How to Make the Interior of Your House Attractive with Lighting

The correct lighting can uplift and change the mood and look of any house. There are several types of attractive lighting available in the market. These lightings can be suited according to your mood- a muted dim light for your bedroom for a calm ambience, a brighter light for your dining area or kitchen, etc.

It is extremely essential that one knows all about the different types of attractive lighting and makes the right choice for energy efficient homes.

Types of Lighting in Interior Design

The three broad types of attractive lighting for home are

  • Ambient or General Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

We will discuss all three categories with the types they offer below-

Ambient or General Lighting

Ambient light or general light provides a soothing, calm vibe to your room. Popularly known as natural light, it gives a soft glow to your room but is not suited for working closely with other things.

How to Make the Interior of Your House Attractive with Lighting

Some of the best choices of ambient light are given below-

  1. Chandelier- A chandelier provides dramatic lighting to your room. Even if it is big in size, it can be customized according to your need and be fixed with both downlighting and uplighting.
  2. Torchiere Lamp- Torchiere Lamp is suited for a particular section or specific area of your room. It reflects light to the ceiling bringing focus to a specific area.
  3. Table Lamp- A shaded table lamp brings character to your room. Mainly used as a bedside lamp, it creates a cozy ambience, great for conversations.
  4. Recessed Lighting- A recessed lighting is fixed to the ceiling and provides moderate lighting to a room. You can choose to fix one or more in a room with intervals for a museum effect. They are also available with a dimmer switch.
  5. Ceiling Light- A ceiling light is the most common type of lights for homes. It can be both extraordinarily bright or muted according to your mood and preference.

Task lighting

Task Lighting, better known as office Lighting, is used for concentrating on details. This type of lighting is suited for works like writing, reading, sewing, cooking, etc., i.e. work where you need to see the objects clearly and closely.

It is advisable to use contrast lights while opting for task lighting. This helps you to concentrate on tasks and helps to stimulate your brain and keeps you more alert.

Task Lighting for Interior design

Task lights help you to observe objects in detail and help to produce better results. Some of the task lights you can opt for are-

  1. Pendant Light- Pendant lights provide direct overhead lighting. These are best suited for kitchens or bathrooms as an aesthetic yet intense task light.
  2. Under-cabinet Lighting- Under-cabinet lighting is used mainly in workshops, kitchens and craft rooms. These lights are mounted beneath a cabinet and help to find out objects or things placed in cabinets.
  3. Table Lamp- Table Lamps with higher voltage power are very much suitable for a work desk. They provide ample lighting in particular areas.
  4. Desk Lamp- Desk lamps are the best option for task lighting. This is because desk lamps are generally accompanied with moveable arms or gooseneck, which is perfect for shifting them to focus on one particular area.
  5. Wall Sconce- Wall Scones are best suitable for providing downlight. They are not as handy as desk or table lamps as they take up too much space and cannot be shifted or customized according to your wish.

Accent Lighting

Accent light brings a flair of drama in your room. These lights are mainly used for highlighting one particular showpiece, furniture, artwork, and displays. These can also be used as outdoor lighting mostly for holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

Accent Lighting For Interior Design

These are mainly used in museums, art shows, and historical buildings to highlight a particular feature or showpiece in your home.

The following types of accent lights can be utilized in your home-

  1. Recessed Lighting- It provides subtle light to a room, adding a soft glow to a bookcase or cabinet.
  2. Track Lighting- Track lights are an old lighting model but are still favored for highlighting showpieces or artworks.
  3. Wall Scone- A wall scone can be used to bring focus to a particular showpiece or artwork and at the same time brighten up a space. It can be used both for downlighting or uplighting and is mostly used to brighten up, free up a room, or in hallways and dining spaces.
  4. Cove Lighting – Cove lights are used mainly for ceilings, especially in false ceilings, hedges, valances, and tray ceilings. These provide a muted lighting to the whole room.


To conclude we can say that you have to choose lightings for your home very carefully. Out of all the types of attractive lighting available in the market, you have to make sure which one makes your home look the best and the brightest.

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