Orange Glo Vs. Murphy’s oil

Cleaning your wooden floors and household furniture can be a lot easier and more effective if you use the right cleaning agents. The problem always lies in finding the right one that will get the job done without tampering with the life of the wood. Orange Glo and Murphy’s oil are the two names that usually pop up in the wood cleaning market.

The Orange Glo is an efficient cleaning agent made from pure orange oil to clean, polish, and condition your wooden furniture.

On the other hand, Murphy’s oil is a 98 percent naturally derived soap. It is a potassium vegetable oil base soap designed specifically to clean wood and non-wood surfaces.

The significant difference between the two wood cleaners is that Orange Glo is mainly recommended for wood surfaces, while murphy’s oil can be used on both wooden and non-wooden surfaces. However, they both make your wooden furniture shine when used in the right way.

Orange Glo Vs Murphy’s oil


Comparison between Orange Glo and Murphy’s oil. 

  Features    Orange Glo  Murphy’s Oil
  Oil base    Orange oil  Potassium vegetable oil
  Scent    Orange scent  Citronella oil scent
  Weight    1 pound  2 pounds
  Liquid volume    473.18 milliliters  950 milliliters  
  Surface recommendation    Wood  Wood and non-wooden surfaces
  Specific uses for the product  Furniture    Furniture and floor  

Difference between Orange Glo and Murphy’s oil

The Orange Glo and Murphy’s Oil are quite different in several ways, and these differences are found in their specific uses, method of application, oil base, liquid volume, weight, and scent.

Specific uses 

Both the Orange Glo and Murphy’s Oil are great cleaning agents, but their effects are felt more when they are used based on their area of specialization. 

The Orange Glo is specifically designed to be used on furniture with wood finishing, such as cabinets, chairs, tables, ETC. It is not to be used on floors as it might make the floor slippery, but if you are using the orange Glo 4-in-1, there is an exception for polyurethane hardwood floors. 

While Murphy’s oil can be used on both furniture with wood finishing and non-wood finishing like ceramic tile, leather, linoleum, and vinyl, the Orange Glo can be used on floors of all kinds without making the floor slippery.

Method of application

Their method of application differs in that while the Orange Glo adopts a spray and wipe method, Murphy’s oil needs to be mixed with warm water. The details are below.

The Orange Glo is applied as follows:

  1. Use a clean cloth to dry, dust mop, or remove loose dirt from the wood surface you want to clean.
  2. Spray the Orange Glo on another clean damp towel or on the surface area where you want to clean, and then wipe off dirt with the towel.

Note: For tough stains and grease surfaces, spray the Orange Glo on the surface and leave for about 5 to ten minutes before wiping it off with the towel. 

  1. After wiping off dirt from the surface, use a clean dry towel to wipe it dry.

For murphy’s oil, the application is as follows:

  1. Sweep or dust mop the surface to be cleaned
  2. Dilute one-quarter of murphy’s oil in one gallon of warm water. For heavier cleaning, you can use a half cup.
  3. Clean well with a clean towel or a wrung-out mop for floor cases and ensure to mop off excess water.
  4. Allow to dry. No rinsing is required. 

Oil base

Both the Orange Glo and murphy’s oil use a natural oil base, but the Orange Glo prides itself in the oil that is found in the peels of oranges, while the murphy’s oil is known for its vegetable oil.

Liquid volume 

The volume of the Orange Glo is much smaller at 473.18 milliliters compared to murphy’s oil which is 950 milliliters. So, if they both meet up with your demand in functionality and quantity it is up to you to choose which one you will get, however, murphy’s oil is more favorable.


Orange Glo is lighter in weight, weighing about 1 pound. This makes it easier to hold while cleaning without any hand pain. 

Murphy’s oil weighs about 2 pounds, but this is not a problem since you don’t need to hold it while cleaning. 


Orange Glo has an orange scent, while murphy’s oil has a Citronella oil scent. Both scents are nice and refreshing; it all depends on the user’s choice.

Similarities between Orange Glo and Murphy’s Oil

To an extent, the Orange Glo and Murphy’s oil share the same attributes, and these similarities are found in form, composition, packaging, after effect, and functionality. 


The Orange Glo and Murphy’s oil are both in a liquid form 


They are both basically and majorly made of natural ingredients, which is one of the reasons why they will not damage your wood furniture.


The orange Glo and Murphy’s Oil are both packaged in a biodegradable plastic container, making them eco-friendly.

After effect

When used in the right quantity and application, they both do not leave any residue. Instead, they maintain and preserve the life of your wood surfaces.


They are both effective in taking out the dirt, grime, grease, and tough stains from surfaces.


As an individual who is interested in having a shiny home and you are stuck between the Orange Glo and Murphy’s Oil, the details discussed above will help you make the right choice. Both products are functional and will produce great results if used in the right way, so your decision largely depends on what you want. Also, both products do an excellent job of preserving the life of your wood, thanks to their natural compositions.  

A quick reminder that the Orange Glo thrives more on wood surfaces. It cleans, polishes, and conditions your woods, restoring them back to their natural luster. It also goes as far as removing scratch dents from your wood and creating an invisible barrier that protects your wood from water, spots, and stains. Murphy’s oil on the hand, offers versatility. It can effectively clean wooden and non-wooden surfaces. It leaves your wooden floors shining like its brand new.

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