Rug Pads Safe for Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl flooring is attractive, versatile, and fragile, too. It is more likely to get more damages, scratches, and stains (sometimes IRREMOVABLE). That’s why you need rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors.

Rug Pads are best for holding rugs at a place (without moving around) and protecting your expensive vinyl floors.

Then again, there are many rug pads available out there, but most of them aren’t safe for vinyl flooring (because of its rubbery and adhesive backed surface).

If the rug pad doesn’t suit the vinyl plank floor, then it will leave yellowish stains (gets permanent with time) and that will damage your desired and expensive vinyl flooring (FOREVER).

However, if you don’t want to take any risk and get the best product then you can check our top picks. All these are tested and 100% safe for vinyl planked flooring (PROVED).

Rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors

What Kind of Rug Pad is Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is quite sensitive, and that’s why all sorts of rug pads are not safe for it.

From our experience, we found 3 types of rug pads that are safe for vinyl plank flooring. Which are-

  • Felt
  • PVC
  • Memory foam

All these are 100% safe for vinyl flooring.

However, make sure the rug pad doesn’t have a rubber back. Otherwise, it’ll be vulnerable for the flooring.

Why rubber a backed rug pad isn’t recommended for vinyl plank flooring?

Rubber pads, whether it’s natural or artificial, it is not RECOMMENDED for vinyl plank flooring.


With time, the rubber starts reacting with the existing chemical in vinyl flooring, causing yellowish marks and stains (gets permanent with time).

The chemical reaction occurs because of the abrasion of foot movement and sunlight heat.

Hence, if you are looking for rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors, SAY NO to rubber-backed rug pads.

What is the Best rug pad for vinyl plank flooring?

RUGPADUSA Basics Protective Cushioning Rug Pad is the best rug pad for luxury vinyl plank floor. We have tested many, and this one was the best above all.

From a build quality, material, comfort to better gripping and price, this rug pad is perfect from all aspects.

Not just us, many rug pad user prefers it first. Please scroll down below to know our experience with this rug pad and other recommendations as well. 

Our Top Picks

Our top picks are the best rug pad safe for vinyl flooring. These rug pads are 100% safe for the vinyl floor, and the performance is just mind-blowing. Here is a short overview of our recommendation.

  1. Best overall: RUGPADUSA Basics Protective Cushioning Rug Pad
    Thick, comfy, and available at a reasonable price, this rug pad saves your expensive flooring from stubborn marks, stains while stopping the rug from moving around.
  2. Best budget-friendly: Aurrako Non-Slip Rug Pads for vinyl tiles floors
    Better air circulation and gripping technology within an affordable price range make it the best purchase for those who hate to straightening their carpet more often.
  3. Best Anti-slip: IFRMMY Newest felt and silicone double-sided Rug Pad
    Best anti-slipping with no artificial substances, rubber, or adhesive, 100% safe for expensive vinyl plank flooring, and no slipping accident guaranteed.
  4. Best luxurious: RUGPADUSA cloud comfort-cushioned rug pad
    Made with memory technology, this comfort-cushioned rug pad makes you feel like walking on a cloud. This carpet pad can convert any cheap rug pad into a luxurious one.

4 Rug Pads Safe for Vinyl Plank Floors in 2021

So, here are the best recommendation on rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors and in-depth reviews for you. Enjoy! 

1. Best Overall: RUGPADUSA Basics Protective Cushioning Rug Pad

Vinyl plank floor-friendly, comfortable, thicker RUGPADUSA’s cushioning rug pad is the best choice when it comes to protecting your floor.

 This rug pad keeps your floor away from irremovable stains and marks while assuring more comfortability for your foot.

Key Features

  • Luxurious and best comfortability
  • Made with dense fiber pad and available in multiple options (thickness).
  • Assures no damage to your floor.
  • High quality and eco-friendly.

What are other customers saying?

Most of the user loves it. Many users say the rug pad makes their cheap rug more comfortable and desirable.

They are impressed with its quality and how it holds the furniture like a coffee table, sofa. Many users have purchased it over and over again.

The most alluring thing is; this high-quality rug pad is a lot cheaper than other options, which is not common in made in USA rug pads.

Our Experience

  • Super comfy

Within this price range, this is the most comfortable rug pad we have ever used. It feels like we’re walking on cloud. (No, we are not exaggerating)

Also, it’s available in 3 options of thickness, we had the ½” thick-felt model, and it was so comfortable, we are wondering how comfortable the other options will be.

  • Luxurious vibe

This recycled material-made cushioning gives your rug a LUXURIOUS vibe (even if it’s a cheaper one).

The rug pad hides under the rug so perfectly that no one will understand it’s a rug pad.

  • Best for vinyl plank floor

Vinyl floor is often sensitive, and a low-quality rug pad can damage it easily.

However, this rug pad doesn’t harm the vinyl plank floor. We have used it for months, and as it’s eco-friendly, our vinyl plank floor was like it was earlier, DAMAGE-FREE.

  • Better gripping

The ultra-plush feel cushioning rug pad provides better gripping; it hugs the furniture oven, the rug, so the furniture (unless you try to move it) and the rug doesn’t move around when you walk or stand on it.

  • Easy to set up

 Well, the rug pads are available in almost all sizes. However, we didn’t find the exact size of our rug.

That’s why we had to purchase a bit larger rug pad, and then we trimmed it with our household scissors, and it was super easy to trim.

  • Inexpensive

Unlike other high-quality USA-made rug pads, it isn’t EXPENSIVE at all. That’s why many users like us love this rug pad for vinyl plank floor and prefer it first.

2. Best Budget-Friendly: Aurrako Non-Slip Rug Pads for vinyl tiles floors

Made of PVC material vinyl and hardwood floor, this non-slip rug is the stubbornest rug pad available in the market.

It doesn’t move around because of the non-slip technology without rubber, adhesive, and harmful chemicals, making it perfect for family and pets.

Because of its quality and safety, it’s an ideal rug pad by Flow Month that many prefers.

  • Better gripping technology
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Easy vacuuming and better air circulation
  • Produces no damage towards the vinyl planked floor.

What are other customers saying?

The specialty of this rug pad is a non-slip rug pad that ensures you a more comfortable and safe walk experience.

The users love its durable and strong performance. They like its better gripping and easy to set up features.

However, some users are slightly disturbed by its plastic smell, which eventually finishes if you keep it outside for a few days.

Overall, when it comes to holding the rug on vinyl flooring, this Flow Month’s non-slip rug pad is the best choice.

Our experience

  • Non-Slip

 The best of this rug pad is its non-slip feature. We just loved it! Before using it, it was moving around, and after setting up the rug pad, it didn’t move from its place.

Our pets were playing on it, we were standing, exercising (to test its durability but it didn’t move for a bit.

Without any glue, rubber, and harmful adhesive, such performance really amazed us. 

  • Durable

There are no doubts about its durability. We were roaming around, our pets, especially Bruno (a German Shepard) was roaming on it, but the rug didn’t move a bit.

The best part is, the rug pad was completely alright, like new after tolerating all these agonies. So, no doubt about its durability.

  • Safe and Eco-friendly

The rug pad isn’t made with any chemical or harmful adhesive. It’s 100% safe for children, the elder, and your pets too.

On the other hand, the carpet pad is completely safe for your sensitive vinyl-planked floor. It will save your floors from all possible stains and stubborn marks as well.

Even after months of usage, we didn’t saw any stains on the floor.

  • Better air circulation

The carpet pad has followed open grid construction.

Open grid construction provides better air circulation, saves your floor from dust forming, and keeps it super clean.

We checked the floor after a month, and there was no dust and dirt out there.

  • Pricing 

The price of this rug pad is super affordable than many other competitors. Also, it’s available in multiple sizes.

We found it really worth it within this price range.

3. Best Anti-Slip Rug Pad: IFRMMY Newest felt and silicone double-sided Rug Pad

Made with wood FELT and hardwood, this rug pad from IFRMMY assures maximum gripping. The silicone material gives this rug pad a premium feel that can be felt through your rug pad.

Also, this rug pad doesn’t damage vinyl floors which makes it a great choice for us.

Key Features

  • Silicone gel grips made double-sided rug pad.
  • Anti-skid for maximum gripping
  • Easy trimming
  • Non-adhesive rug pad (it’s durable and long-lasting)

What are other customers saying?

Users love its quality. Everyone is quite fascinated with its anti-slip feature. Also, they happened to see any damage, stain, or mark under the rug.

Most of the users agreed that this carpet pad has an irresistible rug locking feature.

Considering its price and quality, all the user loves it.

Our Experience

  • High-quality rug pad

Made with high-quality felt and silicone material, we got much better performance from this rug pad than expected.

  • Anti-slip

The fascinating feature of this carpet was its anti-slip feature. Children ran over the rug, pets played with it, and there was a sliding issue.

This feature surprised us more than anything else.

  • Better gripping

The gripping of it was really amazing. In a living room carpet, we placed this rug pad, and there was a sofa, coffee table, and so on.

Whenever we walk on it or get up from the sofa, it doesn’t move around.

  • Non-adhesive

Even after a few months of usage, there was no damage and no mark on our vinyl planked floors. This shows how effectively does rug pad perform.

  • Easy to use

Well, the carpet pad is available in multiple sizes, and luckily we found one that matches our carpet size.

However, if you don’t see your rug size, don’t worry. It’s a low-profile rug pad which is why it’s easy to trim with a household trimmer. 

Once it’s ready as per your rug size, place it under the rug, and it’s all set!

4. Best Luxurious: RUGPADUSA cloud comfort-cushioned rug pad

Available in multiple sizes and cushioned options, this rug pad is one of the most popular rug pads among all rug pad users. The memory foam-based rug pad can convert any rough and uncomfortable carpet into a comfortable one.

Because of its comfortability and premium cushioning, this is super popular among many rug pad users.

Key Features

  • Pure memory foam-based cushioning for better comfortability.
  • 100% safe for Vinyl plank floors
  • Available in multiple sizes and thickness
  • Water-resistant
  • Soundproof

What are other customers saying?

This rug pad is quite popular for its cloud comfort experience. Almost all the purchasers liked its softness and how it makes a rug more luxurious.

They find it very easy to use and easier to trim as well.

Every user likes its quality and how easy it is to clean. People are using it in their living room, and they said the rug pad carpeted area is now their favorite place.

Despite being a bit pricy, many prefer it because of its great quality.

Our Experience

  • Easy to setup

It arrives in a premium package. We bought a slightly large size, and we had to trim it as per the rug size.

We trimmed it with household scissors, and it was so smooth that we didn’t have to give too much effort.

After that, we placed it under the carpet, and it was all set!

  • Comfort at its best

Our first experience with it was amazing. We got what we exactly expected from a memory foam technology used carpet pad.

It was so comfortable that it won all of our hearts. Once we placed it under our carpet, we realized we didn’t waste our money.

  • Easy cleaning

After a month of usage, we didn’t see any dust or dirt in it as memory foam keeps it away. It was super easy to clean; no effort was needed.

  • Odorless and water-resistant

From the very first moment, it was fresh and completely odorless.

However, we had a doubt about its water-resistant, and that’s why we tested it by pouring a glass of water into it; the pad soaked all the water, and the floor wasn’t wet at all.

  • Safe for vinyl floor

After a few months of usage, we checked the floor.

Our vinyl plank floor was completely alright, with no marks, stains, and damage at all.

Memory foam technology uses polyurethane, a finishing material of vinyl flooring; that’s why it’s 100% safe for vinyl floors.

Buying Guide for the Best Rug Pad for vinyl plank floors


To understand quality, you have to check its material, thickness, built quality.

As you already know, vinyl floors are quite sensitive. Rubber or other adhesive leaves marks and stains (mostly irremovable) on the floor.

For vinyl floor safety, it’s better to use PVC, memory foam, felt made rug pads for better and safe performance.

The thickness of a rug pad depends on the rug entirely. If the rug is thick, use a thinner one and if the rug is thin, use a thicker one.

Most of our recommended rug pad comes in various thickness, which allows you to choose as per your carpet.


A rug pad can help you avoid slipping accidents, and that’s why you can choose a pad that has anti-skid and better gripping features.

Also, make sure the pad is capable of protecting your floor from furniture marks and stains.

People concern about safety mostly uses anti-slip and double-sided rug pads. can protect

Ease of use

A rug pad should be easy to set up and clean.

If it’s not easy not to trim and set up, then you may struggle to set it up.

Also, make sure it’s easy to clean; otherwise, cleaning it will be a nightmare for you.


A rug pad sticks with the rug, so it doesn’t transpose.

However, many pads offer comfort, which can give your carpet a premium touch.

The best comfort can be found in memory foam or a cushioned carpet pad.


Do You Need a Rug Pad on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Yes, you need one! A rug pad holds your rug and protects your floor from scratches and marks. However, make sure the vinyl plank flooring is made with memory foam, felt, or cushioning; otherwise, a rubber-padded carpet pad causes yellow marks on your expensive vinyl plank flooring.

Should Rug Pad Be Same Size as Rug?

Rug pads are meant to hide under the rug; that’s why you should get a size lower than your rug. For example, if the rug is 10’x12′, the pad size should be 9’x12″x11’12” which is exactly two inches less in dimension, perfect for hiding under the carpet.

Are our felt rug pads safe for vinyl floors?

Felt is made from natural fiber, which makes it 100% safe for vinyl floors. Felt made rug pad gives better cushioning, protecting the expensive flooring and making the rug more comfortable.

Can you use a PVC rug pad on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is 100% safe for vinyl plank flooring. In fact, most of the manufacturer recommends using PVC rug pad on luxurious vinyl plank flooring.


Vinyl floors are expensive. If you want to protect it from unwanted marks and stains, there is no alternative to a rug pad that is safe for vinyl plank floors.

However, it would help if you avoided rubber-backed carpet pads to protect vinyl flooring.

If you are still confused, we recommend you to get RUGPADUSA Basics Protective Cushioning Rug Pad. This is the best rug pad safe for vinyl plank floors. Made with 100% felt, it’s comfortable for your feet and protects your floor too.

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