How to Protect Wood Floor Entryway

A beautiful entryway is the main attraction of a well-decorated home. That’s why most often, the house owner tries to keep the entryway intact and prevent any kind of damage. 

A wood floor entryway is more sensitive to damages than the other types. So, if you have a wood floor entryway in your house, you had better know the answer to “How to protect wood floor entryway? “

Well, the maintenance methods are not that hard. If you are careful about the protection of your wood floor entryway from the beginning, you will find it easier to maintain the perfect condition of your wood floor entryway. For your convenience, some of the methods are explained below which include the use of proper rugs, waterproofing, and many more…

How to Protect Wood Floor Entryway


How to protect wood floor entryway

As the description says, protecting your wood floor entryway holds great significance. And that is why having knowledge of the protection methods beforehand is always the best. Besides, If you keep every small detail of change into consideration, you will be able to protect the wood floor entryway without any large hassle. Below explained some of the methods which are useful in the protection task.

Use rugs of proper quality

One of the most common and effective ways is using proper quality rugs in front of your entryway as well as in the heavy traffic areas. Beautiful rugs can also provide a decorative look. However, keep a close eye on the following points to make the rugs most effective in the protection task.

  • Rugs are generally heavy woven material to cover the heavy traffic areas of your home and the entryway is the area that faces most traffic.
  • The rugs of proper quality provide a barrier as the protection layer which will prevent the damage created by furniture legs, foot traffic.
  • If you have pets in your home, you will see scratches here and there on your wooden floor including the entryway. You can reduce and even prevent those by using rugs in the entryway.
  • As the entryway sees way more traffic than the other parts of your house, try to put “runner rugs”  which will guard your floor’s integrity.
  • Before placing the rug in the entryway, thoroughly clean the entire area so that the dirt, dust, sand, etc. cannot come between the entryway and the rug. Clearance is important because the accumulation of dirt underneath the rug can result in long-lasting damage.
  • You had better choose the type of rugs which will provide healthy airflow e.g. rugs with a woven backing.
  • Make sure the rug is waterproof. Because if your rug is absorbent and keeps absorbing water, the wooden floor will become sensitive and the color will fade away eventually.
  • It is wise to put oversized rugs in your entryway as that will provide more coverage than necessary and your wood floor entryway will face less damage.
  • Think about the functionality of the rugs before buying and placing them in your entryway.

Take doormats as alternative

If you prefer doormats over rugs, you can also use them in front of your door or in your entryway. Even though people use “rugs” and “doormats” interchangeably, there is a difference between them. Rugs are heavy woven materials that cover specific areas while the door mats or mats are light and used to wipe the feet or shoes. Look at the following points if are going to use doormats to protect your wood floor entryway

  • Use the best quality of doormats. Otherwise, the lower part of the mats might create scratches on the entryway.
  • Make sure the underneath of the doormats has no adhesive as adhesive can cause damage to the floor.
  • Clean the underneath of the doormats on a regular basis.
  • Keep a close eye so that the doormats are placed in the proper place which sees more traffic.
  • Ensure proper ventilation so that the floor under the mat doesn’t become wet.

Avoid keeping shoes on the entryway

The scratches in your wood floor entryway are created mostly by the shoes that are kept there. To protect the entryway from this kind of damage, maintain the following points.

  • Try to avoid keeping the shoes on the entryway ; mostly the shoes which have hard soles.
  • You can put a shoe rack in front of the doorway so that you don’t have to wear shoes in the entryway. This will eradicate the risk of scratch formed by the shoes.

Limit traffic if possible

Even though Entryway is the area that faces more traffic, if you can, if possible, limit the traffic in your wood floor entryway, then you will be able to keep the entryway intact and lessen the damage rate.

  • The lesser the traffic, the lesser the risk of damage.
  • You can use an alternative exit if possible to your house which will set a limit to the traffic in your entryway and you will be able to protect your wood floor entryway.

Use waterproof materials of the best quality

Whenever installing the wooden floor, the carpenters or you yourself use waterproof materials to protect your floor. This waterproofing is the very first protection layer of your wooden floor. This can also be used for the protection of your wood entryway. Here’s how…

  • Make sure you are using waterproofing materials of the best quality.
  • You can increase the material ratio or frequency while applying on the wood floor entryway.
  • Double-check that the waterproofing materials contain oil or water-based urethane sealer as they provide maximum output.
  • Refrain yourself from using too much water while cleaning.


To meet up your additional queries, the following questions are being answered…

What can I put on my hardwood floors to protect them?

The first and foremost thing to do to protect the hardwood floors is to create a proper, long-lasting coating on them while installing them for the very first time. And the mineral which is able to provide that long-term protection is “Aluminum oxide”. When you are putting coating over your hardwood floor, make sure this mineral is present in the coating material. This coating is capable of preventing any damage like color fading, deformation, etc.

Do you need a floor mat on a wood floor?

If your purpose is to prevent any scratches which can occur on your wood floor entryway,  you can put a floor mat there. This will prevent scratches from your shoes on the entryway. 

However, if you are thinking about putting floor mats under your furniture or chairs, you had better abandon the idea of avoiding long-lasting damage or scratches. 

How do I keep my entryway carpet clean?

If you are using a carpet in your entryway, you should know the ways of keeping it clean. Your entryway carpets can be kept clean by using a carpet that attracts less dirt and even if it attracts, the dirt can be rubbed off easily. 

However, using a high-quality carpet, regular vacuuming, keeping enough space for ventilation, etc. are also important for the cleaning of the carpet.


Your home indirectly reflects the type of personality you have and the entryway to your home reflects the perfectness of your home. So, it is a must to protect your entryway from any kind of damages or scratches. In doing so, you will find the above-mentioned methods helpful if your entryway is on a wooden floor.

Wooden floors are prone to damage. If you are not careful enough about the protection, the color will keep fading away as well as the shape will be deformed. To avoid all of these, you can rely on the aforementioned maintenance methods.

Even after trying all of the above methods, if your wood floor entryway loses its proper shape and color, you can always consult with a professional to bring back the beauty of your wood floor entryway.

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