How to Clean Porcelain Tile Shower – Matte/Unpolished and Polished Tiles Cleaning

Are you feeling a little clueless about what to do with the accumulated dirt in your favorite porcelain tile for shower and making it look like a dirty mess?

Porcelain tiles are durable and dense and that why it been a quite popular choice for bathroom remodeling projects. However, even if you are getting a good level of water resistance and stain-control with these tiles, they will require you a decent deal of cleaning up time and maintenance.

But that can’t be a reason for you not to get deep and nice cleaning for the shower tiles. So, let’s learn what the best way to clean porcelain tile is.

How to Clean Porcelain Tile Shower


How to Clean Porcelain Tile Shower

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaner

It is an effortless routine that you should follow for keeping your tile shower in the best condition.

  • If you already know how to clean ceramic tile shower, then you have a pretty decent idea of what you are getting into.
  • For regular cleaning of the tile shower, you can vacuum the tile after wiping the tiles with a broom.
  •  Make sure the broom is soft enough for the tiles. For monthly cleansing use porcelain safe tile cleaner with a sponge mop.
  • Do not forget to mop the area with plain water afterward. And then dry the surface thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.

How to clean unpolished porcelain tiles

For unpolished tiles broom and vacuum every time you feel like there is dirt. For matte tiles, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water for cleaning or commercial porcelain shower tile cleaner. Spray that solution and wait for 5 to 10 minutes to let it loosen up the dirt. Then use a soft bristle brush to clean up the trash.

After this clean up the area with warm water and pat it dry with a micro-fiber cloth. Unpolished porcelain tiles are mostly unbothered, so you need less effort for these tiles. Whatever way you use for cleaning, make sure all of them are soft on the surface. So this was it on how to clean matte porcelain tiles.

How to clean polished porcelain tiles

As you are going to clean the tiles after a long time, there would be the right amount of dirt there. So first of all, start with brooming and vacuuming for making the second steps easier. For dry build-up spray hot water on the tile so that it loosens up.

Clean Porcelain Tile

If there is heavy dirt, then use a soft nylon bristle brush. If you already do not have that you can use an old toothbrush, but it may hurt your hand.  Then wipe away the cleaning residue with warm water. Porcelain tiles are stain proof most of the time, but if the tiles are stained repeat the process with vinegar and water mixture.

After the tile is completely dry, polish the tile with clean cheesecloth for a fantastic shine.

Does vinegar damage porcelain tile?

We know vinegar is a non-toxic and natural product that can clean most hard surfaces. When Your porcelain or tile floors become dirty, use vinegar, it can clean them without doing any harm. White vinegar is a kind of acid that works particularly well to clean grease and hard water stains. On the other hand, some people recommend that using white vinegar and water solution can harm to porcelain and tiles floor. So you should know what is better for your floor.

Can you use Swiffer WetJet on porcelain tile?

Cleaning porcelain tiles is not such a tough job among your household work. It will be easier if you have the right cleaning tools. So Swiffer WetJet is the appropriate one. You do not need an extra bucket or spay. Because all of these things you will get with Swiffer WetJet, it gives you a great clean on virtually any floor. Its cleaning solution loosens dirt and grime from the floor. With a unique dual-nozzle sprayer, an all-in-one mopping system helps you for a powerful clean. According to the manufacturer, the Swiffer WetJet is the best for using on porcelain or ceramic tiles floor. Do not use Swiffer WetJet on an unfinished, oiled and waxed wooden floor.

What Not to Do

  •   Do not ever use any ammonia, bleach, or acid-based products on your porcelain tiles. These will change the color and appearance to an extreme level.
  •   Avoid cleaning products that are oil-based like wax cleaners. These types of cleaners get mixed with the dirt in the tiles and become extremely hard to remove.
  •   Do not use dye or coloring cleaners to unglazed cleaners.
  •   Do not let the tile touch steel wool ever. It may get stuck to the sides and make rusty stains on the tiles.
  •   Hard bristles or scrub brushes are worst for the porcelain tiles. So never use them on your tiles to keep the shine.

Prevent mold and mildew

For mold and mildew spray equal parts of water and baking soda to your shower and then steam clean the shower. Using baking soda or any bleaching products are not suitable for porcelain tiles. So you have to be careful in the first place so that there is no mold or mildew.

Keeping the area clean all the time and drying it will prevent mold and mildew. Do not leave a wet shower without cleaning or wiping it. If you live in a humid area, wash the shower more frequently and wipe it dry after cleaning.

Prevent the grout stain

Porcelain tiles are not so good with the bleach cleaning products. So you should get a good steam cleaner for cleaning grout stains. These kinds of cleaners use hot water pressure to clean the grout stain. It’s milder and suitable for the porcelain tiles. If the grout stain is not going smoothly then use baking soda with equal parts of water. Spray the mixture 5 minutes before you start cleaning with the steam cleaner. If you want prepare for a special occasion, then do this to give a brand new look to the house.

Deep cleaning stains and mold

For deep cleaning spray vinegar and water mixture five minutes before you start the procedure. If there are any tough stains, then put baking soda directly on the stain. Use a soft bristle brush to give a good scrub to the scrub. And mop the other area for cleaning dirt. Then wash off the residue with splashing water everywhere. Finish the procedure by wiping the area dry. It’s better to do this in small sections so that keeping a little area clean and dry is easy at a time.


Maintenance is all in cleaning and drying. Porcelain tiles are mostly stain resistant, so you have little to worry in this matter. But make a routine to deep clean this every month for better shine. Whenever there is spill clean it immediately so that there are no worries of stain. A shower is a humid place, so try to make it dry after everyday use for keeping it mildew free. Most importantly use the shower as it should be used. Then you will see that the sparkle of the tiles is going to last for a long time.

Final word

Now, have you got a clear idea of How to clean porcelain tile shower?

Taking proper care can keep anything looking like new and fresh for a long time, and so does the porcelain tiles. They make a shower look tremendous and prevent stains.

So follow the right procedure and keep your shower looking great.

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  1. You don’t say what to use instead of BAKING SODA or BLEACH to rid a shower with unpolished porcelain tiles of mildew! You say not to use baking soda but offer nothing in it’s stead! I am more confused now than when I read this article.

    1. Thanks Nina Kruse,
      Use commercial cleaner like bona.
      You can use baking soda or bleach. but regular use of these can change the color of your floor.
      And Vinegar is the best option for your floor.

  2. This is very true for dry build-up spray hot water on the tile so that it loosens up. This guide is much effective for Clean Porcelain Tile Shower.

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