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The site covers a wide variety of topics including home improvement , green living, cleaning tip, natural remedies and gardening.

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Our Aim at Natural Living Ideas Is to inform and motivate readers to generate a healthful life style when providing tools for achievements. We encourage healthy families, healthy lives and healthy homes.

Our Publishing Guidelines

Together with Our status as one of the most significant natural and healthy living sites in the world comes a excellent responsibility to publishing accurate, honest and independent content.

All articles are written by a team of Industry pros that are devoted to giving the latest information and resources to get the your readers. These tools will be fact-checked by our seasoned editorial team who check for accuracy in all facts before publishing.

What We Publish

The breadth of articles we publish on Natural Living Ideas Is broad. One day you might find a post about the most useful veggies to grow in raised beds and then the next you could see an article espousing the virtues of coconut oil.

But the links all posts Belief the keys to good health and also to happiness are observed in nature — by tending a backyard and growing your nutrient-packed food, by Employing plant-based beauty things which can be kind to skin and the Ground, by living mindfully, favorably and conscientiously.


Carolyn Riss

Carolyn RissCarolyn Riss gained plenty of experience in the housekeeping field. She is one of the few personalities from Oklahoma who are famous in the food industry. Her work has made her a famous name in this field now. Besides her career, she manages to be a very active personality.

However, she only started her career back in 2013. She has pursued her Food Service Management from Metropolitan Career Center Computer Technology Institute. Due to her greater interest in Food Safety Management, she studied it from 2013 to 2015. Seeing her passion, Paesano’s Philly Style hired her as an Assistant Sales Marketing Manager.
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David Brown

David BrownDavid Brown is an efficient Master Plumber hailing from Glen, Maryland, United States. He is a famous name in the Plumbing industry with a golden career of 20 years.

It all started when Jason pursued a diploma in Plumbing from the Western School of Technology & Environmental Science. After the diploma, he wanted to take things further. So, he acquired a certificate in Plumbing Apprenticeship from Associated Builders and Contractors in 2004. That certificate helped him to get project management work for Phoenix TS. He was a journeyman plumber in Len the Plumber for approximately 4 years.
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Ishmael Cervantes

Ishmael-CervantesIsmael was born in Arizona where he met a few friends of pool enthusiasts. They had made some business out of pool set up and from that time the pool renovation work inspired him to tie a long lasting relationship in this profession.

The best thing about him is his amazing sense of humor while working with co-workers. His interpersonal skill made him popular among many pool lovers, vendors, sub or general contractors, and city pool planning authority.
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Travis Kepler

Travis KeplerFrom Toledo, Travis Kepler is now working as a senior product designer at Sauder Woodworking Co. The root he left helps him to reach his current position. He started his designing career as an intern at GE Healthcare in 2007 June. After three months of internship, he joined The Prestwick Group, a small commercial outdoor furniture business.

He contributed by doubling the company growth and quadruple the sales rate through standardization of furniture design, increasing production quality, and reducing material & labor costs. In The Prestwick Group, he focused on reshaping the 3D product library, detailing customized branded furnishing, and helping marketing initiatives with photo-real rendering. Combining these, he helped the company to outrank its competitors with cohesive brand messaging.
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