How to Unclog Bathtub Drain Full of Hair- 5 Easiest Ways

Nothing can be worse than clogging your bathtub drain full of hair.

Think about a situation. You are halfway to your bath full of soap and shampoo and the bathtub drain is clogged. The murky, soapy, lukewarm water can destroy your shower mood.

And you know the worst part?

We all face it almost every day. No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid it.

Then should you stop taking baths?

Nope, you should know how to unclog a bathtub drain full of hair. It takes only a few minutes to unclog the bathtub. But when you unclog it, you get a fresh, clean, and hygienic tub to complete your bath and get a fresh mind.

How to Unclog Bathtub Drain Full of Hair

5 Easy Steps of How to Unclog Bathtub Drain Full of Hair

Hiring a professional to solve this simple problem is not a good idea. Here are the easy and simple steps to unclog the bathtub.

1. Use hand or wire

When you see hair accumulating on the strainer, using a hand or wire is a good and simple solution. To do that,

  • Wear hand gloves to prevent unhygienic elements from damaging your hand.
  • Simply grab the hairs and collect them from the strainer.
  • You can use a wire to do the same job. For that, bend the wire to one end and place that end on the strainer. Twist wire and the hairs should come out with the wire. Make sure you use a hard and strong wire.
  • Run the faucet to flow the water and clean all the dirt. If you find any hair then, repeat the process. 

2. Use Plumber’s Snake or drain claw

The Plumber’s snake or drain claw is another excellent way to clean the hair. It is simple and takes a few minutes to remove the clog. If the hair goes down the drain, your hand or wire might not work. Here is the complete process to unclog the bathtub with a plumber’s snake or drain claw.

Step 1: open the strainer

The first step to unclog the bathtub drain is to open the strainer. Use a screwdriver and remove the screw. If you are not sure about the type of screwdriver you should use, match the head and screw. Simply unscrew the screw and lift the strainer. It should come out smoothly. If not, use the screwdriver to create a lever and pull it off.

Step 2: Remove the stopper

Some tubs do not have strainers. Instead, they feature stoppers. You can easily remove stoppers since there are no screws there. Simply twist it and lift it to remove it. If there is too much dirt, it may not come easily. Apply more pressure or use your screwdriver to remove the stopper.

Step 3: Clean dirt around the strainer

After removing the strainer or stopper, you will find dirt accumulated in the strainer. Clean the dirt around the strainer. You may find hairs or other debris here. Scrap and remove all those using your hand.

Step 4: Insert the snake or claw and twist

Now, take the snake or claw and insert it into the drain. It should go down smoothly. If not, apply some pressure. Once you reach the end, twist the plumber’s snake or claw. The hairs should get twisted with the tool.

Step 5: Pull out the tool

Once you feel that the hairs are attached to the snake, twist a few more times and pull it out. If the hair and dirt density is too thick, pulling out may require pressure. Apply some pressure and pull it out. All the hairs should come out.

Step 6: Repeat the process

Even after twisting and pulling it out, some hairs may still be in the drain. To remove those, simply repeat the process.

Step 7: Check whether it works or not

Now see whether there is any clogging or not. By the time you repeat the process, there should not be any hairs or clogging. To check, pour a mug of water into the drain and see how it goes.

Step 8: Attach strainer and others

Once you see everything is alright, re-attach the strainer. Simply place the strainer and put the screw in position.

3. Use boiled water to unclog a drain

Another great way to unclog the bathtub drain is to use boiled water. The main reason hair gets stuck in the drain is soap and dirt buildup. All those accumulated grease, soap, and dirt grab the hair when passing on the drain. Using boiled water can remove those and thus the hair. To use boil water,

  • Boil water in your gas stove, take as much as you want.
  • Pour the water into the drain.
  • Repeat the process.

When you pour hot water, it breaks down the grease and dirt. Thus, it removes hairs from the drain. However, make sure you use a funnel and be careful while pouring the water.

4. Soda and Vinegar is a great way to remove hair from the bathtub drain

If natural boiled water does not work, you should go for chemical use. Soda and vinegar can be effective to remove hair. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • Take one cup of baking soda and pour it into the clogged drain.
  • Right after that, take another cup of vinegar and pour it into the drain immediately.
  • The mixture will start to fizz. Wait for 5-10 minutes and let the mixture fizz. Use gloves to protect your hand.
  • When the fizz stops, pour a bowl of boiled hot water into the drain. Be careful when pouring water. You may burn yourself accidentally.
  • The hair should be gone by now. Run your faucet to see if it is still clogged or not.
  • Repeat the process if you find clogging. It is better if you do it the next day.

5. Call a plumber

If none of the methods works, you may have serious clogging in the bathtub drain. Using hand, baking soda, or hot water might not work properly. It is high time you take help from a professional. Call a plumber and solve the problem.

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Prevention of hair from unclogging the bathtub drain

Prevention is always better than cure. You should take the necessary measurements to prevent clogging. Here are a few tips for you.

  • Regularly monitor the drain. If you find any signs of clogging such as slow water passing, immediately clean the drain.
  • Use drain hair catchers to stop the hairs from getting into the strain or drain.
  • Run the faucet after finishing the bath to remove any hair.
  • Brush your hair before bath.
  • Keep your drain clean from any grease or soap.


Now you know how to unclog a bathtub drain full of hair. It is a bad feeling having a clogged bathtub drain with hair. Your mood gets upset automatically. It is even worse when you discover it right in the middle of the bath. You cannot leave the tub and unclog it. The feeling is incredibly frustrating. 

The way of cleaning a bathtub drain is easy and less time-consuming. Spending a few minutes a week can provide you a hassle-free shower experience. Now the question to you, how often do you clean your bathtub drain?

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