Best Outdoor Rugs That Can Be Cut To Size

Rugs are some of the most beautiful adornments you can give to your home space. Giving your bare floor another touch of color can liven up your living space. However, it is not only the interior of your home you can beautify with rugs. Do you have a patio or balcony which just looks too plain? Then, you should totally try out an outdoor rug. It will bring the color to a bare-looking floor. This will make passers-by or visitors admire your home even more.

When buying a rug, you may find one you like but is bigger than your floor size. However, this does not have to be a deal-breaker for you. You can always cut most outdoor rugs to any size you want. This article will discuss the best custom-size outdoor rugs, the best rugs you can cut to size, and how you can cut them to size. Want to know what you should look out for when buying an outdoor rug? Then, you should read every single word in this article.

Outdoor Rugs That Can Be Cut To Size

Highlights of Our Top Custom Size Outdoor Rugs Picks

  1. Best Overall: Koeckritz Custom Size Rug
    This propylene rug is one of the best you can find on the market. Its greyish color makes it a match for any balcony/patio regardless of its color. In addition, it’s stain resistant, so it’s a perfect choice in places where there could be spills. Also, its lightweight property makes it a good choice to move around.
  1. Best Door Mat Rug: Koeckritz Custom Sized Rubber Backed Rug
    If you’re the type that loves minimalistic foot rugs adorning your doorstep, then this is the best choice for you. Its nonslip back makes sure it is held firmly in place regardless of the amount of foot traffic. Also, it is very easy to clean, and its color helps conceal stains quite well.
  1. Best Polyester Rug: Well Woven™ Custom Size Outdoor Rug
    If you prefer polyester rugs, you can’t do any better than this. If you plan to use the rug in a sunny place, this is a very good choice. Thanks to its UV light resistance, trays from sunlight can cause a fade in its color. Its durability is another property that makes it stand out from the pack.
  1. Best Outdoor Runner Rug: Koeckritz Custom Cut-to-Fit Balcony/Patio Rug
    This rug is the best if you have quite a large balcony or patio. Offering stain resistance and UV light resistance, it is quite durable against most contaminants. Also, you could order cus\tom sizes of the rug without getting charged extra.

4 Best Outdoor Rugs That Can Be Cut To Size

Below are our top 4 picks for outdoor rugs you can cut down to any size of your choice:

1. Best Overall: Koeckritz Custom Size Rug

This custom-sized carpet is perfect for your outdoor use. Its medium density makes it a good choice for switching between both outdoor and indoor use. 


Below are some of its features which we like:

Polypropylene Fiber Rug 

Polypropylene fiber is a material that is hydrophobic and has no dye sites. Due to this, it is resistant to stains. Also, it has a low absorption level of water. This makes it resistant to mold and mildew.


Because of its lightweight property, it is very mobile and can be moved from one place to another within the house.

Comes in various sizes

The manufacturers offer a large variety of sizes on the Amazon site, giving you ample choices. You can also request custom sizes if you do not prefer any of those available.

Advantage Over Similar Product

Unlike the Sandmine reversible mats, this has only one usable side. However, it comes in a larger variety of sizes and can even provide customs sizes of your choice.

2. Best Door Mat Rug: Koeckritz Custom Sized Rubber Backed Rug

This footmat-sized rug is the perfect welcome mat for your door. Its heavy-duty surface adapts it to take heavy traffic, hence making it perfect for outdoor use.


Here are some of its features which we love about it:

Non-Slip Back

Due to the rubber backing on the rug, it will not move in different directions when visitors dust their feet on it. Hence, you don’t have to keep readjusting its position frequently.

Easy to Clean

Due to its small size, you can easily clean it. You can easily shake, dust, sweep, or vacuum it. Within minutes, you’re done cleaning.

Polypropylene rug

Its fiber constituent makes it a good choice to use in places where stains are highly possible. Polypropylene is hydrophobic, hence resistant to stains.

Advantage Over Similar Product

Unlike the Tindbea rib design doormats, its design would not allow diet to stick in-between the carpet ridges. This makes it less susceptible to dirt and easier to clean.

3. Best Polyester Rug: Well Woven™ Custom Size Outdoor Rug

This is the only polyester rug on this list. Polyester rugs are popular for their low level of maintenance needs and this one is no different. 


Here are a few of its features we found attractive:


UV light is a popular culprit of color fading in rugs. However, the UV resistance of this rug means its colors will last longer than the bunch

Custom Size

You can choose different sizes of the rig from 10ft up. This means you’re not limited in size choices.

Extremely durable

The polyester fiber makes this rug suitable for places where there is a lot of activity. It can withstand high foot traffic, stains, pets, and many more without any damage. 

Advantage Over Similar Product

Some people might want to go for the Jonathan Y Rozetta Outdoor Rug due to its cheaper price. However, it doesn’t offer the same UV resistance as this polyester rug. Hence, it is more susceptible to fading from UV light.

4. Best Outdoor Runner Rug: Koeckritz Custom Cut-to-Fit Balcony/Patio Rug

Do you want to beautify your balcony/patio with a minimalistic rug? Then this is the choice for you.


Let us walk you through some of its attractive features:

Stain Resistant

Thanks to its polypropylene fiber, this rug is resistant to stains, moisture, and molds.

High Pile Surface

This helps to prevent the rug surface from compressing and thinning even when it experiences high traffic regularly.

Creates Custom at No Additional Charges

The manufacturers of the rug create custom cut size rugs for their customers and charge no extra cost for this service. This makes it a good choice to save money if you want a custom rug.

Advantage Over Similar Product

Compared to the WIKIWIKI reversible plastic rug, this has a higher pile and a more cozy feel to the feet. Hence, this makes it a more durable and more pleasing choice.

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What To Look For In An Outdoor Rug

Are you trying to find the rug to buy and you’re tired of scrolling through endless pages of online marketplaces? Well, here are some factors you should check to help narrow down your choice:

Material Comes First

When buying a rug, the first thing you need to look out for is the material. There are different characteristics of materials that you must compare to the environment in which you intend to use the rug. This will give you a clearer choice of which is best. 

Polypropylene rugs are popular for their stain resistance, high moisture resistance, and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. However, they are heavily flammable. Hence, you shouldn’t use these near a fire or barbecue grill.

Polyester is renowned for its low maintenance need and high durability. Hence, they might be more suitable for balconies where kids play often. 

There are various other materials used in rugs such as sisal, jute, plastic, etc. Understanding these materials and how their properties fit your environment will help make a fantastic buying choice.

The Color is Important Too!

Yes, you’ve finally found a rug that has the perfect properties to match your balcony/patio. However, you totally forgot about picking the right color. Now, you have an ugly-looking rug on your front porch. You should make sure this is never the case when you’re out shopping for a rug.

Always make sure your choice matches the color grade of your home. Remember aesthetics is just as important as protecting your floor.

Consider The Weather

The weather of your environment also matters when buying a rug. This is because the weather could affect the quality of the rug, hence, influencing its durability. 

For example, if you live in a predominantly sunny area, you’ll need a rug that is resistant to UV light. UV light causes fading of color, hence, this could cause your vibrant rug to become dull. If your area experiences a lot of rain, you need a water-resistant rug that dries fast. Rugs that absorb a lot of water will tend to grow molds and mildew. However, rugs with low water absorption will survive in such an environment.

Consider the Level of Dirt

How frequently the rug will be exposed to dirt is another factor you should consider. If the rug will experience high foot traffic such as in commercial applications, it will be better to buy a machine washable rug. This way, you don’t have to do the tiring manual scrubbing. 

Can You Cut An Outdoor Rug?

It’s not every time you’ll find the desired size of that rug you like. But that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you. You can always cut your outdoor rugs to fit any size of the area in which you want to place them in your home. Perhaps this is the case with you, the next section explains how you can cut outdoor rugs.

How To Cut Outdoor Rugs

To cut an outdoor rug, here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Carpet shears 
  • Carpet knife 
  • Pencil/Chalk and Ruler
  • Glue
  • A small brush
  • Measuring Tape.

Here’s the process involved in cutting an outdoor rug:

  1. First, measure the dimension of the area you’ll be placing the rug with the measuring tape. You can do this more than once to make sure you’re getting the dimensions right. The dimensions are important as this will ensure you don’t cut the wrong size of rug.
  2. Turn the mat upside down. Then transfer the dimensions measured on the carpet using the measuring tape, the pencil/chalk, and the ruler. Ensure the dimensions transferred are also very accurate.
  3. The next step is to mark the area you’ll be cutting using the carpet knife. If the rug isn’t too thick, the carpet knife might be enough to cut it clean. You should carry out this step on a marble or concrete floor to prevent scuffing the floor with the knife.
  4. After marking, use the carpet shears to carefully cut out the marked area.  
  5. The last step is to use glue and a brush to cover the new edges of the rug. This will make sure the edges are held firm and the threads don’t start loosening and causing the rug to fray.


Buying an outdoor rug is a decision you have to carefully make to avoid spending more than necessary. This article carefully details everything you need to know when purchasing an outdoor rug. We’ve also made some expert picks for you to choose from.

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