How to Permanently Get Rid Of Weeds in Driveway

Weeds come and go every time you trim them. But most of us can’t find a solution on how to permanently get rid of weeds in driveways. Other than that, weeds also appear in pavements, sidewalks, and so on. However, you can still expect the finest solution since there are tons of methods for you to try.

For example, you can take out the weeds from roots, apply chemical solutions, or pour boiled water. These techniques are widespread which are practical as well.

Since the world is updating, the process of removing weed is also getting better. So, do you want to know more? Please read below for more. 

Why are Weeds So Hard to Kill?

Some perennials like horsetail, ground elder, and bindweed are hard to get rid of. And the saddest part is, traditional methods sometimes fail to work as a sheer remedy. The only way to stop them from growing huge is from the roots.

Since people, wind, and pests assist the annual seeds, they eventually spread everywhere by attaching themselves. But still, there are lots of ways to get rid of them if you execute them properly. 

Why Do Plants Attract Crevices?

Usually, sidewalk cracks and driveways hold a good amount of organic matter and soil. These substances are a perfect bed for weed seeds and grass. 

The moisture which seeps into driveways remains for a longer time in other parts of landscapes as well. In this way, the driveways hold moisture as much as mulch does. And the plants that send their roots beneath the land get trapped with this moisture.

Moreover, there are some weeds and grasses seeking heat. Instantly, crabgrasses also sought for driveways, as they are warm seasonal grass. 

The seeds of this grass are very tiny and penetrate small cracks. But then, again, the quackgrasses are diabolical. The reason is, this grass conveys a perennial weed that survives even in small pieces of root. 

This type of grass remains beneath the slab. If once they get exposed, we can remove the grasses easily and so the weeds. But there is also a possibility to pop up the new shoots at any time. 

Essential Preventive Steps

There is a proverb that says, “Prevention is better than cure.” So, if you want to remove weeds from your garden in the first place, try the prevention method first. 

  • You can use a thick weed control of fabric under your patios, paths, and driveways.
  • Fill the gaps between driveways or block pavings with weed control sand.
  • Try to kill the new weed growths as soon as possible. 
  • Weeds colonize bare soils rapidly. So, it will be better if you mulch or either lose it.

How to kill weeds on hard surfaces? 

Sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of weeds permanently when they are on hard surfaces. But, though it is hard, we can’t lose hope and shall keep finding solutions. 

The weeds that breach in chips or concrete are kinda hard to pluck out. So, a better way will be to use two layers of weed control fabric before they lay on your path. 

But don’t leave them for too long. Or else, the weeds may spread more and damage your concrete in a click.

Remove weeds from your paths. 

You can use a hose or a small garden knife to dig the weeds out for manual control. Then take weed control sand and fill out the cracks simply.

Or, you can use GoodGrow Weed Killer over the weeds when it’s a sunny day. In this way, you can kill weeds right down from the roots.

Block pavings

You can use a hose or a similar object like that to dig out the weeds. Or, you can cover the copious amounts with salt. And if that doesn’t work, just simply spray some vinegar. 

On the flipping side, chemical controls can be preferable as well. GoodGrow is a long-lasting weed killer which ideally suits all block pavings. 

From your patio

Here, the process is simple. After you spray vinegar on the weeds of your wall, just fill that area with weed control sand. 


There are several options to kill weeds from your driveway using manual methods. Such as covering them with carpet or tarpaulin, spraying vinegar, or burning them with a flame gun.

Another option is to go for a chemical method. For example, there is a combination named weed killer and sprayer. It is an effective tool to kill weeds permanently from their roots.

From walls

To remove weeds from your wall, you will need to spray some vinegar or burn them with a flamethrower. And, of course, GoodGrower is there for a chemical solution if you don’t have to do that manually.

Lawn weed removal

If your lawn has adequate nutrition and drainage, it will be easy to absorb all the lawn fertilizers. As a result, the grasses there can outgrow any weeds quickly.

Getting rid of weeds from the lawn is indeed a bit tricky. So, to get the best results, you should identify the weeds on your lawn before doing any treatment. 

You will probably need a selective herbicide. 

One more thing, if you are preparing a new lawn, be alert and apply every process wisely. It will give a consequence of no weed in your lawn area. 

But accidentally, weeds do appear, especially when we don’t have any idea about that. So at that moment, pick out the weeds by your hands or use a daisy picker instead. 

There are many weed and feed products available in the market. They are an ideal option to control weeds chemically and nourish lawn grasses with rich nutrients. 

You can also give a try to glyphosate gel. Since it kills whatever it touches, the weeds will also dry naturally once they get the appliance of this gel

Essential treatments to get rid of weeds permanently. 

Glyphosate gel is the most widely used remedy to kill weeds. It is a safe, robust, and reliable alternative to eliminate weeds in just one application. 

Some advantages that you will get from this treatment are-

  • Kills weed from the root so that they don’t germinate again and vanish in one spray.
  • Kills 99% of tough weeds like- ivy and brambles. 
  • After the area gets dry, your children and pets can have a playful time there.
  • As you will not get any residues, it will be easy to replant new seeds afterward. 
  • Not affecting the soil health, the gel breaks down the harmful soils gently. 
  • It is effortless to use. Just pour, spray, and leave to dry.

What You’ve Been Missing: How Long Does Weed And Feed Take To Work

Now Let’s Look at Some Home Remedies.

Weeds are somewhat undemanding in hardscapes. And there will be no option except for removing them from your yard. However, since you search for remedies to get rid of those weeds, you can look below some peak points. They all are simple and easily executable by everyone. 

Use Vinegar

Well, it is not surprising that vinegar can be a helpful object to kill weeds. We see many times in our homes that the elders use vinegar for household and yard operation. The reason is, this aqueous solution works like a natural herbicide and does not require any chemical well.

So, if you want to kill the annoying weeds which are problematic to your driveways, just spray on them more than once. 

But make sure that your vinegar possesses a higher strength. As a result, the weeds will not take time to die eventually. 

Commercial Herbicides

Though commercial herbicides are pretty expensive, they are an effective way to kill weeds and stop the new ones from growing. Also, you need to stay alert from choosing the herbicides laden with toxic elements. 

If you have children and pets in your house, these types of herbicides can be dangerous for your home.

But where can you get the relevant non-toxic ones? It will be great if you give a visit to herbicide routes. There are numerous organic options available, which are best to get rid of weeds.

Pour boiling water over the weeds

Are you fed up with trying out artificial ways and now looking for a natural solution? Then no other remedies can be as splendid as hot water. All you need to do is, boil some water and pour it over the weeds in your gravel driveways, walkways, cracks in concrete or under the deck.

Boiled waters work precisely the same as vinegar. However, you must remember not to pour on your desired plants since hot waters are an effective way to kill greeneries. 

Use a V notch weeder and a Cape Cod weeder

Is it challenging for you to grab the weeds with a fork? Then a perfect way to ease your process is using a notched weeder or a Cape Cod weeder. V notch weeders are like a handy notch that allows to hook the weeds quickly and aid in extraction. On the other hand, Cape Cod weeders come with long or short handles. And its shape is like a narrow hoe.

If you want, you can use a soil knife or the above multifunctional tools to remove weeds from your driveways. Other than that, you can harvest, prune, twine, and do other garden tasks as well. 

Try to pull out the weeds

Maybe pulling weeds is not so convenient for everyone, but an excellent way to burn calories for sure. Moreover, such kinds of activities get us outside in the sunshine and fresh air. And on the contrary, it is the least expensive way to remove weeds from the hardscapes. 

While pulling out the weeds, keep in mind the grass extracts out from the root. As a result, you will not face any problem regarding the growing of weeds again and again.

Take the help of a propane torch

A propane blow torch can be a helpful object for you to get rid of stubborn weeds. Many types of propane torches, like- long-handled, or others which the plumbers use often. But don’t torch dry your essential grasses when you are applying propane.

Seal off the cracks

Do you know that cracked pavements are a significant source of growing weeds? If your pavement gains even a little space due to cracks, weeds will undoubtedly grow there. 

So, don’t forget to inspect your pavements and driveways every year. To seal the cracks off, you can use masonry caulk or mortar.

Final Thoughts 

Are you one of those who can’t stand the presence of weeds? Then nothing can be as great as finding the solution on how to permanently get rid of weeds in driveways. I hope you got to know all the possible outcomes that are inevitable in driveways, sidewalks, and pavements. 

On that note, the above-given remedies can be your best friend to remove weeds easily. But, most importantly, go at your convenience. And, if you want, you can give a manual control, chemical control, or apply the home remedies. 

Indeed, you will get permanent relief from weeds and have a smooth ambiance in your driveways.

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