All You need to Know About Weed Killer Using Vinegar Epsom Salt and Dawn Recipe

Love it or hate it, vinegar weed killers are ravaging across all the garden right now. Many house owners who have fertile soil have found themselves to be using the weed killer made with vinegar. Why wouldn’t they, seriously?

If weeds are growing on it, an organic weed killer made using vinegar are an excellent option to try out. Not just because it is trendy, but it is far safer to use on your soil. They are suitable for getting rid of seasonal weeds, and you can do it without causing any harm to the soil.

So if you are not sure how to make this weed killer using vinegar Epsom salt and dawn, let us guide you through how you can make it and all the other questions that are bothering you about it lately.


Weed Killer Using Vinegar Epsom Salt and Dawn

Weed Killer Using Vinegar Epsom Salt and Dawn

First thing first, let us give you a full overview of how this weed killer using vinegar and dawn soap made. You will have a general idea about what is going on in that weed killer.

Things you will need for making the weed killer using vinegar

  • Get One full gallon of vinegar(View on Amazon), industrial one or vinegar you have in your kitchen.
  • Epsom salt(View on Amazon) or Table salt if you don’t have Epsom salt.
  • Dawn soap(View on Amazon).
  • If you want to make it more potent, you can add other things like bourbon and gin. But if you are making it for the first time, you can do with the weed killer made just with vinegar, salt and dawn.

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How to make the weed killer using vinegar Epsom salt and dawn

  • Get a big jar of at least 1.5 gallons to two gallons to mix all the ingredients in it.
  • Pour no less than a gallon of vinegar in the heir.
  • Once you have added a cup of salt into the vinegar, start mixing them by stirring gently.
  • Made sure the salt is fully dissolved into the vinegar.
  • After the vinegar and salt mix is ready, now get at least 30 ml or one oz of dawn dishwasher liquid to it.
  • If you want it to have full strength, then do not use any water on it.

Which vinegar to use in this weed killer?

About which vinegar to use in this weed killer using vinegar Epsom salt and dawn, it will depend on what end goal you want to achieve. If you want faster result with this weed killer, then over the counter kitchen vinegar might not be the best bet for you. You can get some industrial-quality vinegar to make this weed killer more potent. Because the regular vinegar has only 5% of acetic acid, but at the same time the industrial one has 4X more acetic acid in it.

Breaking down of each ingredient on this weed killer works


Many people are surprised to know that vinegar does work well as a weed killer. But why shouldn’t it? The vinegar has enough acetic acid on it. So if the vinegar is used in ample amount, it is just as deadly as any artificial cleaner to that irritating weeds that never seem to leave your garden. Although acetic acid in the vinegar in common household is quite low, you can barely find any vinegar in your kitchen that has an acetic acid level that is higher than 5%.

The main reason vinegar works so well as a weed killer lies into the underlying nature of how vinegar works. Vinegar is known to be a desiccant or colloquially known as a drying agent. So what do these drying agents do? Well, they suck out all the moisture that a plant or any living organism you apply on it. Regular vinegar might not suck out enough moisture to kill the weed altogether. But if it is mixed with salt and detergents and not diluted with any water, the result can be devastating for the weeds.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to killing plants. Because it is more of fertilizer rather than an herbicide, but that being said, the Epsom salt can work just as great as vinegar to dry out the moisture of a plant, be it a good plant or the weeds you want to get rid of. That is why you need to apply this weed killer using vinegar Epsom salt and dawn with caution as it may end up killing the plants you didn’t want to.

Dawn Soap

The primary aim of using dawn in this weed killer is to focus the weeds you want to kill and let this weed killer recipe not to spread off the ground. Due to the stickiness in the soap, it is rather good for weed killer to make the mixing of vinegar and salt more potent and help them to stick together. Other than that, the soap itself is quite bad for weeds as well.

Tips on using this weed killer using vinegar for maximum results

  • Never use this weed killer even near to your plants or any plant you do not want to harm.
  • Do not use this weed killer on the grass of your garden.
  • Do make sure the weeds aren’t in contact with other plants when you are spraying it on them.
  • If you want to use in the soil where you will growing other plants, add water to the weed killer to make it less potent.
  • Keep the recipe given here if you want to apply it somewhere you don’t intend to grow anything anytime soon.


Unless you want to punish your soil and make it unable to grow anything like they did with the Hiroshima, you should try out this vinegar weed killer using vinegar Epsom salt and dawn. It works excellent if you want to kill the weeds naturally rather than wreaking havoc on the soil of your garden. It also preserves the moisture of the ground for the plants and the grass on your yard. Best of all, you can control the whole thing right from the beginning. Like if you’re going to kill the weeds, you can add some water to make it less potent. If you want to go all-in, use it as we have described here. It is that simple!

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