Room Service? How to Make a Bedroom Look Like a Luxury Hotel Room

Fancy a night at the Ritz but don’t want to be out of pocket? Or perhaps you just
want to sit back and unwind in a comforting bed shrouded by fresh duvets and
dappled with cozy pillows? The thought of being able to sleep and wake up in a
luxury, 5-star hotel suite with extremely comfy bedding may be exciting, especially
after a long week of hard work. Well, why not replicate the comforts of a divine hotel
room in your very own space at home? Kick back and relax as we walk you through
how you could make your bedroom look like a luxury hotel room.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Like a Luxury Hotel Room

Pamper your bed with luxury bedding

Since many high-end hotels are well recognized for satisfying their guests with
quality sheets and bedding, investing in some high-end quilts and bed linen is an
easy way to transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat. When travelling or
staying in a hotel for the night, the thing many people most look forward to is the
beds, since the ultra-cozy bedding allows them a quality night’s sleep. Look for
comfy sheets that are soft on your skin. White bedding is most used in many luxury
hotels, so look for sheets with muted neutral tones.

Illuminate your room with lighting

Warm lighting is widely used in hotels to give off a sense of depth and make the
room appear so much more welcoming
and relaxing. Warm lighting is lighting with a
slight yellow or orange tone. Without the harshness of overhead illumination, a
hanging lamp near your bedroom can create an intimate, relaxing atmosphere in
your room.

Triple sheeting

Layering a lightweight blanket or comforter between two starched sheets is known as
triple sheeting, and it’s a sophisticated hotel industry technique. This method not only
produces a fresh, clean bed, but it is also highly cost-effective and simple to use.
The blanket may be washed less frequently and does away with the requirement for
a duvet cover.

Relaxing color scheme

Because the purpose of many luxury hotel-inspired rooms is to relax, stick to neutral
tones and keep things relatively simple. Choose only one or two colors, then
experiment with tonal variations. Use your primary color for your focal points, such
as your walls, and then add depth with varied tones of cushions and blankets. This goes for your furniture as well – opt for a wooden or metallic table frame to contrast
the softness of your furnishings.

Hang some mirrors

You could hang or place some mirrors strategically in your room to reflect light from
both outdoors and indoors and make the space feel larger. Many luxury hotel suites
are fitted with stunning mirrors that feature LED lighting elements to illuminate your
face as you look into it. Consider fitting an LED mirror and a full-scale mirror to
create a luxury vibe.

Display some artwork

Artwork adds charm to a bedroom and is also a crucial component of luxury hotel
suites. Think of hotels you’ve stayed at in the past – they have most likely featured
some wall art. Add some luxury-looking artwork or opt for something simple but

And there you have it – just a few ways you can make your bedroom feel like a luxury
hotel room, without breaking the bank.

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