How to Decorate a Dorm Room on a Budget?

Not all dorm rooms look like luxury apartments; you should know that fact. Moreover, get
ready to see rooms with white walls and basic furniture or decor options. Such a situation
can shock any young student and influence their academic performance. That is why so
many young people decide to decorate dorm rooms to improve their functionality and
aesthetics. But what if you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars on new interior
solutions? Here are some good ideas that will work for most students.


Rearrange the Room

First of all, you should start by inspecting your room. Do all the furniture items meet your
needs? Perhaps you should move the table closer to the window or push the bed against the wall to make more space. Start by creating a floor plan for your room and determine the places for your closet, table, chairs, shelves, and other furniture. Next, you should enlist the support of friends and move all the furniture to new places.

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Use Inexpensive Floor Rugs

What if you come across old, unsightly hardwood flooring, torn linoleum, or broken vinyl
tiles? Surely you will be uncomfortable touching a deformed floor with knots or sharp
sections. How about finding used floor rugs and placing them as new flooring for your room?

Alternatively, you can find a large carpet or small mats that perfectly complement the space near your desk or bed. Try looking for garage sales or things on eBay, so you don’t spend much money.

Use Scarves as Curtains

In most cases, every dorm room has at least one small window. You will probably want to
hang some curtains as a decoration since the original appearance of the window is hardly an aesthetic advantage. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on new curtains because you can use old scarves. Visit the nearest thrift stores and vintage clothing shops. Most likely, you will find cheap wide scarves, and you can use them as curtains.

Spice Up Furniture With Removable Wallpaper

What if your cupboard or desk looks like it has had better days? It is unlikely that you want to use furniture with visual defects, so it’s time for restoration. How about spicing up furniture with removable wallpaper? Visit the nearest Dollar Tree store or local market to buy matte or glossy removable wallpaper. Once you spice up the furniture, your room will be much prettier. In addition, you will not experience problems with the visual aspects. Most stores offer hundreds of wallpaper textures and color palettes.

Build Your Storage

Surely you will need extra storage for your clothes, books, gadgets or other things. That is why you can modify old drawers, shelves, or cabinets. Find a hammer, nails, and other tools to create something special. For example, a mobile wardrobe will be handy, especially if you plan to swap other furniture shortly. Buy old boards from your local store and spend a day renovating. You will surely be delighted with the final result.

Frame Cute Paper

Any picture or photograph can become a piece of art if you find a beautiful frame. Let’s say you have your cute children’s drawings or a photo collage. Think about where you want to place the new décor element. For example, you can hang drawings in front of your bed or desktop. But what if you don’t have the right art sample to achieve your goal? Then you should draw it on the computer. Use lines, figures, and color layers to create a beautiful picture. Then you should print it on paper and find a good frame. As a rule, you are unlikely to spend more than a couple of dollars, so do not worry about your budget.

Use Thrift Store Finds

You can’t even imagine what secrets any thrift store hides! Use Google Maps to find the
nearest location and plan your shopping session. Surely you will find flower pots, vintage
clocks, shelves, boxes, or chairs. With just one can of paint, you can improve old finds and
create a cozy room that suits your needs. Most of the items in the thrift stores are cheap, so
you can pick dozens of decor items or even more.

Pieces From Home

Sometimes you don’t have to spend money since you can bring home decor items. How about figurines, balls, cups, baseball gloves, or other things associated with your memories? Even one old photo on your desk can make a difference! Take at least ten minutes and list the things you want to use for decorating. But do not take many items because your room may turn into a warehouse.

Use External Wire and Cables as Décor

Have you ever seen how stylish external wires and wall-mounted power sockets look? The fact is that the wiring in your room may be old, so you will have to find an electrician and get permission for a renovation. But don’t worry: many dorms offer these services for free. Your task is to find beautiful external wires and clips to renovate your living space. Surely you can create stylish lines throughout your room that will match the color scheme. In addition, now you do not have to worry about how to power all your lamps and gadgets.
Use Plants and Lights Plants are the perfect way to hide wall imperfections and add style to your room. Just a couple of hooks built into the wall, and your private space will become cozier. And don’t forget lights as a way to change your mood. Buy a couple of cheap warm or cool lamps to create local lighting.


The above ideas will allow students to say no to boring dorm interiors and create a special room. Spend a couple of days and buy all the décor items you want to make the magic real!

Now your room will bring you positive emotions every day. You need to take your time and manage your budget wisely to buy new furniture or other stylish items.

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