How to Get Motor Oil Out of Carpet – Oil Grease Cleaning Tips

Your carpet gets dirty from our daily wear and tear. But we cannot throw the entire rug into our washing machine. So, some techniques are necessary to clean dirt from the carpet. Removing oil saints such as motor oil from a carpet is not so easy.

I am here to help you to learn how to get motor oil out of carpet. It is better to keep a paper towel or a cloth on the oily area to blot it as much as possible. But you should not rub on it. However, the following methods are helpful to remove motor oil, baby oil, and other types of oil.

How to Get Motor Oil Out of Carpet

You can easily track motor oil on your carpet after coming back from the garage. There are few techniques that are very helpful to remove motor oil grease and stains out of the carpet. You can try them yourself. Let’s see the methods on how to get motor oil out of the carpet.

How to Get Motor Oil Out of Carpet

Applying alcohol and dishwasher

You can remove any oil stains by this process.

  • When you see oil stains such as motor or cooking oil on your carpet, you should take a paper towel. Then keep it on the oily area to blot the oil. Use paper towels until you see no more oil on this area.
  • Now take a washcloth. Apply some rubbing alcohol on the oily area directly. Just blot on the carpet. Do not wipe because it can spread the stains to other areas.
  • Then take ¼ tablespoon dish-washing liquid with other portion of water. Take the dish-washing that does not contain bleaching materials.
  • Use this mixture on the stains with a sponge. Bolt-on the carpet until you see that the stain goes away.

Using baking soda and corn starch

Baking soda and corn starch work as absorbents. It can soak up any kinds of moisture. Besides, these elements do not harm the carpet anymore. Baking soda and corn starch are very cheap too. Besides, they come from organic materials.

  • At first, cover the stained area with corn starch or baking soda. You can sprinkle too much of the powder because it does not harm your carpet.
  • Now, you have to rub the powder on into the carpet. But you should make sure that you do not rub harshly or softly. Just put enough force on the carpet to get it into the fibers properly. You can use a utility brush for the stains.
  • After that, you need to keep the baking soda or corn starch onto the carpet for 15 minutes to sit correctly. Thus corn starch or soda can absorb the oil effectively.
  • Then use a vacuum cleaner to clean away the powdered material or baking soda from the carpet.
  • Now use some dish-washing detergent onto the carpet. Use a utility brush to clean properly. You can also use warm water. Quickly blot the detergent from the stained area with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Then dry the carpet completely.

Applying a dry cleaning solvent

Before using a dry cleaning solvent, you need to test it first. For this, you can use a clean cloth and take some of the solvent on it. Then press it on a hidden small part of your carpet. After a few minutes, blot the solution with a damp cloth. Then dry the area. If you see that it works well without any problem, you can use it for the stained oily area.

  • Apply some solvent on to the stained carpet and press it with a clean cloth. Press with enough force so that the solution can get inside the carpet fibers.
  • Let it for five minutes. Then take a damp cloth to blot the solvent up from the carpet. Then let the carpet to dry. You can use a fan to dry it.
  • After drying the carpet, you should examine that if there is any oil left. If you find any stain, you can repeat the process. You can do it multiple times until all the stains are removed properly.

Does WD 40 Remove carpet stains?

Vulgar carpets and rugs stained by motor oil, dog urine, grease, and food are tough to deal with. Don’t worry; WD 40 can remove all kinds of stains. Though you have a carpet cleaner, it takes a lot of time to use. WD 40 is the best solution and an easy way. Firstly you spray the stain with WD40, wait for two minutes, then use a towel or cotton cloth to clean gently. You can clean it with a sponge and warm, soapy water.

Must pay attention points

All of these processes are easy and effective. But you need to consider some points during cleaning oil stains from your carpet because these tips will help you to work effectively.

  • The first thing is that you should blot the oil with a paper towel or cloth as soon as possible after discovering it. If the grease goes beneath the carpet, you should call a professional carpet cleaner.
  • You should try the second method if you cannot remove the total stains applying the first method. Thus it is possible to remove the oil stains or any stains.
  • Baking soda and corn starch method is safest and also easiest one. It is better to try it first.
  • You should not use rubbing alcohol directly on the carpet. If you use too much alcohol, it can go to the backing of the carpet and destroy the support by breaking the latex bond of the carpet.
  • After cleaning motor oil from your carpet, do not walk on it if it remains damp.
  • To expand your carpet’s lifetime, you should take care of it properly. You should vacuum it at least two times a week.

It is beneficial to know how to clean motor oil out of the carpet. Carpet of our home gets stained from various causes. So, sometimes it is irritating for us to spend much time to clean stains from carpet. Motor oil can stain your carpet accidentally from you or any family members who work in the garage and come inside the room. You can remove the oil stains naturally. But for stubborn and heavy oil stains, you should call the professional cleaner. Spend a few minutes every week for your carpet. Try to clean it regularly for its long lifetime.

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