How to Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating

When you install your vinyl plank flooring, notice that it looks separate! Indeed your mind becomes very frustrated.

When a friend of mine installed it a few days ago, he also suffered from this. He finished the installation with an experienced floor expert, but he did not get a plank type floor. I told him something was wrong.

However, you need to fix the separation of vinyl plank flooring. If you can’t fix it quickly, it will not look good. It would be best if you set the gaps in the floor correctly. You can do the work yourself or with the help of an experienced floor expert. Then it will look great and increase the respect of your home.

How to Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating


Why is my vinyl plank flooring separating

You will find many reasons behind the separation of your floorboards. Floorboard separation occurs in hot and cold weather. The saddest part of floor separation is that you can’t get rid of it without repairing or replacing it. But some problems are human-made that you can avoid if you want.

The Weather Effects On Planks to Expand And Contract

Hot and cold weather is the leading and primary cause of separation. Vinyl plank flooring is enlarged or compressed depending on the room temperature. When it is sweltering outside, and the house’s temperature rises more, you will see your floor more sealed and glued due to expansion. It feels tighter than other times.

When the inside of the house gets colder and colder due to the cold weather outside, you will see real floor separation. You will see some common gaps between the boards, which we call floorboard separation. The temperature that affects the boards is also related to places like air conditioning units or ventilators.

Board separation doesn’t just happen to go from summer to winter. The continuous change of temperature causes separation. In winter, your room temperature changes day and night. At night the temperature drops a lot, while during the day, the temperature rises a bit. For all these reasons, the shape of the boards’ changes, and separation occurs.

Moving Heavy Furniture From the Vinyl Plank Flooring

Pulling heavy furniture over the floor harms the board. Although the floor makes to carry heavy furniture, it still weighs on the floor. Due to heavy furniture dragged over the floor can remove  Flooring boards. Heavy furniture can ruin the integrity of the floor.

An effective way to move furniture is to lift it by hand and place it in a selected place. Putting clothes under the furniture and dragging them to a new home is another modern way to protect floor planks. A few simple steps will alleviate your long-term concerns. Keeping heavy furniture in one place for a long time is also dangerous for floorboards.

Three Primary Types Vinyl Plank Flooring

These types are:-

Glue-down:-These boards work to glue the subfloor.

Click-in:-The boards click together like some puzzle.

Loose-lay:– These fit together without holding anything. It also seems like some puzzle.

The separation can mark by separation or small leaks that you can see on the vertical floorboards. It is not in the horizontal line but the longest-running lines of the boards. From the vertical board, you can easily understand the floorboard separation.

Can You Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separation?

Vinyl plank separation can be tedious, but it is possible to resolve issues through proper Caulking. You have to deal with the problem of floorboard separation. Floorboard separation is not something you have to live with or change completely. You can never change the weather elements on your own. So, you have to learn how to solve the problem caused by all these elements. So that you can protect the beauty of your floor, always be vigilant to keep your floor durable and robust. Stable and robust floorboards will bring peace to your eyes.

You can replace the floorboard when you notice different gaps in the floor, and it seems unreachable. Occasionally, a weak floor destroys entire floorboards.

How To Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separation

You don’t need to change the floor entirely if there is plank separation. You can repair your floor’s damaged part using the Caulking method before the floor is completely damaged. This method not only retains the rigidity of the floor but also acts as a barrier in water. Caulking can fill the gaps between your floorboards.

Select the right Caulking. You can take latex, which has a low odor and attractive expansion ability. Acrylic is a more acceptable and long-lasting method than latex. The acrylic method makes floorboards much stronger and more durable. Silicone caulking is an adequate and suitable method in high-temperature climates because of its ability to prevent any harmful situation. Many people use Silicone caulking because It’s the specialty.

Clean the floorboards properly and check for any dust. Carefully observe if there is any dust or water between the boards. If it is difficult to clean the dirt by hand, use the necessary tools. Take necessary measures, so that was not waste anywhere other than the caulking area.

Ensure you locked the main door; there are no children or pets in the room before you go to the caulk. Now start Caulking. Fill the plank separation and remove the excess caulk with your fingers. You can use any color or anything else that matches the plank flooring color for the particular caulking area. In silicone caulking, painting is not pleasant for silicone Caulking because silicone caulking makes the paint awkward.

New Homes Vinyl Flooring Settle Instruction

A few days after installing the floorboards in the new house, you will see your floor’s separation. This problem is often to visit with newly built homes, which is very important to solve. A homestead goes through different stages. As such, the soil used for the foundation must become naturally infected. When it rains or snows, the water mixes with the ground to make more impact, causing the whole house to move away from its foundation.

Boards used at home in hot and cold weather will go through the same problem. Boards will expand or retract based on the temperature that may cause settle. Most contractors know how to avoid board separation, but their plans do not always work because it’s a complicated situation.

In general, it depends entirely on the nature of how you installed it and have vinyl plank flooring in your new home because you can see some separation on the boards shortly. But you don’t need to worry about this problem because some useful methods can solve the separation problem of your vinyl plank floorboards.


There is nothing to be disappointed with this floating gap on the floor. That is normal on floors that are installed and used. The same is true of your vinyl plank flooring; there is nothing to be surprised about the gap after installation. Instead, efforts should be made to fill this gap. If you can do this floor gap fixing process correctly, it will enhance your vinyl floor’s beauty. No space can reduce its splendor. You may be worried about whether you should clean the floor before starting work! You look at the floor, take action according to its condition.

Once your vinyl plank flooring gap is fixed, Now invite your friend over for a tea party. Everyone will tell you about the beauty of a gapless vinyl plank floor. So take the right steps to improve the separation of the installed base and quickly get compliments.

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