Stihl Wood Boss vs Farm Boss Chainsaw

There are different reasons why one purchases a chainsaw, but the most important reason is its purpose. What will the chainsaw be used for? The Stihl wood boss and farm boss chainsaw are the best options for doing a fantastic job with minimal effort.

Stihl is a very trusted brand and has been around for almost 100 years, so it is no surprise that its chainsaws are practical, easy to use, and affordable. It is the number one chainsaw selling brand in the US. The wood boss and farm boss chainsaws are two different models suitable for various purposes.

The difference between the wood boss chainsaw and the farm boss chainsaw is that the MS 251 wood boss is perfect for felling small trees and cutting firewood competently. The MS 271 farm boss, on the other hand, is ideal for large and small farm grounds with mature trees.

Stihl Wood Boss vs Farm Boss
 Wood Boss ChainsawFarm Boss Chainsaw
CostIt costs $369.99 with a bar size of 18 inches.It has a starting price of $429.95 with a bar size of 18 inches.
Engine powerWood Boss has an engine power of 3.0 brake horsepower.Farm Boss has an engine power of 3.49 brake horsepower.
Fuel capacityIt has a fuel capacity of 13.2 oz.It has a fuel capacity of 16.9 oz.
Chain oil capacityIt has a chain oil capacity of 6.7 oz.It has a chain oil capacity of 8.12 oz.
Powerhead weightThe powerhead weight of the wood boss chainsaw is 10.8 lbs.The powerhead weight is 12.3 lbs.

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Stihl Wood Boss Chainsaw

This is a high-quality chainsaw with an impressive feature called the master control lever. Users can operate every vital function such as the choke, throttle, on and off switch through a single lever. You can locate all these buttons in one place, making your job easier and simpler. Not surprising because we expect nothing less from Stihl.

The wood boss saves fuel by burning up to 20% less fuel and reducing about 50% emissions released into the air compared with other Stihl chainsaw models. This means that you get to work for long hours while protecting the planet.

When you work with your chainsaw for too long, the intense vibration can cause fatigue, headaches, and loss of balance. This is why the wood boss features an anti-vibration system which helps to reduce the vibration level, thereby allowing the user to work for an extended time.

The MS 251 also features a compensator and an air filtration system. The compensator is designed to supply the right amount of fuel to the carburetor, depending on the quality and quantity of air passing through the filter. The air filtration system removes specks of dust and other particles from the air being passed.

The wood boss produces up to 2.95 horsepower, has a 45.4cc engine, and a 16 or 18 inches cutting arm length. It also features an electric ignition, an lubrication system, a chain adjuster, and tool-less fuel and oil caps.

Pros and Cons of the Stihl Wood Boss Chainsaw


  • It has impressive features that make your working experience easier and faster.
  • It is a lightweight tool, thereby making it easy to operate.
  • The master control lever makes operating this chainsaw straightforward.
  • It has an extended chain life.
  • It has a reduced-emission engine technology.


  • The wood boss’s engine power is slightly lower than the farm boss chainsaw.
  • It may be considered as costly to some people.

Stihl Farm Boss Chainsaw

The MS 271 farm boss is another impressive chainsaw made by Stihl, and it is a farming saw that is used to maintain your farmland and property. It is straightforward to operate and does not require any extra capability to operate, making it the perfect home tool.

It features a reduced-emission engine technology that reduces up to 50% of fuel emissions released into the air. It also burns 20% less fuel than other chainsaws. These advantages help save costs, increase work time, and protect nature.

The anti-vibration system makes this saw comfortable to use for long hours, and since they can cut easily into big pieces of wood, your job is made easier and faster. This chainsaw also features an air-filtration system that helps filter the air, after which it passes through the pre-separator duct.

The farm boss produces up to 3.49 brake horsepower, has a 50.2cc engine, bar size of 16 or 20 inches, and a weight of 12.3lbs. It is gas-powered and has other features like the mechanical safety brake, the fuel capacity of 16.9oz, and the summer and winter settings.

Pros and Cons of the Stihl Farm Boss Chainsaw


  • Its excellent features will improve your working experience.
  • Farm Boss has a higher engine power compared to the wood boss chainsaw.
  • It is very durable and robust.
  • Saves fuel and reduces emissions.
  • It has barely any negative reviews.


  • Users can only purchase this product from a dealer.
  • It will be harder to wield when compared to the wood boss chainsaw.
  • It can be considered an expensive option.

Differences Between the Stihl Wood Boss and Farm Boss Chainsaw

Apart from the difference in purpose, there is not much difference between these two chainsaws. They are perfect for different scenarios and will do the right job when used correctly.

The farm boss is perfect for small-scale farmers who do not need something large but powerful enough to do the trick. It is a homeowner chainsaw and can be used to cut large pieces of wood, felling trees, maintain farm grounds, etc.

The wood boss is perfect for felling smaller trees, can be used to cut firewood easily, and is used in the pruning and thinning of bigger trees. It is a domestic chainsaw perfect to use for working around the house.


The wood boss and farm boss chainsaw have more similarities than differences. They share some excellent features that will surely make your working experience less tiring and more enjoyable. However, the wood boss chainsaw is on the lower end when you consider the specifications.

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