What Color Grout To Use With White Tile?

People often regret it after selecting an inappropriate grout color that mismatches with the tile. Picking up the right grout color isn’t as simple as picking up the suitable tile. So, what color grout to use with white tile?.

The white tile needs the grout with an attractive contrast. Hence, any dark color could be the best grout color. If the tiles are large and pure white, you should go for the grey color. You’ll get the advantage of getting it dirty less than other grouts with light contrast.

However, your priority should be aestheticism. Installing white tiles without the dark grout makes it highly incompatible. You can also go for the pure black grout unless it helps to express the proper beauty. The design of the tile is valueless if you’ve picked the wrong grout color.

What Color Grout To Use With White Tile

What color grout to use with white tile?

Using grout of your preferable color isn’t a wise move. To express the beauty of the surface, you need to find the best match. You need to finalize the grout color after analyzing your using purpose and criteria. 

White color grout

The combination of white tile with white grout is highly popular for hall room or auditorium purposes. If anyone wants to provide a clean update look on the room, then using the white color grout is the best move. This grout color makes the room classic and makes the room special with its clean appearance.

White color grout is also affordable as they cost only $0.80 per square foot. In the kitchen and restrooms, you need to bring a clean look as always. Therefore, using white color grout is recommended because it’ll timely remind you to clean it by being dirty easily. But, white color grout isn’t a good choice for applying into the whole house. 

Black color grout

If there is any gap between the tiles, black grout can help you with it. Black color grout is versatile for use in both interior and exterior purposes. This color easily fits with the white tile and notifies about the tile separations precisely. 

The problem is white grout easily turns white and loses its dark appearance. Black grout is easy to maintain and rarely gets dirty. They bring an elegant look to the whole surface and make the room beautiful. 

Grout with grey color

To quickly add some wow-factor to a room, grey color grout is one of the best choices. There are various grey colors like light grey, dark grey, and a few more. If you want to express your surface with high contrast, you should go for dark grey. Otherwise, going for the light grey is recommended.

Grey color grout doesn’t get expressed properly like the black grout. Their color contrast is more than the white color but less than the black color. So, they rarely get dirty and require less maintenance. They bring a unique look to your room as well as increase aestheticism.  

Brown grout

Brown grout is best for use in high traffic areas. Public toilets and shops with white tiles prefer using brown grout than any other grout. The brownish color gives the unique look and requires less cleaning. But, it’s the reason for health concerns as they remain dirty but can’t be identified easily. 

How to pick the right color grout to use with white tiles

Picking the right grout color is dependent on some factors. You should follow these factors to pick the right grout color for white tiles.

Determining the desired space

Carefully determine the desired space first. If it’s big enough, then the white or other light color grout is suitable with it. Otherwise, the dark grout should be the best suit. 

Observing the surrounding

The grout color should match with the surroundings precisely. If the surrounding is full of high contrast color, then choosing the dark color grout isn’t a wise move. 

Looking at the visibility

Dark color grout can be seen from a long distance. But, the light color grout isn’t visible even from the close look. If you’re concerned about dirt, then choosing a light color grout is mandatory. 

Thinking about the purpose

What’s your grouting purpose? If it’s for the kitchen or any high traffic areas, you should go for the white medium color grout. White grout should be used in low-traffic areas. When finalizing any grout color, remember the nearby wall color or object’s color.

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This part comes with some common questions about grout color. Besides, you’ll get precise answers to the following questions. 

What color grout to use with gray tile?

You can use white color grout with grey tile. Any tile with light contrast also suits perfectly with the grey tile. You can also choose the light gray color to make the outlook unique. Whatever is your pick, don’t think about picking the grout color of high contrast. 

What color grout to use with black and white tile?

For black tiles, you should use the color with minimum contrast. Instead of using the white color directly, why don’t you pick another lite color? But, the black or grey color is the best option for white tile. They increase the beauty of the white tile on a larger scale. 

What color grout to use with blue tile?

Using white color grout is the best move to use with blue tile. The white color contains the minimum contrast and looks good with the high-contrast color. Besides, you can pick any mealy color which will fit with the blue tile. 

What color grout to use with beige tile?

Ivory or off-white grout should be used with beige tile. Beige tiles come in well-polished condition and the low-contrast color makes them attractive. Hence, you’ll need to clear the white grout regularly but the output will be mesmerizing. 

Should I use white grout with white tile?

There is no restriction about doing this. But, using white grout with white tile is a bad choice. It will decrease the beauty of the tile. All white tiles along with the grout don’t draw the attention of the viewers. Moreover, the tile and grout will look as old every day. 

Can you go over grey grout with white?

Yes, you can go over grey grout with white because of the best outlook. The eyes prefer dark colors with the white color as a good combination. As the grey color has more contrast than white, then it’s absolutely a good move. 


Maintaining the color combination of grout and tile creates an aesthetic appearance. It’s not all about selecting your favorite color grout. Your favorite color grout also may become the worst combination with the tile. Now you know the answer to this question “what color grout to use with white tile” precisely.

If you use white tiles with white grout, the inner line between the tiles will disappear. To blend a surface altogether, you can follow this way. If your purpose is to make the whole surface white, like for hall room purposes, then it’s the best move. 

Otherwise, you should go for color with extreme contrast. The higher contrast helps to separate the tiles from a far distance without any issue. Going for black or grey grout is recommended in the case of white tile.

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