How to Unclog a Toilet Clogged with Baby Wipes?

Toilet clogged with baby wipes is a pretty common thing people experience.

If baby wipes get stuck in your toilet, that can cause terrible toilet clogs. And unfortunately, there are no quick chemicals and solutions to fix this. You better never try disposing of baby wipes in the toilet, no matter if you’re using them for wiping baby’s butt or removing your makeup. Because, baby wipes are made of components like polyester, polypropylene and cotton.

However, people often ask, “how to unclog a toilet clogged with baby wipes.” If you’re stuck with the same issue, stick here for the ultimate solution. Here you might not have to pay any professional plumber.

Get a little time, and you can save a lot of bucks by unclogging the toilet in no time.

How to Unclog a Toilet Clogged with Baby Wipes

Why are baby wipes not flushable? 

The most straightforward answer you’ll get to that question is, baby wipes are not made with such flushable material. Even if your baby wipe claims to be flushable, you better give it a second thought before disposing of it in the toilet.

After all, no one wants some extra hassle. Baby wipes are used for cleaning and removing germs. They don’t break down with the touch of moisture and seem pretty durable. That means it won’t get disposed of easily only with water.

As a result, the wipes will get stuck on your trolley pipe and create clogs. Especially when your toilet has a septic system, they get more hazardous. Septic tanks include helpful bacteria to keep up a healthy toilet cleaning process.

The chemical in baby wipes can kill both good and bad bacterias. And the clog issue also carries risk with the septic tank. 

So, you better not try to flush baby wipes in the toilet. However, if you still have something to dispose of, go for biodegradable baby wipes. Just try to avoid baby wipes that don’t include any flushable materials. 

How to unclog a toilet clogged with baby wipes?

You already know no disposing chemical will work on toilet clogs that happened for baby wipes. Even DIY hacks like Bleach and vinegar can’t remove such clogs. No worries, we got your back here. 

There are some basic, quick and amazing ways that can unclog your toilet instantly. Let’s give a quick check on them:

Try with hand First:

Well, it might sound filthy, But the best way of removing such baby wipes clog in the toilet is removing the wipe with your hand. You have to wear some cleaning gloves and protect your hands. If the wipe hasn’t gone too deep, you can remove it easily with your hands. That will save you from further hassles. 

Try using a plunger:

Well, if you want to try something professional yet handy, the plunger is the best choice to unclog your toilet. That tool will fix the issue instantly. The plunger can use the suctioning effect and quickly get the wipe removed. However, it’s not guaranteed that the plunger will work all the time efficiently.

Follow the steps:

  • Place a plunger at the bottom of the toilet bowl & create a complete seal.
  • Hold the plunger handle tightly and try plunging multiple times with no pause.
  • Try placing the handle up and down to fix the sealings. 
  • If you get the perfect seals, try plunging a few times more.

Now, remove the plunger gently. The Abbey wipes and should be removed by then. If the clog is fixed, you’ll notice toilet water running into the pipe. 

Try using Toilet Auger:

Toilet auger is another incredible tool to remove baby wipes from the toilet. It works more like a drain snake that works by cable rotation. If the baby wipe has created a clog in the first section of your toilet, a year can easily remove it.

Let’s learn how you can use a toilet auger here:

  • Firstly, pull up your toilet sugar handle and feed the wire coil of the snake into the outlet hole at the bottom part of the toilet.
  • Analyze if there is any barrier or not. Continue feeding the auger until it’s evident.
  • Try changing the angle of the sugar in between to ensure better reach. 
  • If you’ve got the clog reach, spin the auger. It will automatically snap, and the baby wipes.
  • Now, you can pull the tool smoothly, and you’ll get the wipe hopefully.
  • If you still notice any clog, try repeating the procedure again.

Contact With A Professional Plumber

If these following methods do not work, the best possible solution will be to contact someone professional. Sometimes the clog gets super stubborn that you might have to open up the toilet parts. You better not try such risky tasks without proper tools and experience. 

Remember, the plumber should be licensed & experienced enough. Consider not using any typical home remedies on toilet clog with baby wipes. Such treatments won’t work and waste the ingredients.

Call the best professional plumbing company in your area and get rid of the messy and clogged toilet with baby wipes.

Tips You Should Follow

Well, some easy go-to tips can make the entire process easier. Give a quick check here and complete the job done professionally :

  • Consider disinfecting any tool you’re using while unclogging the toilet.
  • Don’t be rough with any part of the toilet. You can even avoid further baby wipe toilet clogging issues with these suggestions. Ignoring these tiny things can break the toilet and cause you massive damages.
  • Wear gloves—Masks and eye protection to save yourself from any accidents.
  • Once you’re done with using plunger, gloves, auger or whatever tool, make them dry properly before storing. Else it can create bacteria and rust over the instrument.
  • Always try to keep a waste disposal bin in the washroom. That will help you to avoid such issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes to break down baby wipes?

Surprisingly, baby wipes may take 100 years or more than to break down. These are made of synthetic polymers that take a long time to break down inside the sewer system. Biodegradable baby wipes break down into microplastic.

Can Bleach dissolve Baby Wipes?

No, not only Bleach but also no other homemade chemical or solution will get to break down baby wipes. The only way to get rid of stuck baby wipes is to get them out. 

Final Words

A toilet clogged with baby wipes is certainly a mess in your house system. It can cause permanent damages to your toilet as well. You better get them out immediately. Here you’ve got the answer to how to unclog a toilet clogged with baby wipes. 

Try to follow these methods, and you can quickly fix your damaged toilet instantly. With some basic maintenance, you can even prevent such toilet clogs with baby wipes. Here, not all the methods claim 100% effectiveness. Try to follow one after another. If nothing works, go for professional help.

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