5 Plumbers Putty Alternative for Plumbing Works

Plumbers putty is one of the main tools to use for plumbing work. It offers a watertight seal, easy removal, and longtime softness.

However, its nuisance nature will force you to think about using plumbers putty alternative. You cannot use it in plastic areas. It is also not suitable for the closed area. The adhesive is not so strong as well.

But finding some good alternatives to plumbers putty is not a cup of tea. You need to consider all the important factors when seeking an alternative.

As a newbie, it is certainly a hassle to consider all those factors and pick the right alternatives. Also, you may not find the right alternative for the right purpose. You know, not all putties are suitable for all types of work.

Plumbers Putty Alternative

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5 Plumbers Putty Alternative

There are many options available that you can use instead of plumbers putty. However, a newbie might not be able to go through all those options. We have narrowed down the list and come up with the top 5 plumbers putty alternatives for you. Have a look.

1. Silicone

When it comes to sealing projects, nothing can beat silicone. If you are looking for a reliable alternative to putty, consider silicone first. It offers you long-lasting and durability flexibility. Compared to traditional adhesive, silicone lasts 40% longer.

Along with that, you will get protection against stain-causing mold and mildew. These two are the main culprit behind the damage of the plumbing projects. You can stay away from those two for a long time with the silicone.

In addition, the seal is waterproof, which adds more benefits. Simply apply it and wait for 30 minutes. After that, you can run the water and it stays as it is. It saves your time. Moreover, you will get high protection against extreme expansion and contraction caused by the high heat.

Odor is another common problem while using putty. The good news is silicone does not produce much odor. Furthermore, it does not even discolor your metal. To conclude, for all types of plumbing works, silicone is a must-have thing that you can use to alter the putty.

2. Adhesive

One of the main problems with the plumber’s putty is that you cannot use it with plastic. In that case, adhesive can be a good option to pick. You can use it with plastic and all other plumbing projects just like the putty. It will work perfectly in high moisture or extreme temperature areas.

The seals are watertight that protects them from the water for a long time. Since it comes in a tube, you can easily use it at any angle and in any area. The problem with the adhesive is that it takes time to dry. You have to wait for a long time.

3. Aquarium putty

Silicone, chalk, and adhesive are good for water use. But do you know the best plumber putty alternative for underwater use? It is an aquarium putty. For any type of underwater plumbing, nothing can be a better option than it.

Why is it better?

Well, it can work effectively under the water. It generally takes 25 minutes to set and 1 hour to cure. Once it is cured, no water can break the seal. It can hold up to 1000-PSI water pressure smoothly. Along with the higher water pressure, it can work smoothly in high temperatures up to 300F.

You can even get protection against petroleum, hydraulic fluids, and other chemicals. Finally, the putty is suitable for metal, glass, and plastic. You will not get a better alternative to this one for underwater use.

4. Terrarium putty

The Terrarium putty is not a popular option since you need to make it on your own. For natural vivaria, using plumber putty is not a good idea. It may not last long. Terrarium putty works perfectly there. It will hold the shape smoothly for a long time.

5. Plumbers chalk

Plumbers chalk is one of the best alternatives to Plumbers putty. You will face problems in the confined area to use Plumbers putty. However, when you have the plumber chalk, you can smoothly use it no matter if it is a wide-open area or a confined area.

Most of the Plumber’s chalks are weather resistant. It allows you to use the chalk for any outdoor use. Besides, the chalk is water-resistant as well. You can expose water to the chalk 30 minutes after the application. It will save your time, unlike the plumber’s putty.

Easy application is another excellent benefit to this problem. Most of the chalks come in a tube. You can smoothly apply it from any angle. Besides, the chalk inside the tube does not get hard over time. It enables you to use the chalk for a long time.

Moreover, the chalk is resistant to mildew and mold. It prevents any leakage and ensures a better plumbing experience. To conclude, this one can be a great alternative to putty for its durability, longevity, and easy use.

Frequently asked questions

Got more questions to ask? Then have a look at these questions below. You may find your answers.

What can I use instead of plumbers putty?

Many plumber’s putty alternatives are available for versatile use. For plastic use, you can use silicone or adhesive. For confined area plumbing sealing, using adhesive might be a good idea. You can even use aquarium putty or Terrarium putty for underwater use.

Can silicone be used instead of plumbers putty?

Yes, you can use silicone instead of plumbers putty. Silicone offers great durability against water and high temperature. It even features quick-drying which saves your time. You can even use it with different materials.

Is plumbers putty necessary?

For any kind of plumbing project, plumbers’ putty is a vital ingredient to use. You need to seal materials in your project and putty works excellent here. It stays soft for a long time yet dries very fast. 

Do you need plumbers putty to install a sink drain?

The basket strainer located in the upper part of the sink drain must be sealed. Plumber putty is the best sealant you can use to seal the area. Without using the sealant, you may experience a leak that you do not want.

Why can’t you use plumbers putty on plastic?

The plumber’s putty and plastic combination break down the plastic. If you use putty on the plastic, it will break the plastic. That is the reason you cannot use plumbers putty on plastic.


Plumbers putty is an amazing option for plumbing works. But sometimes, we have to consider the Plumbers putty alternative. When considering the alternatives, we should check whether we are getting more benefits than the putty or not.

If you pick an alternative that does not work as effectively as the putty, it is not a good alternative. At the same time, you should focus on usability. Maybe you are looking for a good alternative that can work in a confined area. And you end up picking an alternative that works only in open areas.

Consider your needs first and search for alternatives according to those needs. It will help you pick the best one to meet your needs.

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