Acrylic Bathtub Vs Porcelain: Which one You Should Choose?

If you are building a new bathroom or remodeling the old one, you must give importance to the bathtub. A bathtub can change the entire tone of the room. So, you must choose the right one.

Nowadays the most popular bathtubs are acrylic and porcelain bathtubs. But which will be perfect for your bathroom? Well, the answer will be crystal clear after you read our discussion on acrylic bathtub vs porcelain.

Acrylic Bathtub Vs Porcelain

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Acrylic Bathtub Vs Porcelain: The Differences You Should Know

We shall discuss the issue considering some factors and try to differentiate these two bathtubs. So, let’s begin.


The most important thing you would consider between acrylic and porcelain bathtubs is the construction material. Well, acrylic tubs are made of flexible acrylic sheets. The durability of these sheets is improved by fiberglass reinforcement.

On the other hand, the base of a porcelain bathtub is metal or steel coated in porcelain. That is why these tubs are heavy.


Weight is one of the most important considerations for choosing a bathtub. If we talk about acrylic and porcelain bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs are much lighter than porcelain bathtubs. 

Weight is important because the ease of cleaning, maintenance, and installation depends on the weight. 

On the other hand, porcelain bathtubs are heavier and so the installation and maintenance are harder than that of acrylic tubs.

Heat Retention

As we know the materials of both tubs, Acrylic tubs can retain heat for longer because of the fiberglass reinforced acrylic material.

Porcelain tubs on the contrary will lose heat faster because it is made of an icon or metal base. But nowadays you will find porcelain tubs containing foam insulation which helps to retain heat a bit longer.

Overall, if you need a longer heat reservation you should go with an acrylic tub.

Ease Of Installation

The ease of installation depends on the weight and flexibility. As the acrylic tubs are lighter and more flexible, they are easier to install.

Porcelain tubs are heavier and so the installation is also a little bit harder than that of acrylic tubs.


If you talk about the cost, acrylic tubs are less expensive and also cost less for installations and maintenance.

Porcelain tubs are more expensive and the installation and maintenance costs are also higher.


When comparing acrylic bathtubs vs porcelain, durability should be kept in mind. You will always think of a very long life span for the bathtub you are going to buy. So, durability is a very important factor.

People usually think that porcelain tubs are more durable. But the truth is they are not. They will easily crack during a heavy impact. The good thing about porcelain is that it is less prone to scratches.

Acrylic tubs can easily deal with a  heavy impact because of their flexibility and so they will surely last longer.

Ease Of  Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure durability you need to take good care of your bathtub. You have to show equal care to both acrylic and porcelain tubs. Also, the maintenance and cleaning of both tubs require almost similar efforts.

Acrylic tubs can be cleaned with commercial-based cleaners such as detergent. But for porcelain, homemade and natural cleaners are best. You can use vinegar solution or baking soda.

Avoid hard brushes or you will leave scratches on the beautiful bathtub. Both tabs can lose shininess and color for the lack of proper care. 


Restoration is also the same for both acrylic and porcelain bathtubs. The restoration can be done with a refining kit. 

Popularity And Reselling Value

Both acrylic and porcelain bathtubs are equally popular. The reselling value is also similar. However, you may find a little high price for porcelain tubs because of their classic looks.

Porosity And Corrosion

Both tubs don’t corrode so easily. None of them allow bacteria, mold, and germs to fester in. These tubs can hold the new looks for years if you provide them with a little bit of love and care.

Scratch Resistance

Considering acrylic tubs, porcelain is more scratch-resistant. So, you need to polish and take good care of your acrylic tub to minimize scratches.

Style And Design Options

Acrylic bathtubs are made of flexible material. So, they can be found in various shapes and designs. Porcelain bathtubs can’t be shaped in different designs because of hard materials.

How To Know What Material Your Tub Is Made Of?

It is important to know the type of your bathtub for many reasons. If your tub is damaged and you need to do some refurbishments, knowing the material type is a must. Because the refurbished process depends on the material type. So, how do you know it?

Hold A Magnet To The Tub

Holding a magnet is the easiest way to determine the material. Hold a powerful magnet and it will stick to the body of the bathtub if it is a porcelain tub. The reason is it is made of metal inside. The acrylic tubs will not hold a magnet as it is not made of any metal.

Press On The Side Of The Bathtub

This process is also easy. Give a high press on the side of the bathtub. If the side bends a little then you can be sure it is an acrylic tub. No hand pressure is enough to bend a porcelain bathtub. 

Inspect Surface Damage

If the tub is years older then you can ascertain the type by inspecting the damages and scratches. Acrylic tubs will have scratches. It will also contain fades in case your tub is a colored one. 

On the porcelain bathtubs, there may be chips. And if you look carefully at the chips, you will find rust as there are metals under the porcelain layer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Acrylic Bathtubs Good Quality?

Durability, heat retention, versatility, ease of installation, cleaning, and maintenance. Considering all these factors acrylic bathtubs are more than good quality.

Which Is Better Acrylic Or Enamel Bathtub?

Answering this question is not easy. The choice depends on so many factors. You have to consider the space and environment of the bathroom. Select which suits your bathroom. 

However, for me, acrylic bathtubs are better in so many ways and you already know that.

How Long Do Acrylic Bathtubs Last?

Acrylic Bathtubs are extremely durable. They can last for 12 to 15 years or even more if you take proper care.

Final Thoughts

After the whole discussion on acrylic bathtub vs porcelain, it is pretty clear that acrylic tubs are much more versatile. They are better than porcelain in many ways. They are more durable and less costly. The heat retention and flexibility are also better.

On the opposite, the classic look of a porcelain bathtub is unbeatable. So, considering the pros and cons you make your own decision which bathtub will fulfill your requirement.

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