All vs Tide Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is important. It’s not just about getting your jeans, towels, and sheets clean; it’s also about maintaining their quality over time. They have to stay soft and ready to wear or use again. This is why it’s important to know what you’re looking for when choosing a laundry detergent. You want to be able to find something that will last a long time but which won’t break the bank at the same time.

Many household cleaning companies have tried to capitalize on this need by making various products. Some of these products are inexpensive, while others are expensive and high-quality.

Sorting through these options can be tricky if you’re unsure what they mean. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of two popular brands: All vs. Tide Laundry Detergent.

All vs Tide Laundry Detergent

Differences between All vs Tide Laundry Detergent


The main difference between the two brands lies in the price tag. Tide is slightly more expensive, but the HE Original liquid detergent and its cleaning power beat other, cheaper brands by up to 14 percent. All Free Clear liquid, meanwhile, comes in seventh place in the test and is economical and fragrance-free. While All may offer a lower price, it is more effective at removing stains.

Quality of ingredients

While they may seem similar in many ways, the two products are significantly different in their composition and performance. The difference in formula between All and Tide laundry detergent is evident in the number of ingredients they contain.

The liquid version of the latter contains a higher concentration of water, while the powder version uses 80% water. Despite the increased concentration of water in most laundry detergents, the liquid formulation of Tide contains ingredients that are less watered down. That means they have more cleaning power and fewer watered-down aspects.

In addition to being the same brand, each has a different purpose. One of these products tide original and simply removes stains while the other helps keep your clothes whiter. These two detergents are also made using similar technologies. However, while many consumers generally prefer Tide, it is essential to compare the quality of each one.


The scent of All scent is described as a light and subtle fragrance by Amazon reviewers. The All Free Clear formula is another popular fragrance-free option.

It also comes in scented varieties, including lavender-scented for sensitive skin, fresh scent for those who dislike chemical smells but still want their clothes clean, and unscented for those who don’t want anything added to their laundry routine.

Tide, on the other hand, is generally known to have a stronger scent, and it also gives more of a synthetic chemical smell which might be off-putting to some people. The detergent is best for washing clothes with a low pH level which gets out tough stains, even the ones that set in over time, like grass stains or blood. It also works on both colored and white clothes.

Similarities of All and Tide Laundry Detergent

They are both made by Procter & Gamble

Both detergents are owned by P&G, a Cincinnati-based company famous for iconic products such as Crest, VapoRub, Febreze, Purex and tide. But the similarities between the two laundry detergents don’t end there. The products come in powder and liquid forms, and Tide also has stain removers and antibacterial fabric sprays.

While All offers a broader range of scents and product lines than Tide, the difference between these detergents lies in their cost. While Tide is the more expensive brand, it has a proven track record of satisfying customers and receives high cleaning marks. While All’s lineup isn’t as wide, it offers enough options to satisfy most customers.

Both have a scented alternative

Scents are essential when selecting a laundry detergent, and All and Tide offer several fragrance options. Both brands use citrus fragrances, but All is a less popular choice. While Tide offers citrus fragrances, the scent of All is more subdued. Tide’s fragrance is more subtle and reminiscent of citrus fruits, while All’s is more floral.

The fragrance in Tide isn’t that strong. The brand is scented with lavender, but it’s not overpowering. Tide laundry detergents come in various fragrance options, and the scents vary widely among customers. The fragrances in All are considered subtle by Amazon reviewers.

Customers have found that their favorite fragrance is Exhilarating Lavender, while the fragrance-free All Free Clear formula has the least perfume-like scent. Tide also offers laundry boosters designed to prevent staining and keep clothes smelling fresh.

Both have a machine wash formula

All Tide laundry detergents have machine wash formulas; you can use both in cold water. Tide Coldwater Clean was the best in cold water, beating six other detergents, and it was tied with Wisk Deep Clean, which required warm water to clean stains. Considering how effective both types of detergents are, they may be a good choice for any domestic and commercial machine.

Both brands can be used in cold water

Both All and Tide laundry detergent brands are equally effective in cold water. Tide Coldwater Clean is explicitly formulated for cold water and is proven to clean better than regular liquid detergent. This is good news for consumers and the environment.


If you’ve ever used All or Tide laundry detergent, you’ve likely seen advertisements for these brands that contain stain-lifting enzymes. These enzymes break down proteins and dissolve stains. One of these enzymes is called subtilisin and was originally produced by Bacillus subtilis bacteria.

It’s a unique enzyme because it remains active even in hot wash water when many enzymes break down and are rendered inactive. Detergent enzymes are necessary for the cleaning process. Enzymes break down stubborn stains, including proteins, blood, chocolate, and fats.

They also break down starches, fats, and flour. Enzymes used in detergents work similarly to those found in the body, and enzymes break down protein, starches, and cellulose. These enzymes can even remove grease and oil from fabrics.

Both are excellent detergents overall, but if you have sensitive skin, all is an option worth considering.

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