there remain some spots that stay unclean with dirt and stain. Not because we forget to clean it. The actual reason is that they are impossible to reach. And when it is tough, it stays the way it is. And the result- full of dirt, stubborn stain, and debris there. We are talking about the outside of the window.


Why It’s Tough To Reach the Outside Of The Window

Cleaning the windows from inside is still easy. Though with the window grills, even that becomes an annoying activity. But it is still within our reach. But the outside of the window is totally out of our reach. Most of the portion of it you can’t even reach with your hand, nor with a mop. You can perhaps try a sweep on only the sides. The middle is always out of reach. No ladder or tool is going to help you with the cleaning of the outside of the windows. More so if you have window grills.

How to Clean Outside Windows You cant Reach

And if you are one of those who have canceled the window grills in your house, then you might reach a bit further in cleaning, but not the whole of it still. Because bending, bowing, and trying hard to clean the windows will cause accidental falls. There is a reason people put window grills, right!

How to Clean Outside Windows You can’t Reach

So, your search for the answer to the most asked question of how to clean outside windows you can’t reach is right here. It is easier than you thought. Thanks to the inventor of the fancy tools. Now let’s talk about the tools and the way you can use them to clean your windows inside out.

Magnetic Window Cleaner

A magnetic window cleaner has literally no alternative when it comes to cleaning the window from outside. If you have it, you are sorted and need nothing else to clean your window, except maybe the window cleaning solution. A magnetic window cleaner is a tool that you use to clean the windows from inside, and it cleans the outside of the windows simultaneously. That means it saves you time and a lot of work as well. Without it, you had to clean the inside first and then the outside. But with it, you can clean both sides together at one go.

How It Works

As the name suggests, you have magnets inside the cleaner. How many magnets and of what power that varies from brand to brand. The shape can also be different. Some are four-sided and some tri-sided to clean the corners better. There are two parts in it, one to clean the inside and the other, outside the window. The mop clothes are attached to both parts. Your window is going to stay sandwiched between the two parts. There is a string, and that will be in your control so that the outer part doesn’t fall. Though breaking the magnetic force is going to be a rare case. But still, it is needed.

So, you will clean the window from inside, holding the indoor part of the cleaner. And due to the magnetic force, the outer part will imitate the motion and continue wiping the window from outside. There can be no other tool easier than this. Let us know if you think you have a better option than this. So, a magnetic cleaner is all you need to clean the sides of the windows you cannot reach.

Rubber-Bladed Window Squeegee

Now, this is the basic tool. Pro window cleaners swear by it. With the right cleaning solution, it works like magic. Although, these leaves streaks on the glasses. But not for the pros as they have solutions to everything due to their experience. A window squeegee with a long handle might be easy for you to clean the window from outside as well, even if you have window grills.

How It Works

Squeegee will clean your window’s two sides one at a time. So, it will consume more time than a magnetic cleaner. What you need to do is spray a generous amount of cleaning solution directly on the window surface. Start cleaning the indoor part horizontally when you have no window grills. With window grills, you will have to try different ways. Coming to cleaning the outside, spray the solution as much as you can. And to clean the rest that you missed spraying, spray the solution on the squeegee if needed. Always clean the outside of the windows with the squeegee vertically.

U-Shaped Telescopic Pole

Next, you can try the U-shaped telescopic poles to clean the outside of the window. It is basically a mop with a u-shape handle. They are made in a way that you can reach the furthest to clean the outside of the window.

How It Works

It is a big sized mop with an extended handle. Hold one side of the handle from inside the window grill, and the u-shape will help it to reach the outside of the window easily. These can cause strain and fatigue as they are massive in size and heavy compared to a magnetic cleaner or a squeegee. But a great way to clean the other side of the window that is totally out of reach. In our opinion, if you could carry it, it works better than the squeegee. So, if not the magnetic window cleaner, then definitely a U-Shaped Telescopic Pole.

One Final Swipe

With all these tools, you need one last thing, and that’s a must. You will need a high-quality cleaning solution. Always make sure to wipe the cleaner with microfiber cloths or rag after sweeping it with the sponges on the tools. For a streak-free window, it is an absolute necessity. The tools are made to use dry pads or rags after cleaning the windows with a solution. So, it is not something extra that you need to collect.

So, congrats if you are living in a single-story house. Your experience of cleaning the outside of the window will still be pleasant with a mop, cloth, or the tools we mentioned above. People living in two-story buildings can try these tools with ladders, and adjustable mop handles. But above that, nothing conventional is going to work. And the number of people living on the floors above two stories is more. So, for you guys, any of the above three tools will work the best.

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