How to Clean Shower Doors with WD40

Hard water deposits, build-ups, and soap scum– are some devil words in the dictionary of your bathroom. Removing them from the shower door is a tiresome task. You tried out every DIY cleaning method but failed to remove those stubborn devils.

Even if you applied the professional-grade cleaner, the result is zero. So, how to remove those stains from your bathroom door?

The only solution to this problem is- applying WD-40. The acronym of WD stands for Water Displacement. The WD-40 is a specialized cleaning that contains anti-corrosion agents & ingredients. So, it can break down water deposits, build-ups, and remove soap scum & stains.

How to Clean Shower Doors with WD-40

But the heck is- how to clean shower doors with wd40 when you don’t know the applying process? In this guide, we let you know the using procedure of wd40- step by step. The best part is- we also covered some alternative cleaning processes that are safe & effective.

Safety Precautions:

Before cleaning with WD-40, make sure you take the following safety precautions beforehand as it’s not friendly to the human body.

  • Read the manual’s instructions before using & applying this formula
  • Put on the face mask to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes
  • You can even use a handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Keep the door and window for ensuring maximum ventilation

3 Simple Steps to Clean Shower Doors with WD-40

From this chapter, you can learn how to use WD-40(View on Amazon) to clean up bathroom doors following three simple steps.

Here we go.

Step 1

First off, spray a fair amount of WD-40 over the affected area of your shower doors. Make sure you cover every spot area with the formula as it can only work its coverage area.

After spraying the stained area thoroughly, leave it for 15-30 minutes to sit properly. In this way, it gets enough time to cut through hard water deposits and build-ups.

Step 2

Generally, leaving some time to let the WD-40 will do everything for you by breaking down the hard water deposits and soap scum.

So, what you need to do is- just use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the bathroom door.

If there are still some hard-to-remove stains, it will be better to use a scrubbing brush. So, get a brush and gently scrub away the affected area.

You should reapply the formula & scrubbing the door until every buildup, and soap scum disappears.

Step 3

And finally, it’s time to wash away the shower door. So, take a bucket of clean water and rinse the bathroom door.

Then, use a dry towel to dry out the shower door.

Alternative to WD-40 to Clean the Bathroom Door

As we mentioned above, WD-40 is a harsh cleaning formula that has side effects. However, there are a lot of alternatives to this cleaning agent.

In this chapter, we introduce you to some household cleaning ingredients. All of them are safe but efficient to clean soap scum & stains.

So, let’s get started right here.

  1. Solution of White Vinegar & Water

White vinegar is a common but effective household cleaning ingredient. Using it, you can get rid of soap scum from shower doors, bathtubs, and the surface of your bathroom.

Applying Procedure:

First off, pour an equal part of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Then, shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.

Secondly, spray the solution over the impact area and leave it for 10-15 minutes to soak.

Thirdly, use a microfiber pad to wipe away the door from top to bottom evenly.

And finally, rinse the shower doors with clean water to remove residue.

  1. Paste of Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide

You can also try out the paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove soap scum and black spots.

Applying Procedure:

Firstly, make a paste blending hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Secondly, use a microfiber cloth or washcloth to apply the paste over the area of the stain of your door. Then, give it a few minutes to sit in.

Thirdly, get a bucket of warm water and a scrubbing brush. Then, start scrubbing over the area gently to get rid of the soap scum.

And lastly, rinse the shower door with clean water.

  1. Try out baking soda & white vinegar

Getting rid of soap scum and build-ups from the shower is effortless with the paste of baking soda & white vinegar.

Applying Procedure:

First off, blend the baking soda & white vinegar to make a paste.

Secondly, use a washing cloth to apply the formula over the impact area. Then, give it some time to soak properly.

Thirdly, take a scrubbing brush and gently scrub the affected area to break down every stain.

And lastly, rinse the bathroom door with clean water to wash away every residue.

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Does WD-40 remove limescale?

Yes. WD-40 works on any stubborn stains, eliminating residues inside out. So, it acts pretty well on limescale stains too. WD-40 contains an abundance of alkane compounds in the mix for effective cleanup. But knowing how to apply the solution is important. You can’t just spray some WD-40 and wait for the stain to go away. Use a clean cloth and wipe as hard as you can.

Try making fast actions, or else the WD-40 will lose its cleaning power. After cleanup, the solution will improve moisture resistance for a long-lasting shine.

How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Shower Doors

Water spots on shower doors can ruin the look of your house. But how to clean it? For starters, you will need some lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, and water.

  • Mix ½ portion of lemon juice with ½ portion of water.
  • Soak a scrubbing sponge in the water.
  • Now rub it to the shower door where stains are visible.
  • For the clevises, make a mixture of baking soda and water.
  • Take a brush, soak it in the soda to water mix, and go through the edges.
  • Leave the door to dry for 30 mins. 
  • Once you are done, use a blend of vinegar to water and clean the residue. 
  • Finally, use clean water and dry the door with a clean cloth.

Does wd40 Damage glass?

WD-40 is awesome in cleaning limescale and other stains. But will it damage the glass? Well, not at all. In fact, WD-40 is the easiest way to clean stains from glass. Turns out, glass is quite rigid on its own. The alkaline mixed inside the WD-40 can’t break the molecular bond of glass. However, you will be left with a picture-perfect finish. But don’t leave the solution on the glass for too long, or else more spots will appear.


So, how to clean shower doors with wd40? Follow the 3 steps we describe above to get rid of every soap scum, hard water deposits, and stain.

Before applying the cleaning agent, make sure you take every safety precaution to avoid potential danger. Of course, keep the shower door and window open to ensure ventilation.

However, WD-40 is an abrasive cleaning product and has side effects. To avoid potential problems, you can try out the alternative household cleaners. Now, it’s your turn whether you clean the shower door with wd40 or its alternative.

Do you have any questions related to the WD-40 cleaner agent? Then, leave a comment below to let us know.

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