How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in a Sewer Line

You or your naughty kids use half a roll of toilet paper in your toilet. And the sheer amount of paper, you know, troubles to go down by flushing and getting stuck in the sewer line. Thus, your toilet gets clogged.

To break down the clog, you poured a bucket of water from high heights but no luck. So, you went nut thinking- how to dissolve toilet paper in a sewer line and break the gummy clog down?

Don’t worry! Today, we will introduce you to 6 simple methods to dissolve toilet paper and let the water flow. Without further ado, dive deeper into this how-to guide.

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in a Sewer Line

6 Simple Ways to Dissolve Toilet Paper in A Sewer Line

Not all brands produce toilet paper with the same absorbency level. Some toilet paper absorbs extra water, and some fails. On top of this, if you use excessive toilet paper, it doesn’t get dissolved and gets stuck in the sewer line, which causes a clog. This chapter will help you to break down the clog by dissolving the toilet paper.

1. Use Long Kitchen Gloves & Kick in the Toilet Paper

The best solution to flush away the sticky toilet paper stuck in the sewer line is to use kitchen gloves and a trash bag.

First off, wear the long kitchen gloves and fold them back at the end so that water doesn’t drip into the gloves. Then, doubled up trash bags. Then, grab the bag and a swift kick in the ass (toilet paper).

This method worked for us. So, you can try it out by sucking the toilet paper into your toilet.

2. Use a plunger

Addressing the clog and unclogging it with a plunger is effective. You can rent a plunger from your local hardware store or purchase one at a low price from there.

Make sure you seat the plunger firmly against the outlet hole using a two-handed grip. Then, use it to plunge forcefully. The pressure created by the plunger will break the clog down and remove the toilet paper.

You can also see a bit of toilet paper floating, which indicates the plunger is working. When you observe the water level drops in your toilet bowl, understand it’s time to remove the plunger as it unclogs your toilet.

3. Try Out Rid-X

Rid-X is a liquid-based cleaning formula that is specially designed to break down solid organic waste. You can apply it to dissolve toilet paper, detergent, and soap that can accumulate in your tank.

As it’s a liquid like water, you may ask- Does Rid-X dissolve toilet paper?

The short answer is yes. Enzymes contained in this formula react with the toilet paper and break it down.

To break the toilet paper clog with it, just pour the Rid-X formula into your toilet tank and give it 10-15 minutes to react with the paper. Finally, flush your toilet with water to remove the clog.

4. Pour Dish Soap & Hot Water

You can also try out dish soap and hot water to release the paper clog.  Take half a bottle of dish soap and pour it directly into your toilet bowl. Next, Pour half-gallon hot water into the bowl. Now, wait for 30 minutes to let the soap & water react with the paper. The soap helps to lubricate the passage of toilet paper and hot water dissolves the paper quickly. After 30 minutes, flush your toilet, and voila! You can find it unclogs your toilet.

5. Try out Chemical Additive

Don’t hesitate to use a chemical product that is labeled as safe for the septic tank. Though such a cleaning formula is designed for septic toilets, you can safely use them to clean all types of toilets. The chemical additive can be a lifesaver if your toilet gets clogged by toilet paper. Just follow the instructions written on the package and add it to the water. Finally, flush your toilet to release the paper blockage.

6. Use A Toilet Snake

After trying every method we mentioned above, it’s time to run a toilet snake if you fail to remove the blockage. A toilet can clear hard-to-remove obstructions that a plunger finds challenging.

If you don’t have a toilet snake, get one from Amazon or rent one from your local hardware store.

Then, enter the snake into the toilet outlet hole. Keep inserting until it reaches the clog. Next, turn the toilet snake’s handle to hook up anything that causes the clog. Finally, pull it out to bring the obstruction that clogs your toilet for freeing up and unclogging your toilet.


What breaks down toilet paper in pipes?

Chemical Additives, dish soap and hot water can effortlessly break down toilet paper in pipes. A plunger can also break the toilet paper down efficiently. If still, you hassle to remove the toilet paper, you can use a closet auger to get the job done.

Will toilet paper eventually dissolve?

Yes, toilet paper is specially designed to dissolve water eventually. However, some brands produce toilet paper that dissolves quickly compared to others.

Can toilet paper clog a sewer line?

Yes, toilet paper can clog a sewer line and prevents water from flowing into the pipe. If you use excessive toilet paper, get ready for clearing the clog.

What toilet paper do plumbers recommend?

Most plumbers recommend Scott toilet paper highly as it dissolves faster.

What happens if you flush too much toilet paper?

Simple, it clogs the toilet. Though toilet paper is designed to dissolve with water, it doesn’t dissolve if you use excessive toilet water. And it leads to toilet clog.


So, how to dissolve toilet paper in a sewer line?

Try out every method we mentioned above to release the clog. We suggest you apply the soap & hot water or chemical additives in the first stage. If these methods fail to unclog your toilet, move on and use a plunger to kick in the ass. And in the final scene, run a toilet snake if any methods get no luck for you.

Even running the toilet snake can’t remove the blockage; understand a severe problem is in your plumbing system. In this case, there is no alternative to calling a certified plumber to get the job done for you.

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