A Stress-Free Move With a Family: Is It Possible?

Moving alone is stressful enough, but it can turn into quite a nightmare when you add a family on top of that. You have to be mindful of everyone’s wishes and needs while simultaneously packing and preparing for life at a new place. That can take a big toll on you, but don’t despair — there are ways to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

And if you’re not sure how to do it yourself, you’ve come to the right place. With our four tips, your move will be easy and stress-free. Here are some of the things you should do.

A Stress-Free Move With a Family


1. Break the News Early

Your spouse or partner will likely know about your plans from the beginning. After all, you can only really move houses if you both agree it’s the right choice. Make sure to discuss everything with them in detail — share any doubts or worries you have. Once you get on the same page, you can seriously start considering your next step.

On the other hand, your kids don’t need to know until you’re absolutely certain the move will happen. Telling them before you’ve made your final decision might be stressing them out unnecessarily. What if you change your mind and conclude it’s not yet the right time to move out, after all? Your children will have already started the grieving process, only to realize it was for nothing.

But once you firmly decide that you want to move houses, you have to tell your kids. The sooner, the better — that way, they won’t feel blindsided, and they’ll have enough time to adjust to the idea. Talk to them about it, discuss their feelings, and make sure to give them as many details about the move as possible. Children don’t like abrupt change, so guiding them through it all will help keep their anxiety at bay.

2. Make a Family Moving Checklist

You’ll have many tasks to complete as you prepare for your move, and staying on top of everything might be a struggle. That’s why every experienced mover recommends making a moving checklist and including as many items on it as you can think of. For instance, write down by which date you need to find and hire a moving company, when to cancel various services, and when to start packing.

You don’t have to do it all alone, though. Making a moving checklist with your family might be a great way to prepare them for the upcoming changes. Your kids could get a few tasks of their own — for example, deciding which toys they want to bring and packing them. Ultimately, what matters is to involve everyone in the process, so no one feels too burdened with responsibilities or left out. Plus, making a checklist together is excellent for bonding!

3. Visit the New Neighborhood Ahead of Time

Naturally, you’ll have to go and see your new home before you actually move there to make sure everything’s up to your standards. At that time, you’ll likely bring your spouse along, but your kids might be a different story. Taking them to the new neighborhood and your new house might seem like too much of a hassle.

We promise you it’s not, though. In fact, you should get your kids acquainted with their future surroundings as soon as possible. Show them around the house and ask them to think about how they’d like to decorate their rooms. Ultimately, you’ll decide whether their design ideas can be implemented, but make sure to take their opinions into account.

Don’t stop there, either. Take your children for a walk around your new neighborhood, show them any notable places and playgrounds in the vicinity. Once they get a feel for their new surroundings, they’ll be much more comfortable when you finally move.

4. Start Packing on Time

Packing will likely take up most of your time before the move, so make sure to start as soon as you can. The first step is deciding what you want to bring and what should be donated or thrown away. Once you do that, get your boxes and begin sorting items into them.

But since you’re not alone, you can get your family’s help as well. Your spouse should be involved just as much as you are, making decisions and storing their belongings into boxes.

And no matter how young they are, your kids can help too. You need to approach the topic carefully, though — they might not be willing to part with their beloved toys. Explain why it’s necessary and that new and better ones will eventually replace the old ones, and they’ll likely understand.

Plus, letting your children make their own decisions about what they want to bring will give them a sense of control they might desperately need. Kids hate feeling left out, so giving them some small responsibilities may even make them excited about the move.

In Conclusion

Moving with a family comes with many challenges. After all, you have to reconcile all your wants and needs and take everyone’s feelings into account. At the same time, your family can help you out during the moving process.

Instead of taking care of everything on your own, you’ll share some of the responsibility with your partner and even your kids. Don’t underestimate your children just because they’re young — they’re more than capable of handling a few tasks. In fact, they’ll surely appreciate that you’re putting your trust in them.

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