How Well A Carpet Cleaner Works On Tile Floors

Steam cleaners and other similar cleaning machines for the floors are a bit expensive. And they are massive. So the more tools you buy, the more space you will need to store them. So, many of you might prefer a versatile machine that can clean all types of flooring because all the rooms in our house cannot have similar flooring. While a hall might have expensive carpet flooring, a kitchen area or bathrooms will have tiles or mosaic flooring on them. Depending on the flooring, you need tools and cleaners to keep them clean.

Can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors

We are going to talk straight about an example to make you understand how many tools you might need to keep your floors clean. Suppose you have just the carpet and tiles flooring in your whole house, no more than two types of flooring.

How Well A Carpet Cleaner Works On Tile Floors
To keep these two types of floors clean, you will need two different types of tools, one for dusting and the other for mopping. Those two types will have another two types as well. You need two different vacuum cleaners to vacuum two floors. And for wet mopping, you need the same. So, the best way to save money and space is by investing in a vacuum that works on both.

You can try the same formula for wet mopping as well, though it is not going to be as easy as it is in the case of vacuum cleaners. So, the question arises can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors, and our straight answer will be somewhat no. You cannot, and there is a reason.


Carpet cleaners have metal parts beneath which work in deep cleaning the carpet but are going to damage the solid tiles. They will leave scratches and might break them off too. But still, if you are compelled to buy just only a cleaning machine for cleaning two types of floors, then it is better to buy a carpet cleaner. But the condition is to buy the one that doesn’t damage the tiles flooring even if it’s pricey. And there are some brands which make such carpet cleaners that work on tile floors as well because they do not use any metal pieces and neither the brushes are too harsh on the floor.

But before you see a light of hope, we will have to alert you once again that if you use a carpet cleaner frequently for a long time, you are going to ruin your tiles floor.

So we were talking about some brands that make carpet cleaners that clean tiles and other similar hard surfaces too. And Hoover and Bissell are the famous two, that comes in our mind right away.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Let’s talk about the Bissell carpet cleaner. This one is also a great carpet cleaner that works on the tiles just fine. And there are a few types of carpet cleaner available from the same brand. So, can you use a bissell carpet cleaner on tile, and the answer is in affirmative. Just like Hoover, this one also has high-quality bristles and no metal pieces underneath that are going to damage the tiles. So, you can use it on the tiles. The bristles rotate with such power that the dirtiest of tiles is going to have a deep cleaning.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner

So, can you use a hoover carpet cleaner on tile- the million-dollar question’s answer will be yes, you can. Unlike other similar carpet cleaners, this one can be used on tile floors. It cleans the tile floors the same way it cleans the carpet. You just have to be careful as it is not the quintessential tile cleaner. To clean the surfaces, it has brushes in the bottom.

Along with the water and solution, the brushes work to clean the floor like no other. Even the stubborn stains on the tiles are not an issue to clean with it. The brushes don’t leave any scratch, even in the long run.

How They Work

Not just the above ones, there are several other carpet cleaners available in the market that are going to work on your tiles efficiently. They work on both your carpet and tile floor because they have only bristles and no metal components at the bottom. It works as if you are using a brush to scrub the floor. But instead of manual work, you can do it with a machine at a very high speed. They have separate tanks for clean and dirty water. These allow you to use warm water, which is great to clean even the tile floors.

Carpet cleaners can be used to clean tile floors, but only those which are made that way. And now you know which ones are not harsh on your floors. Not just the tiles, they work on other floors as well except the hardwood floors as wood and water don’t gel well. So, if you cannot afford two, then invest in just one carpet cleaner to clean both your carpet flooring and tile flooring.

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