Fixing Hacks of Toilet Tank Leaking from Bolts

A toilet leaking from the bottom of the tank when flushed is hard to detect, especially for the DIYers. The leaks may be due to the wax seal, loosen bolts, or even pipe attachments. So, is there a water-tight solution?

Don’t worry. Everything can be fixed.

Tightening the bolts, improving the wax, or just putting some pudding on a broken pipe can make an easy fix. However, you would need to have some tools like an opening wrench, sponge, putty knife, etc.

Below you will learn how to block all toilet bottom leaks using some fine set of fixing tools. Let’s dig in.

You can just dive into the fixing guide if you already diagnosed where the leak is coming from.

Toilet Tank Leaking from Bolts

Causes of toilet bottom leaks

A leaking toilet bottom can be continuous or just when you use the flush. In both cases, the reason is an imperfection in the internal components. The problem sources are,

Wax seal failure

A wax ring makes an airtight seal around the pipes and base of the toilet. Imperfection in the seal can induce the leakage of water when you use the flush. One should try to improve the wax seal once every three years to avoid bottom leakage.

Bolts attachment

Two tee-bolts hold the base of the toilet to the floor. When the bolts get loosened up, the wax seal breaks and causes bottom leakage. A wobbling toilet is to blame for most of the toilet seal damages.

Broken pipes

When you turn on the flush, a broken pipe will leak out water and in a continuous manner. This is often the case of too much pressure on the pipes, or someone pushed it by accident.

Fixing the leaking problems in the bottom

If you want to fix your toilet bottom leaks, then you have to go through this whole description. In fact, missing out on a single piece of data may result in uneven attachments.

For starters, you will need some tools for the job. Let’s see them.

Tools for the job

  • A sponge.
  • Buckets.
  • Hacksaw
  • Toilet tank drip tray
  • Replacement wax ring
  • Tee bolts
  • Putty Knife/ or any shape knife
  • Gloves
  • Tube
  • Tile caulk

Now let us fix the problem

Empty the flush

For starters, you need to empty the entire and turn off the water supply. If you don’t follow the emptying step, then you can’t identify the source of the problem.

Clean the remaining water

Remember the sponge? Use it to suck all the remaining water from the floor and into the bucket. Clean the pipes, joints, and attachments.

Open everything up

Now, try removing the plastic cover from the tee bolts on either side of the toilet base. Open the bolts with a wrench and break off the seal.

Check for pipe breaks

Take a close look at the pipe joints. Sometimes too much pressure can damage the threads of the pipe, leading to water leaks. If there is any problem with the pipe joints, replace them.

Replace the wax ring

After that, you need to remove the remaining bits of wax from the attachment with a wax knife. Remember to clean everything off before attaching the new seal.

Carefully lift the toilet and place the new seal in place of the old one. Using your weight, press the seal and lock it in place.

Attach the tee bolt

If you are done with the step, now place the washer and nuts back on the tee bolts. Try using a new set of bolts for maximum efficiency. Tighten the nuts with a wrench and make sure everything is perfect. Too much pressure will just crack your porcelain.

Finally, turn the water supply, and you can use the toilet without any leaks while flushing.

Note: Sometimes, you need to replace the flappers too and make sure it is working correctly.

How much does a plumber charge to replace a wax ring?

A good plumber will charge you anywhere from 80-200 dollars, depending on the area. In places like New York City, Washington, a plumber will take no less than 150 dollars to replace a wax ring. Plus, you have to pay for the wax seal ring from your pocket.

What causes a toilet to leak from the tank?

When there is a pipe leak or a problem with the wax seal of the toilet, tank leaks happen. Sometimes, the plumber may tighten the bolt too much, and the seal breaks with time.

How do I know if my toilet wax ring is leaking?

Wax rings can try off with time and also break under pressure. The only way you can understand whether the wax ring is leaking or not is by shaking the joints. If you find a wobble, then your wax ring is broken.

How do I know if my toilet is leaking from underneath?

To check the leaking from underneath the toilet, first, turn off the water supply. A bad odor will come to your nose. If this happens, your toilet is leaking from underneath.

How much do plumbers charge to fix a leaking toilet?

The price of a plumber for fixing your toilet is anywhere from 80-100 US dollars. However, the price varies from one state to another. In some rural areas, you can get a plumber for less than 70 dollars.

How often should you replace the wax ring on a toilet?

If the handy work is good, then the wax ring will last almost forever. However, when the wax dries off, it breaks with the slightest pressure. So, it is best if you place a new wax ring every 3-4 years. Then again, if there are no leaks, you shouldn’t do anything to the seal.


Getting a fix to the leaking problem while flushing is easy-peasy. All you need to do is have all the necessary things and have a steady hand-fixing hand. Remember, if you are new to this stuff, try to call professional help.

And one thing, don’t force-fit the nuts or use too much pressure. Other than that, you are good to go.

Hope you liked our information. Ask anything you like and have a good day.

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