How to Get Rid of Rotten Egg Smell in House

Why does the rotten egg smell in the house come and go? Gas leaks, dry P trap, or faulty sewer line are some of the reasons that cause the rotten egg smell.

No matter what causes this problem, no one of us likes this dreadful smell. It makes the interior environment unhealthy. And prolonged exposure to this sewage smell can be a reason for several health issues like nausea, headache, and dizziness.

So, how to get rid of rotten egg smell and keep the home environment healthy?

Don’t worry.

We will cover everything that causes the hydrogen sulfide or rotten egg odor and their remedies. Now, it’s time to dig into this guide to explore the solutions.

How to Get Rid of Rotten Egg Smell in House

Harmful effects of Rotten Egg Smell

The reason behind the rotten egg smell is the hydrogen sulfide. And smelling it doesn’t mean it will make you sick.

In simple words, a level of hydrogen sulfide doesn’t impact human health.  But such a kind of foul odor is annoying rather than dangerous.

According to a report, the hydrogen sulfide doesn’t impact humans until it reaches up to 2 ppm for a half an hour. When it reaches this level, some allergy-sensitive people react to it.

But smelling the odor for a long time will cause nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness. And the higher level (800-1000 ppm)of hydrogen sulfide taking in the breath will be a reason for immediate unconsciousness, even death.

To get rid of the foul smell, follow the below solutions we provide.

5 Issues and Remedies of Rotten Egg Smell in the House

From this chapter, you can know the 5 issues for the rotten egg smell. Also, we provide the solution to those problems. So, let’s jump into the point straight.

Issue 1: Gas Leaks

The first and foremost reason behind the rotten egg smell is the gas leaks. So, check out any gas appliances like water heaters, stove, and valves.

Generally, the smell comes from those areas because of Hydrogen Sulphide. Gas company injected this so that you can trace out the leaky spot easily.

The gas leak occurs due to a bad regulator. Also, if the gas line in your house doesn’t install according to the local codes, the leaks happen frequently.


Gas leak is a serious problem. Keep away the open flame and electric equipment from the gas line. Then, call the gas company to do this task for you.

Issue 2: P-trap under the drain dries out

Rotten egg smell is a constant issue!! Then, it’s probably because of the dry P-trap. Every drain of your house has a P-shape pipe that holds some water. This pipe is known as P-trap.

The water in this pipe blocks the sewage smell of the sewer line from leaking out into your home. If you leave the sink or shower for a long time, then water in the pipe will dry out.

And every time you go to use the shower, you start getting the rotten egg smell. This is because there is no barrier between you and the sewer pipe.


To get rid of this stench, run your shower for 2 minutes, run the bathroom fan for 20-30 minutes.

If the grisly odor is still there, perhaps there is a complex issue in your plumbing system. In this case, we recommend you call a professional plumber.

Issue 3: Faulty Vent Pipe

Vent pipe in your home plumbing system is a crucial piece of equipment that controls the air pressure. Therefore, it helps to direct the smell outside of your home.

But the faulty vent pipe directs the odor inside of the bathroom or interior of the house. And every time you go to the bathroom, you smell the hideous odor.

Besides, improper installation of the vent pipe will be another reason for the rotten or sulfur smell.


If the vent pipe gets clogged, we recommend you cut the clogged part. Then, attach a stud-or vent there.

Still, the odor is there after cutting the clogged pipe, flushing the entire vent pipe will get rid of this issue. 

In case of improper installation, we suggest you hire a professional plumber to install the vent pipe.

Issue 4: Biological Slim

Another reason behind the sewage odor is the biological slim. This slim can generally grow in the sink, bath drain, and shower tubs. It occurs because of skin oil, hair shampoo, and soap.

For the slim, every time you flush the drainpipe, you smell the stink odor.


First off, remove the drainpipe cover and flush water into the tubes. 

Then, use a scrubbing brush and brush away the pipe with soap. 

Lastly, flush with water to get rid of the rotten smell.

Issue 5: Well Water

Do you have a well or municipal water? If you have a well, then the foul odor comes from the water because of the hydrogen sulfide buildup. As there are bacteria in the well, the water just smells. But it is not harmful. 


You can effortlessly get rid of this issue by shocking the well with chlorine. Also, hiring a plumber to install a carbon filter on the faucets will be excellent to remove the foul odor from water.

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Why rotten egg smell in house comes and goes?

Sometimes, even after cleaning, a rotten egg smell comes and goes in your house. Such bad odor can happen because of strong downdrafts. Such downdrafts can be caused by cold temperature, vent stacks. This will create imbalanced warm air rising in the air. During windy weather, such odors will get stronger and seem like rotten egg smell in your house.

Does carbon monoxide smell like rotten eggs?

Some people say that carbon monoxide will smell like a rotten egg. But in reality, carbon monoxide has no smell that you can identify with. However, the best and only way to measure carbon monoxide will be using a proper carbon monoxide detector. However, if you notice such bad smells in your house, consider giving it a check.

Is rotten egg smell dangerous?

Sometimes rotten egg smells are more than just stack effects. Natural gas leakage can also cause such odors. If you notice anything wrong in the house, give a check over the gas system. And also, open the doors and windows soon. It can save you from the blast and severe damages. You can definitely consider egg smell as a dangerous issue for your house’s gas system.

Which gas gives the smell of rotten eggs?

If you’ve got a water heater in the house and smelling rotten eggs, that is because of Hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide can spread such odors for various reasons. This can also cause any organic matter malfunctions in your house.


Though the rotten egg smell is not harmful to your health, it will make an unhealthy environment. And the above remedies we mentioned will help you prevent the rotten egg smell in house comes and goes.

If every solution we provided fails to remove the foul odor, perhaps there will be a complex problem in the plumbing system.

In this case, it will be better to call a professional plumber to fix the issue.

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