How to Clean Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl floors need to be kept clean at all times, as vinyl should retain its shiny and attractive appearance. If you are using Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring of Shaw floors, you need to give a little more importance. The task of cleaning will become problematic only when you start cleaning the vinyl floor without any knowledge.

One of my old clients is Nellie, who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was very fancy; she now uses Shaw floors on the floor of her house. She told me about her experience with cleaning it.

Nellie used a hardwood floor cleaner to clean her vinyl floor, although she did so unknowingly. But the results are terrible, excessive use of wood cleaner damages her vinyl floor, so it needs to be replaced later.

My team and I went to his house to replace him and found out about the incident.

How to Clean Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

In fact, it’s very simple, how to clean your vinyl plank floor! If you know the right steps. And if you don’t know, you will have to suffer like Nellie and spend extra money for floor replacement.


How to Clean Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Whether it is a Shaw vinyl floor or any other vinyl floor, care must be taken in cleaning. Sponge mop and plain water should not be abused when cleaning any type of vinyl floor. You need to wipe the floor spills first, and then you can mop up the vinyl floor with plain water as often as possible. This is a common way to clean your regular vinyl floor; below are some more vinyl floor cleaning techniques and tips. Hopefully, thorough cleaning according to this advice will make your floor dirt free and bright.

Clean Floor Surface

For this type of floor, even a hair can cause damage; if it is wet, it will stick to the floor, so it should be cleaned in dry condition. You need to remove dust, dirt, and hair from your floor surface quickly; they will not be allowed to accumulate.

For this, regular vacuum cleaning should be done according to the floor’s condition; also, a traditional dry mop should be done. Take a look at all the furniture on your vinyl floor. Under the furniture and even in the corners of the floor, these areas must be cleaned. Remember, dry cleaning must be done before wet cleaning.

Vinegar Treatment for Shaw Vinyl Flooring

By vinegar, we mean apple cider vinegar. Not just vinyl flooring, it is definitely a good cleaning treatment for any type of plastic floor. Experienced flooring experts say that vinegar can remove all dirt and grime from vinyl floors without damage to the floor wax polish. This is because of the strong acidity properties of vinegar.

However, vinegar must be used properly for vinyl plastic floors. You take a gallon of hot water and collect a damp mop. Mix just one cup of apple cider vinegar properly with one gallon of hot water, then continue to clean your floor frequently with hot water with a damp mop. If you want to disinfect your floor, you can use white vinegar instead of cider vinegar. If your floor does not look bright even after giving vinegar cleaning treatment, you can apply the Baby oil on the floor; it will increase the floor’s brightness several times. Just mix a few drops of baby oil vinegar with the mixture, and then wash the floor with a damp mop. Do it very carefully.

Apply Soap Treatment for Dirty Vinyl Floor

To do soap treatment, we will clean the floor with dishwashing soap. When this type of floor looks a lot dirtier, it works very well. In this case, too, you will need a mixture of water mixed with vinegar. Mix only a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap in the apple cider vinegar mixture; when it is well mixed, clean the dirty areas with a damp mop.

Jojoba Oil Treatment for Scuffed Floors

If you notice stubborn scuffs on your shaw vinyl flooring and can’t vanish it even after trying in general, then jojoba oil treatment will work great. Take a dump towel, apply the same amount of jojoba oil on it, and then keep rubbing the stubborn scuffed area with the towel. Rub until the scaffolds have completely vanished. If the floor is oily after cleansing, apply a water treatment mixed with vinegar to remove the oily feeling.

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Baking Soda Treatment for Vinyl Floor Clean

Baking soda mixture works very well to remove food and juice stains. You need to Make a baking soda paste by mixing the amount of baking soda and water and then rubbing the area with a damp towel. Keep rubbing until the food stains are vanishing. In this process, fruit juices, sauces, and any kind of food stains can be removed from the floor.

Stains Removing Treatment for Vinyl Floor

Shaw vinyl plank flooring can have many types of stains; in this case, soft brushes with nylon bristles help remove stains.

Alcohol works very well to remove pen ink and women’s cosmetic stains. You can use mineral spirits to remove complex stains from paint or any other paint. Also, if the nail polish stains used by housewives and girls can be seen on the floor, you can easily remove the stains with the nail polish remover.

So in case of stain cleaning, the source of the stain should be known in advance, then we can easily find a suitable cleaner for cleaning the stain.

Apply Multi-Surface Cleaner

As I said earlier, first, you should know the source of the stain on the floor, then you should choose the cleaner. If it is not, it can be counterproductive, and the floor can be damaged rather than cleaned. If you want your shawl to be vinyl plank floor and want to be sure there will be no damage to the floor. Then you need to rely on the best premade multi-floor surface cleaners on the market.

You will find good vinyl floor cleaners of many brands in the market, including Pine-Sol, Plage; they are tested so they can be used without fear. For example, Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner (Check on Amazon) can clean any type of floor, whether it is made of glass, bash, wood, or vinyl plastic. Pine-sol will not only clean your floor, but their lemon flavor will also enhance the dignity of your floor.

There are also many more things to be careful about. For example – if you want to use other foot furniture, including chairs in your shawl vinyl plank flooring, you must use appliance pads. Because the furniture’s legs are not smooth, but the pads are perfect, so their vinyl protects the floor from stains. The furniture, including the chairs carried to different places on the floor, creates more stains. So in the case of such floors, one has to be careful about that.


I’m hopeful if you clean your Shaw vinyl floor according to the advice above, you won’t have to get in trouble like Nellie. A simple maintenance plan will always make your vinyl floor look attractive, without any damage.

First, analyze the situation on the floor, how much traffic it is loading, and what kind of dirt has accumulated on it.

Then its brightness can be maintained only through regular cleaning. And as a general rule, wipe the spills every day and clean the grit and dirt on the vinyl floor with a tolerable broom or mop. If you care for vinyl flooring, it will definitely serve for many days.

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