How to Get Rid of Husky Hair?

Dogs are such wonderful and loyal creatures. No wonder dogs are so popular among people who like to keep pets as companions. From their personality to beauty, everything about them ranks them as the most loved pet of all time. The number of dog varieties is immense, and people can choose the type of dog they like most.

One of the most popular breeds is the Husky, especially my favorite one, the Siberian Husky. These dogs stand out due to their majestic looks, distinguished eye color, and beautiful dense coat of fur.

However, these huskies require high maintenance and energy spent after them. While you enjoy the company of your four-legged furry friends, it can often be a nuisance to see hair shedding from your dog scattered around different places in your house. Cleaning this up over and over again is very annoying and stressful. As a dog enthusiast and a husky owner myself, I will be sharing with you some insights and methods I have used over the years to get rid of this hair.

How to Get Rid of Husky Hair

Understanding why this happens

Any dog enthusiast can tell you that double-coated breed, like Siberian Huskies, shed about twice a year. The number may vary as it largely depends on the changing seasons the huskies go through. An effective way to get rid of husky hair is to bear this information in mind.

Typically, huskies blow their coat twice before big seasonal transitions, often once before winter and once before summer. There are possible exceptions; for example, your husky shedding only once a year. However, there is nothing to worry about. This depends on the type of environment you reside in and the kind of breed your husky is.

How long does the shedding process take?

A good question that may come into your mind is how long you have to deal with this large amount of fur around your house. Well, huskies generally shed for about 3 to 5 weeks, but as I mentioned earlier, this can also vary for each husky.

There is no method to permanently get rid of husky fur shedding or speed up the process. However, there are a few things you can do to manage the hair once the shedding starts.

How to Get Rid of Husky Hair?

In this part, I will share some practical ways to deal with husky hair fall, which will include steps to reduce the shedding in general, and how to get rid of the hair afterwards. Keep in mind that the list is long, and you need to follow all of the steps for optimal results.

Never shave the coat of a husky

Dogs with double coats, like huskies, should never be shaved. Anyone who tells you otherwise is mistaken. Shaving can cause the lower layer of the coat to grow faster than the upper layer, leading to tangling knots between the two coats, which is very hard to deal with.

Brush your husky properly

Having a proper brushing routine is essential in having good hair. Brushing removes dead hair follicles from the coat of your husky. This, in turn, will keep your husky clean and stimulate new hair growth at the same time.

The frequency of brushing your little friend should be no more than 2 to 3 times a week. This amount is more than enough to clear dead hair from its coat. It is best to brush in short spans instead of doing it once a week for a very long time.

Always remember that your dog should feel no discomfort while you brush it. Do not exert too much force as it may irritate the skin and break hair follicles. If you see your dog feeling uncomfortable, stop immediately.


Huskies are a special breed in the sense that they have very clean coats and do not produce much oil from their skin. Hence, they need minimal bathing, maybe once every 2 to 3 months at best if you bathe it thoroughly.

Whether you use a regular or de-shedding shampoo is entirely up to you. Still, I would suggest consulting a vet before using any kind of product. I would also recommend investing in quality products that are certified and made just for dog furs.

At first, rinse your little pup all the way down, making the coat completely wet. Apply your chosen shampoo product on the skin thoroughly, making sure you have gotten every part. You may use a bathing brush for better results. Afterwards, wash out the shampoo completely.

Repeat the process with a conditioner to maintain smooth and silky fur. Although I would recommend this, it is not essential, and you may avoid it.

Bathing is necessary to keep your husky’s fur smooth and soft. You may notice chunks of hair coming out during bathing. There is nothing to worry about it but if the amount is too much, you may seek professional help.

Blowing out loose hair

An excellent step to remove some loose hair before bathing or brushing your husky, is to blow out the coat from top to bottom. For this, you may invest in a regular dryer or a dryer with adjustable temperature.

From personal experience, blowing out loose hair before a bath reduces a lot of work and is much more convenient. It is time-efficient and is easier to clean than picking up wet hair from your tub.

The process of blowing out loose hair is quite simple. Move the dryer back and forth slowly, setting it at a moderate speed, same as blow-drying your own hair. The point to be noted is that a lot of hair will come off and get scattered, so do it in a place that is easy for you to clean.

How to clean up

The most effective way to clean up the hair afterwards is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dry hair off your floor. If there is hair left in your tub, pick it up instead of draining it to prevent clogs.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to get rid of hair from your husky permanently, and you have to bear with that. Hopefully, you guys will find value by following the steps I have shared with you guys. I hope this resource helps you in better dealing with your husky’s hair.

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