How to Dissolve Poop Stuck in the Toilet

When you see that your poop will not be flushed in any way after finishing the peaceful toilet function! Then, of course, you will be upset. Just annoying, you may be disrespectful to others unless you can flush it out before it goes out. I know of many who have experienced such situations in their own homes and when visiting relatives or in public toilets. If there is no way to remove the poop stuck, there is no way to flee in shame. Because, you probably don’t know how to dissolve the poop in the toilet.

My friend Aaron told me about his embarrassing situation, but it happened at his relative’s house on Drainer Avenue, Perry in Florida. After a hundred attempts at the toilet, he could not flush the two pieces of poops.

Meanwhile, he was ashamed of what he would think of the next bathroom. Seeing this unclean condition will surely make you scold. He couldn’t even call anyone, but eventually, he went outside and brought a slender branch of a tree to dissolve the Poop, with lots of spilling. After telling the story, he asked me how such a situation could be solved easily at home. I came to say to him a few ways to easily dissolve poop stuck.

How to Dissolve Poop Stuck in the Toilet

What is the Poop?

We must get to know Poop in the beginning. If we have no idea about this, we don’t understand why Poop gets stuck in the toilet. To better understand it, it is a part of undigested food, which leaves our stomachs quickly. These parts are made up of bacteria, salts, proteins, and other substances that our stomachs cannot digest. So our gut fails and leaves them.

If the Poop contains 70% water, those poop stocks can be easily flushed down the toilet. However, due to eating extra spicy foods, the water content of the pus released from the intestines is reduced. We both get in trouble a lot of the time to flush the Poop.

The Poop can also harden if indigestible food is taken, 30% more mass if biomass bacteria react. These want to get out of our closet way very quickly. Because the digestive system can’t digest these. Because of such metabolic processes, we have to be ashamed of having to go to the toilet.

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How to dissolve the Poop stuck in the toilet?

If you or someone in your family not stuck a poop in the toilet, you must remove it. Whether it is with a stick or with detergent, it cannot be cleaned without dislodging. If you know the right technique, you do not have to open the toilet door’s latch; you will remove the Poop very easily.

For example, using detergent, you can remove your Poop stuck. You can also be stuck up by applying hot water. These ingredients can break down the particles in your Poop, so you can easily flush the trapped Poop. You can use them in several ways, I am going to discuss these.

Dissolve poop with a brush

The brush can be your friend when you go to the toilet in the house of relatives or neighbors. If this unwanted event comes to the fore, you can easily unplug the poop with a brush. Understandably, the brush not only cleans the toilet stains but at some point, we can also use it to dislodge from a poop stuck toilet. Usually, the brush is kept in a specific place inside each bathroom; in such cases, you should try to dislodge it first with this brush.

Take the toilet brush in hand, then press on the poop. Keep pushing it towards the drain as much as you can and hold it down. Then you flush the toilet water again.

If there is no obstruction in the toilet drain beforehand, it will smoothly go inside. If you have patience, you can dissolve the brush by shaking it carefully. If you have a brush in your hand, you will quickly understand how to send a poop under the toilet sink. If this is not useful in the case, then the toilet’s sink line is not clear; you have to clean it differently. If necessary, you can ask the owner of the bathroom about this.

Unlock with a plunger

If you fail to clear the poop with a brush, you can use a plunger. [su_highlight background=”#bbff63″]That is a powerful process of unlocking the toilet, and the poop can be cleared quickly.[/su_highlight]

With it, you need to create a vacuum at the aperture of the bathroom, so you need to use a plunger that is wide enough as a plunger. If your plunger matches that, start working. First, insert the plunger into the aperture line, then keep moving up and down. Do it slowly at first, then slowly increase the speed. That will create a vacuum zone inside.

When you run the plunger, you will notice the poops coming back to the toilet. Of course, don’t worry about it; it can come with more old dirt. If this happens, you should stop running the plunger and flush it with water. If the dirt still does not go away, wash it with a bucket.

If the poop does not go away, continue to flush the toilet slowly with the bucket. Make sure the bathroom is not flooded, so water cannot be flushed quickly. Experienced toilet cleaners say that the toilet should be kept clean occasionally with a plunger.

Using hot water with detergent

It can dissolve any condition of poop stuck in the toilet. Take some good quality detergent and squirt it in a bucket, then leave the bucket in the oven for some time. You can heat the water; you must boil the water in a large pot so that the water does not fall less.

Now pour the hot water into the bucket of screwed detergent, but be careful as splashing can happen. Directly pour hot water and detergent on the toilet, keep doing it after a while. You will notice that the particles of your poop stuck are breaking and moving inside under the pressure of water. Continue this process until completely dissolved.

Dissolve with water pressure

This is a tested and straightforward process. Fill a bucket with water and then flush the toilet with water pressure. However, you must apply water from a high distance; otherwise, dirty water may fall on the face or body. Of course, do not do the work wearing new clothes and use a face mask.

Pressurized flush with a bucket may need to do a few times once it is not gone, but it will become a flush a few times. Apply in such a way that the poop dissolves in the water. Then wash it off.


Can baking soda unclog a toilet?

If your toilet has got minor clogs, it can be easily removed with baking soda. But here you have to make a solution. Mix 1 cup baking soda with vinegar and pour it directly over the toilet bowl. Then, you need to wait for 30 minutes. Then, simply flush the toilet and check if it’s fixed or not.

How do you flush a big poop?

Sometimes, big pools get stubborn and stuck in your toilet bowl. They don’t get easily flushed. You can pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes to dissolve the pool. Then pressing the flush button can remove the big pop. Another ideal way would be pouring a mixture of baking soda and hot water. Baking soda will break the poop and make it flushed in no time.

Does dish soap break down poop?

Many people use dish soap as a poop dissolver in the toilet bowl. It can work really quickly and flush stubborn poop in minutes. Just pour some hot water over the toilet bowl and spread a few drops of dish soap there. It will take 5/10 minutes. Wait a while and flush the toilet. The big and stubborn will be gone by then.


If you want to keep yourself or someone else free from such embarrassing things! However, you must keep a brush and a plunger in your toilet. Because you can’t easily find a plumber, you have to dispose of the poop stuck differently. You don’t just try with detergent and hot water!

You can try many more processes. You can also apply baking soda and bleach treatment to get rid of poop stuck in your toilet.

Hopefully, after reading my poop dissolving article, you have learned why poop are stuck and the basics of dissolving poop stuck; I hope you will get the benefits by applying it. Let the toilet be safe; let the bathroom always be clean.

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